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Automotive ads of the day. BMW i8 - BornElectric by Gus Van Sant

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Serviceplan International GmbH & Co KG
CCO: Alexander Schill
Executive Creative Director Worldwide: Maik Kaehler
Creative Director: Nikolaus RonacherNina Puri
Head of Production: Sandra Niessen
Agency Producer: Anne Hoffmann
Managing Partner International: Markus Noder
Management Supervisor: Jens Hoffmann
Account Director: Melanie BlankenburgFlorian Klietz

Production Company: Iconoclast
Director: Gus Van Sant
Executive Producer: Charles-Marie AnthoniozNicolas Lhermitte
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
Director of Photography: Kasper Tuxen
Postproduction: Rock Paper Scissors – Angus Wall, A52
Music: BC Smith, Allessandro Cortini
Sound-Design: Lime Studios

Great director of the day. #welcometocoffee by Taylors of Harrogate / Directed by Frank Budgen

The world of coffee advertising has gone stale. We decided to take a fresh approach for our first ever ad. According to scientists this is exactly what happens in your brain when you drink great coffee*

(*we're not sure they were actually scientists)

"'Welcome to Coffee' takes viewers on a journey through a 'coffee cosmos' with Budgen taking three weeks in his studio experimenting with lights, sounds, shapes and textures to craft the advert." Read more at

Hyperbolic ad of the day. European Parliament: And then came a lot of sheep


Voting for the first time can be a real adventure. Who knows what might happen... Take a look for yourself and share the video.

Everything on the European elections --

Music by compact disk dummies --

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Client: European Parliament
Agency: Ogilvy Brussels
Executive Creative Director: Sam De Win
Copywriter: Sam De Win
Art Director: Seb De Roover
Producer: Bruno Dejonghe
Production Agency: Czar
Director: Koen Mortier
Music: Compact Disk Dummies
Client: Stephen Clark, Thibault Lesenecal
Client Director: Laure Van Hauwaert
Accounts: Ulrike Stolze, Ieben Enghien
Strategy Director: Kristel Vanderlinden
Head of Reputation: Tomas Sweertvaegher

Funny ad of the day. Huawei: Selfie Mania


Saatchi&Saatchi Thailand
Executive Creative Director: Nuntawat Chaipornkaew
Creative Group Head: Papop Chaowanapreecha, Pornpen Rattanasaksopana 
Art Directors: Krissada Jun-On, Weerayutt Angkharach, Shayne Chomchinda, Prapat Patomchaiwiwat, Kajohnchai Rodklongtan, Poowadon Potichat
Copywriters: Tanongsak Tannoprat, Chavanon Tantisiriseranee, Nattinee Hemwanno
Agency Producer: Chanida Noikampan, Sasamon Kamnungnate, Aitthipat Boonkumol
Executive Planning Director: Tarn Tanarugsachock
Brand Leaders: Iravadee Rattanananta, Orathai Maneechot
Director: Apiruk Pangseepirom
Assistant Director: Chairat Piriyawattanakul
DOP: Armon Chunprasert
Producer: Surayut Sritrakul, Pavaranan Kanpairoh
Editor: Piyanan Sueksakarn
Post Producer: Sansanee Rungpongwanich
Sound Studio: Mixi Sound Studio
Sound Engineer: Somnuk Loisawai

Eco ad of the day. World Under Water

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CO2 emissions are rising. So is the sea level. Soon, the threat will be at your doorstep. Visit to see for yourself.

Radio ad of the day. Live car accident.

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Jung von Matt 

PSA of the day. Voteman Denmark

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Voteman English Voteman Denmark Voteman cartoon danish cartoon Danish parliament's cartoon 

"Voteman," the cartoon muscleman who was enlisted, and then quickly dropped, to bolster turnout.

