venerdì 18 gennaio 2008

Here Michel is never off-topic.

Michel Gondry Curates YouTube from Sundance.

BE KIND REWIND says "If You Love It, Swede It!"

Sweding? That's what YouTube is all about. It's when you take something you love and make it your own. Like Jerry (Jack Black) and Mike (Mos Def) do when they make their own versions of GHOSTBUSTERS, ROBOCOP, and RUSH HOUR.

Check out our favorite YouTube swedes (maybe even one you made) in the Favorites gallery.

BE KIND REWIND, directed by Michel Gondry. To get Sweded, visit the official site at:

Cannes Prediction. Monster - Legs.

We talked about the Monster campaign in this post. This idea smells of gold. Awesome. I'm astonished.

Agency: BBDO, New York - Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars - Executive Creative Director: Eric Silver - Art Director: Jerome Marucci - Copywriter: Steve McElligott - Senior Agency Producer: Anthony Curti, Ed Zazzera - Executive Music Producer: Loren Parkins - Production Company: MJZ - Director: Rupert Sanders - Executive Producer: Eric Stern - Producer: Laurie Boccaccio - Director of Photography: Greg Fraser - Editorial Company: Spotwelders - Editor: Bill Smedley - VFX Company: Mass Market - VFX Supervisor: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan - Lead Flame Artist: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan - Lead Technical Director: David Chontos - Sound Design: Mit Out Sound - Sound Designer: Ren Klyce - Mix: Sound Lounge - Mixer: Tom Jucarone

giovedì 17 gennaio 2008

More Ads of the week. Carlsberg - DHL

Carlsberg Sport - Squirrel

Agency: &co - Agency Producer: Thomas Christenson - Creative: Thomas Hoffmann; Martin Storgaard - Director: Adam Hashemi - Production: Bacon - Producer: Christian Zethner - Director of Photography: Lasse Frank - Post Production: Duckling

DHL - Acceptance

Client: DHL - Agency: Ogilvy & Mater, Singapore - Creative Director/Copywriter: Matt Cullen - Creative Director/Art Director: Gary Tranter - Agency Producer: Wan Shafie - Production Company: Filmgraphics Productions - Director: David Denneen - Executive Producer: Anna Fawcett - Editor: Toby Denneen

mercoledì 16 gennaio 2008

Ads of the week. Apple - Vodafone - AMF - Arnet - Citroen - - Guinness - Cadbury - Emerald Nuts - Jeep.

Apple - Envelope

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Vodafone - Cityscape

Agency: BBH London - Creatives: John O\'Keeffe (Executive Creative Director) - Nick Gill (Creative Director) - Kevin Stark (Art Director) - Nick Kidney (Copywriter) - Ruben Mercadal (Agency Producer) - Director: Bif - Prod: The Mill London - Country: United Kingdom

AMF - The Wake Up Call

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Stockholm - Art Director: John Bergdahl - Copywriter: Jacob Nelson - Agency Producer: Magnus Kennhed - Production Company: Social Club, Stockholm - Director: Jesper Ericstam - Producer: Magnus Theorin - DP: Par M Ekberg, Editor: Dino Jonsater, Post: Julius Denizhan/Sto.pp, Sound/Music Design: Martin Dahl/Housework, Markus Bergkvist/Music Design.

Arnet - Telethon
Arnet and Santo are back after the wonderful Silver Lion 2007 for the campaign won with "Todos por un pelo". Bravissimi again.
The english version.

Telemaraton Arnet 1 Mega - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet 1 Mega - Arnet

Telemaraton Arnet 1 Mega - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet 1 Mega
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Arnet - Guinea Pig
The english version.

Telemaraton Arnet cobayo - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet cobayo - Arnet

Telemaraton Arnet cobayo - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet cobayo
Palabras clave:telemaraton arnet cobayo

Arnet - Sumo Wrestlers
The english version.

Telemaraton Arnet Sumo - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet Sumo - Arnet

Telemaraton Arnet Sumo - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet Sumo
Palabras clave:telemaraton arnet sumo

Arnet - Pino Styling
The english version.

