mercoledì 24 aprile 2013

Branded content of the day. Jaguar F-TYPE presents Desire.


One man. One job. But in the desert, nothing is simple. Presenting Desire, created in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates - starring Golden Globe winner Damian Lewis, Shannyn Sossamon, Jordi Mollà, and featuring music by BRIT award winner Lana Del Rey. 

Find out more about Desire and the Jaguar F-TYPE at

Print ad of the day. Guitar Player Magazine: "Nothing goes right when music goes wrong."


Agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made
Country Brazil
Executive Creative Director Marcelo Reis
Creative Director Guilherme Jahara
Art Director Raphael Taira
Art Director Alessandro Bernardo
Copywriter Vinicius Stanzione

Promo of the day. Mandible - 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival.

A short film created by ad agency RPA and Tool of NA directing duo, Erich Joiner and DP Robert Richardson, three-time Academy Award®-winner (Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds, Shutter Island, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2), and acclaimed screenwriter Lee Aronsohn (Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory). Famous for playing against the Orange County conservative stereotype, the Newport Beach Film Festival continues to build a distinctive personality for itself as a powerful player in the national film festival circuit. This year's advertising breaks away from the traditional 60-second format. Evolving into a six-minute showpiece. Graphic, intense and unlike anything film festival goers are prepared for, this hard-hitting short film takes the audience into a heightened state and then reminds them to relax — this is not real life — just particles of light on a screen, a demonstration of the incredible power of film.

Agency: RPA
EVP/CCO: Joe Baratelli
GCD: Pat Mendelson
CD: Scott McDonald
AD: Brian Farkas 
CW: Tylynne McCauley 
Agency Sr. Executive Producer, Content: Gary Paticoff
Agency Senior Producer: Selena Pizarro
Agency Assistant Producer: Ryan Radley

Production: Tool of North America
Directors: Erich Joiner, Robert Richardson
DP: Robert Richardson
Writer: Lee Aronsohn
President, Brian Latt
Executive Producer: Oliver Fuselier
Head of Production: Amy Delossa
Line Producer: Joby Ochsner + Kelly Christensen
Production Supervisor: Geno Imbriale
Production Designer: Justin Trask 
Post Coordinator: Joshua Hamilton

Dentist: Timothy Murphy
Patient: Ronald Blevins
Simone: Jessie O'Donohue

Editorial Company: Lost Planet
Editor: Chris Kursel
Assistant Editor: Trevor Schulte and Federico Brusilovsky
Executive Producer: Gary Ward
Producer: Jaclyn Paris 

Visual Effects: The Mill
VFX Producer: Gabriel Libitsky
Lead Flame Artist: James Allen
3D Lead: Gawain Liddiard
Production Coordinator: Antonio Hardy
2D Artist: Daniel Lang - Patrick Munoz - Tim Bird
3D Artist: Meng Yang Lu - Matt Longwell - Tom Graham - Phil Mayer -- Miguel Guerrero 

Special Makeup Effects: Legacy Effects
Effects Supervisor: J. Alan Scott
Lead Artists: Vance Hartwell - Dave Monzingo - Mark Maitre - Mike O'Brien
Artists: Chris Zega - Jacob Roanhaus 
Technicians: Laura Palazzolo - Cory Czekaj - Ken Culver

Title Design: Laundry! 
Creative Director: Tony Liu
Executive Producer: Michael Bennett
Head of Production: Eric Badros
Producer: Kirsten Collabolletta
Title Design: Tony Liu
Title Animation: Tony Liu, Yongmin Park, Julie Lenoble 

Telecine Company: Efilm
Production Supervisor: Chris Taft
Digital Colorist : Ben Estrada
DI Producer: Vanessa Galvez
Post Production Supervisor: Erica Frauman
DI Editor: Curtis Lindersmith

Audio Post Company: Margarita Mix
Audio Post Mixer: Jeff Levy
Post Supervisor: Michele Millard

Poetic video of the day. Malick // Fire & Water.

Malick // Fire & Water from kogonada on Vimeo.

Other beautiful videos by kogonada:
Kubrick // One-Point Perspective from kogonada on Vimeo.

2012 BIFA // 15 Years from kogonada on Vimeo.

Sounds of Aronofsky from kogonada on Vimeo.

Tarantino // From Below from kogonada on Vimeo.

Ozu // Passageways from kogonada on Vimeo.

Wes Anderson // From Above from kogonada on Vimeo.

Breaking Bad // POV from kogonada on Vimeo.

Idea of the day. #Scribebillboard, the whole story.

Lots of things happen when one artist lives during 10 days in a billboard to paint it by hand. A lot more than we could've thought.