There's a palpable anxiety hanging over Europe as much of the continent prepares for upcoming E.U. parliamentary elections. Far-right, Euroskeptic parties are surging in polls and may capture a significant number of seats. The crisis in Ukraine has exposed, in some people's minds, the geopolitical feebleness of the bloc. And concerns about unemployment and the health of national economies remain entrenched.
So maybe the bureaucrats in the Danish parliament's E.U. Information Center can be forgiven for producing one of the more bizarre "get out the vote" videos ever made, in a bid to get more young people thinking about what's at stake in Brussels. The Voteman cartoon, released yesterday and summarily withdrawn today, depicts a mustachioed, muscular, leather-clad protagonist bashing and beheading his way through an apathetic voting public. It also opens with a pretty raunchy, gratuitous animated porn scene and then segues to Voteman emerging from his island lair, riding two dolphins. (You can watch the video here, but consider yourself warned: It is definitely NSFW.)
You see, as Voteman learned earlier in life, the European Union runs policy on everything from agricultural subsidies to how much cinnamon should be in your buns. If you don't get why that's important, young voter, well, Voteman will rip your head off or slap you around anyway.
"A high turnout is important, so you use every method you can," said Morgens Lykketoft, the speaker of Parliament, as the video went viral. But he would later backtrack: "Many people whose opinions I deeply respect have perceived the cartoon from the E.U. Information Center as far more serious and offensive than it was intended -- and believe it talks down to young people," he said after Parliament pulled the video from its YouTube and Facebook accounts.
Denmark's turnout in 2009 E.U. elections neared 60 percent, much higher than the European average. If 2014 participation tops that, one wonders whether the Danes have Voteman to thank.

Danish parliament's cartoon using sex and violence to encourage voting in European elections -- video animation

"VOTEMAN"- Contentious animated video made by Danish Folketing (parliament) to get young people to vote in the upcoming European Parliament election. May 25, 2014.
#sex #violence #EUPropaganda #DanishStyle

VOTEMAN #DKPOL Folketingets omstridte eu-valgfilm 
"Voteman Denmark"
"Voteman English"
Valgfilm VOTEMAN husk at stemme den 25 maj

Funny ads of the day. TWIX® Bites


Agency: BBDO, New York
Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena
Executive Creative Director: Peter Kain
ACD/Copywriter: Matt Herr
ACD/Art Director: Justin Bilicki
Director of Integrated Production: Dave Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Amy Wertheimer
Executive Producer: Alex Gianni
Executive Music Producer: Melissa Chester
SVP, Senior Account Director: Kathryn Brown
Account Director: Joshua Steinman
Account Director: Phil Brolly
Account Executive: Aparna Joshi
Production Company: O Postive
Director: Jim Jenkins
Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella
Producer: Marc Grill
Project Manager: Jason Reda
Director of Photography: Robert Gantz
Production Designer: Jason Edmonds
Recording Studio: Sound Lounge
Engineer: Glen Landrum
Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler
Editor: Ian MacKenzie
Producer: Evan Meeker
Assistant Editor: Pamela Petruski
Sound Design: Sam Shaffer
Visual Effects House: Schmigital
Composer: Steve Nathanson/Further Lane Music
Music ("Walkman" only): "Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car" by Billy Ocean

Med ad of the day. Tattoo Artists against Skin Cancer


Tattoo artists are being trained by doctors in order to be able to identify skin cancer signs. This campaign was created by Ogilvy Brazil. If you are a tattoo artist, you can help to prevent skin cancer. Get your diploma at

Tatuadores são treinados para identificar sinais de câncer de pele. Ação foi criada pela Ogilvy Brasil. Se você é um tatuador, você pode ajudar na prevenção. Acesse

Beer ad of the day. #ChileMeteMiedo Comercial Cristal 2014

#ChileMeteMiedo. Cristal auspiciador oficial de nuestra selección

Amazing ads of the day. Nike Football - Fear Nothing - Attempt the untinkable / Wayne Rooney / Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Looking forward to watch "Never Play it Safe" with Jack Wilshere.

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Self made ad of the day. Buy My Volvo

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This is a personal ad for my Volvo 245GL 93'. #BUYMYVOLVO

Red. Five owners before me. Complete service journal by Volvo up until in 2009. Inspected until November 30. New battery and radiator. Summer and winter tires. 

7500 Swedish crowns, or the highest bidder. 
Or in exchange for a really long Xbox. 
Test it out in Malmö, Sweden.


Music by Cellardore - "Chasing Dreams" - 

Big thanks to my friends
Christian Svanlund (Camera operator)
Johan Karlberg (Voice-over)
& Daniel Browne, Kenneth E.T. and 
Nicolo Sommer @

The original ad in Swedish -
The original Swedish ad on "Blocket"

Idea of the day. Claro Extra Minutes


Transforming a key moment of the most popular sport into the key moment for the most massive target: THE PREPAID USERS.
The 4th referee gives away the extra minutes of every Saprissa game to Claro prepaid users, to talk about the match.