Telemaraton Arnet Pino - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet Pino - Arnet

Telemaraton Arnet Pino - Arnet
Telemaraton Arnet Pino
Palabras clave:telemaraton arnet pino

Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires - General Creative Directors: Sebastián Wilhelm and Maximiliano Anselmo - Creative Director: Pablo Minces - Writers: Pablo Minces and Sebastián Wilhelm - Art Director: Maximiliano Anselmo - Production house: Rebolucion, Buenos Aires - Director: Luciano Podcaminsky - Postproduction house: Che Revolution Post - Music: Swing Música, Buenos Aires

Citroen - Unmistakably German

Agency: EuroRSCG Worldwide, Paris - Creative Director: Justin Hooper - Copywriter: Oliver Caporn - Agency Producer: Christopher Thiery - Production Company: Soixan7e Quin5e, Paris - Director: Johan Renck - Producer: Emmanuel Guiraud - Editor: Johan Föderderg @ Work - Post Production: Mikros/MPC, Jean Clément - Areobics
Mix & Match - Existential

Cupid & Fate - Do Aerobics - Watch a funny movie here
Agency: Hanft Raboy & Partners, New York - Creative Directors: Doug Raboy, Johnny Tumelty - Art Director: Beth Wetzel - Copyrwriter: Heather English - Agency Producer: Emma Johnston - Production Co & City: Another Film Company - Director: Nick Jones
Producer: Sue Caldwell - Director Of Photography: Theo Garland - Facility House: Cut And Run, New York - Editing Company: Cut And Run, London & New York - Editor (Off Line): Tim Hardy, London; Adam Jenkins, New York

Guinness - Dots

Agency: Irish International BBDO - Agency Producer: Onagh Carolan - Creative Director: Mal Stevenson - Creative: Jonathan Cullen; Rory Hamilton - Production: PSYOP Inc; Stink - Producer: Jen Glabus; Sophie Kluman; Psyop - Director of Photography: Igor Jadue-Lillo; Steve Koster - Editor: Cass Vanini

Cadbury's Crème Egg - Release The Goo

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Creme Egg - Whisk
Creme Egg - Foot Pump
Creme Egg - Newtons Cradle
Creme Egg - Blender
Creme Egg - Saw
Creme Egg - Hairdryer
Creme Egg - Hammer
Creme Egg - Egg Slicer
Creme Egg - Bin Lid
Agency: Publicis - Agency Producer: Nikki Doherty - Creatives: Matthew Anderson; Steve Nicholls - Director: Chris Cairns - Production: Partizan Lab - Producer: Pia Dueholm - Director of Photography: Luke Palmer - Post Production: The Mill

Emerald Nuts - Golf

Emeralds Nuts - Kitchen

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners - Creative Director: Steve Simpson - Senior Art Director: Will Hammond - Copywriter: Chris Beresford-Hill - Agency Executive Producer: Elizabeth O?Toole - Production Company: Furlined - Director: Brian Lee Hughes - Editorial Company: Lost Planet - Editor: Paul Martinez - Executive Producer (Editorial): Betsy Beale - Music: Beacon Street Studios - VFX: Ring of Fire - VFX Executive Producer: John Myers

Jeep - Ten Little Vehicles

Agency: KNSK, Hamburg - Creative: Claudia Bach, Tim Krink, Kerstin Arndt - Animation: Deli Pictures - Director: Michael Reissinger - 3D: Thomas Volkmann, Malte Sarnes, Thomas Ziegler - Producer: Sebastian Hellge - Flame Artist: Christian Reimann - Texturing: Robert Rhee

Sony Bravia for real. 500.000 bouncing balls in Piazza di Spagna, Rome.

The same person that last year coloured the water of "Fontana di Trevi", did this. His name is Graziano Cecchini, an italian artist. Read the article by Repubblica. Use Google Language Tools to translate it. The balls on auction!!!

Other images.