- Promo & Activation.
- Direct Marketing.
- Media.
- Mobile.
- Outdoor.

Telecomunication brand Claro recently arrived to Costa Rica and needs to gain marketshare connecting to the most numerous but disloyal target: the prepaid users.
To reach a massive audience, Claro wanted to enter the soccer world through sponsorships. But, how to become visible in a space that is already full of brands? And how to be relevant to a disloyal target that is always seeking for promotions? 

The 4th referee gives the extra minutes of every Saprissa game to your Claro prepaid phone, so you can talk about the match.

Instead of using the standard spaces of sponsorship (jersey, ads...), we sponsored just the 4th official that referees Saprissa´s matches, the main soccer team in Costa Rica. We got into the game during a key moment of attention - the extra time announcement - giving Extra Minutes to Claro prepaid users, getting high attention of our specific target.

50 Million Claro Extra Minutes of potential conversations about Saprissa. 
Thousands of new Claro prepaid clients per week.
91,6% costarican prepaid users reach.


Storytelling of the day. Dick's Sporting Goods 'Baseball'

Dick's Sporting Goods 'Baseball' from BOLD on Vimeo.
Agency: Anomaly New York; CCO: Mike Byme; ECD: Eric Segal; Creative director: Seth Jacobs; Art director: Matt Walton; Production company: Epoch Films; Directors: The Mercadantes (repped by Bold).

Digital stuff of the day. WhatsApp Storytellers

Bedtime stories stimulate children's creativity and contribute to their learning and development. But for the 37,000 children living in shelters and orphanages in Brazil this remains a distant reality. 

To change this, in parthership with Casa da Criança Santo Amaro, we created "WhatsApp Storytellers": in bookstores, people read snippets of fairytales and send them as audio notes to the institution. Messages are then gathered and turn into a collaborative audio book played at night for the children. 

Audiobooks are also published on a virtual library ( so other Brazilian institutions can stream/download and bring the same experience to their own children.

"WhatsApp Storytellers" continues as an on going socially-generated project led by Casa da Criança using audio notes as a gift of love.

Agency Mood, Creatives: André Felix, Bruno Brasileiro, Pepo Penteado, Ricardo 'Brad' Correia; Creative vice president: Valdir Bianchi; Production company: Santa Cloud, F5 CreativeFilms; Director: John Porciúncula.

Social stuff of the day. APT CB2 - The first real apartment designed live on Pinterest


Visit the apartment:

5 Rooms, 5 Days, 5 Guest Pinners, and you. From Wednesday, May 7th to Friday, May 11th help design the first real apartment live on Pinterest by liking your favorite Pins, and have a chance to win your dream room worth $5,000!

Mother New York 
Production company: Stopp
Director: Zach Richter

Social ad of the day. #StopTorture - AmnestyInternational

This new short campaign film by Amnesty International provides a powerful glimpse into the grim reality of torture. The film marks the launch of Amnesty International's new campaign 'Stop Torture' -- highlighting the fact that the barbaric practice of torture is still alive and flourishing in countries all over the world.

The campaign will unite millions of us around the world to stop torture. For more information on the campaign or to take action, visit

The narration in the film is a verse from the poem "Tortures" by Nobel Prize in Literature winner, Polish writer Wislawa Szymborska - and reflects the unchanging nature of the brutality of torture. The film is directed by three-times Oscar nominated, Bafta and Cesar' awarded French film director Sylvain Chomet.

Tortures” from VIEW WITH A GRAIN OF SAND by Wislawa Szymborska, translated from Polish by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh. Copyright © 1985 by The Wislawa Szymborska Foundation. Translation copyright © 1995 by Harcourt Brace & Company. Recorded by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

Eco ad of the day. Honda - FCX Clarity "Honda H20"

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This initiative was created by Leo Burnett Melbourne for the Honda FCX Clarity, a car that runs on Hydrogen and whose sole emission is water.

Tech ad of the day. Samsung Gear - Another Me

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Samsung Gear - Another Me Mobile Teaser from addictfilms on Vimeo.
Another Me Case Film mobile 2m from addictfilms on Vimeo.
Samsung Gear -Another Me Docu from addictfilms on Vimeo.
Agency: Cheil WorldWide
Creative Director: Hyewon Oh
Art Director: Jongmin Kim
Art Director: Martin Soendergaard
Junior Art Director: Gayoung Choi
Junior Art Director: Minju Song
Copywriter: Boram Cho
Junior Copywriter: Nahil Kang
Junior Copywriter: Joseph Davies
Junior Copywriter: Yaeji Lee

Production Company : Addict Media Films, Seoul, Korea
Producer: Dongkyoung ShinYuhyun Cha
Director: John S. Park
D.O.P: Axel Conesfroy
Editor: John ParkSejin Yoo
Editing Company: Pulpomano

Music: Composer/Artist/Title: Chanwoo Yang
Sound Designer: JaeHyun Byeon
Sound Studio: Floor 6

Post Production: Giantstep

Production Designer/Art Director: Geraldine Stivet
Production Manager: Eunyung KooGuillaume Richard
Special Effects/Computer Graphics: Giantstep

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Ad of the day. Heineken | The City

A single man embarks on a city adventure with only the missing cards of a mysteriously beautiful woman to guide him. Each card takes him deeper into the neon heart of the city but will his wild woman-hunt eventually lead to the girl of his dreams? Of course it will, but that doesn't mean it won't be a blast finding out how.


Amsterdam, 12 May 2014 - Heineken® has today unveiled its latest global campaign, 'Cities of the World', aimed to inspire men to live worldly, new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities. The fully integrated campaign includes a 2 minute TVC, on-line activation and special edition Heineken® bottles. 
The latest TVC, 'The City', is the seventh film in 'The Legends' series featuring Men of the World who are pushed to discover their limits and go beyond them. Created by Heineken, in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, its main character embarks on an adventure by following a set of business cards lost by a beautiful woman, Eve, with each card uncovering surprising and hidden venues in his city. The TVC is a reminder to Men of the World that every great city offers an endless adventure within its sky-scraping towers and neon lit streets.  It reinforces the notion that men should never stop exploring their own urban backyard. 'The City' TVC can be viewed via this link.
To celebrate the launch, Heineken has produced a set of specially designed bottles, each with one of six global cities printed on it; New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam, London & Rio de Janeiro. Special edition bottles will be available globally.
"Men of the World want to make the most out of their time in the city, because they know life only gives them one shot. So they really live their city by seeking out new experiences and adventures and they have an underlying fear of missing out on the best ones (FOMO)," said Gianluca Di Tondo, Senior Brand Director Global Heineken Brand. "Heineken is always looking for innovative ways to interact with our Men of the World. Knowing that they fear missing out, Heineken is there to help by giving them the inspiration they need to become legends in their city."
"Our Men of the World know the usual hotspots in their cities, and they are hungry for new experiences," continued Gianluca Di Tondo. "The 'Cities of the World' campaign aims to inspire and motivate them to get out of their comfort zones, to embrace the unusual and embark on worldly adventures in their own cities."
May 12th marks the global launch of 'The City' TVC and 'Cities of the World' campaign with local activations to follow in more than 100 countries, beginning with the USA.
Notes to Editors: 
More about The City TVC:
The TVC was directed by Traktor and filmed in Hong Kong.  The TVCs are available in 2 min, 90sec, 60sec, 30sec formats.

Cool stuff of the day. The Bible of Barbecue - Tramontina

Versão do vídeo em português:

A beautiful book that you can keep on your shelf or tear to pieces to make the perfect barbecue.

Client: Tramontina
Agency: JWT Brazil
Title: The Bible of Barbecue
Chief Creative Officer: Ricardo John
Creative Director: Erick RosaDiego Wortmann
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Art Director: Lucas Reis
Copywriter: Sleyman KhodorPatrick MatzenbacherLucas TristãoFernando Duarte
Photography: Régis Fernandez
Illustration: Estúdio Olho BalaLucas Reis
Production Company: Santa Transmedia
Director: Gustavo Gripe
Motion Designer: Guilherme KrolowFilipe Birck
Director of Photography: Raul Krebs
Audio Production: Antfood