Background: How to make Scribe, a Mexican notebooks brand with 50 years of tradition, become once more beloved by the people and, especially, the newer generations? By reconnecting with the adult consumer, awakening their inner child and starting a dialogue with the newer generations. With this thought, a new brand essence -“Spaces for your inspiration”- was created, and a new image and positioning consequently. We wanted the brand to become inspirational more than aspirational, and to bring the notebook’s consumers to the experience.
Case description: The ScribeBillboard was an interactive live action billboard located on one of the most important streets in Mexico City. It housed the artist Cecilia Beaven during 10 days, with the only purpose to transform a huge white canvas into a work of art filled with color and the ideas that she received from Twitter. Everything that happened during these days was available for tracking on social networks, a blog, webisodes and live streamings. Tv celebrities and other artists visited her, and Molotov (mexican band) played live from the billboard. As she painted, other billboards were completed at the same time all over the city. The whole story was also brought to movie theaters and television. Small billboard replicas were printed for those whose requests were drawn by Cecilia.
Results: In just 10 days, impacts on Twitter went over 100 million (resource:, 12,000 drawings were requested, more than 65,000 users were logged at the same time for the live streaming and 99% of the conversation was positive. National and international media talked about the action and radio stations broadcasted from our location.

Advertising Agency: La Agencia Viva! & La Doblevida, Ciudad de México, México
General Creative Directors: Juan Pablo ManazzaManuel Camacho
Art Directors: Roberto FloresXavier FajardoIvan Mayorquín
Copywriters: Eduardo GarcíaCarlos Perez
Account Services Director: Miguel Mendiola
Project Leader: Claudia Caballero
Illustrator: Cecilia Beaven / Billboard Artist
Account: Ezequiel Daneri
Account Director: Pilar Gilbert
Account excecutive: Alejandra Vera
Producers: Nancy VilchisIza Peñafiel
Digital Producer: Adriana Dreves
Planner: Ariana Gonzales
Published: March 2013

martedì 23 aprile 2013

Stop motion animated shorts of the day. Please Don't Use the Force.

Albert Einstein vs. Darth Vader - Please Don't Use The Force from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.
Albert Einstein vs. Darth Vader - Please Don't Use the Force, a stop motion animated short by Patrick Boivin.
Just having fun kicking Darths' ass!
Music:Kiskin' Zhar
Created with the help of Carnior and François Simard.

Indiana Jones vs. Darth Vader - Please Don't Use The Force from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.
Indiana Jones vs. Darth Vader

Jack Torrance vs. Darth Vader - Please Don't Use The Force from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.
Jack Torrance vs. Darth Vader

3D projection mapping of the day. TOKYO CITY SYMPHONY.

Symphonize with the world to the ever-evolving city of Tokyo.

The 10 year celebration theme for Roppongi Hills is "LOVE TOKYO." We will be starting a movement here from Roppongi Hills to transform Tokyo into a more attractive and exciting "world-class city." We are opening a 10th anniversary website in which users can experience 3D projection mapping on a miniature model of the city of Tokyo at a 1:1000 scale. 
Participants can enjoy various motifs of the city: "Futuristic City," "Rock City," and a traditional Japanese "Beauty of Nature" motif by pressing the keys on a keyboard, as if playing the piano. Exploit the possibilities and make Tokyo more dynamic and exciting. 
Join us in a symphony with the entire city of Tokyo, and enjoy this completely new visual experience.

六本木ヒルズ10周年のテーマは「LOVE TOKYO」。
東京の街並みを再現した1:1000 サイズの都市模型。このミニチュアサイズの東京に、ユーザーが自由に3Dプロジェクシ­ョンマッピングを投影できる10周年記念WEBサイトがオープンしました。

Print campaign of the day. Fight for literacy.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Art Director: Emmanuel Courteau
Copywriter: Jean-Francois Bouchet
Account Director: Jean-Jacques Sebille
Agency Producers: Justine BruneauQuentin Moenne Loccoz
Accounts: Sophie Legent, Kenza Adeïda
Account manager: Pierre Beffa

lunedì 22 aprile 2013

Song of the day. Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Official Audio) ft. Pharrell Williams.

More info here

"Get Lucky" available now on iTunes:

Pre-Order Random Access Memories, in-stores 5/21/13:
Amazon (CD/LP):
Direct (CD/LP):

Daft Punk performing "Get Lucky" featuring Pharrell Williams. (p) 2013 Daft Life Limited under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

So I found out just by pitch shifting Get Lucky, the track sounds a lot like Michael Jackson. The "He-hee's", "Woo's" , "shamonas" and other MJ sounds developed on their own when the track sped up.


Then pitch shift it, add in mj vocals and you have it!

For the record, I'd really prefer you guys buy the original, but here's the true download link:

Short film of the day. The Beer Scooter. A Perilous Journey Across The Gulf Of Booze Induced Amnesia.

The Beer Scooter. A Perilous Journey Across The Gulf Of Booze Induced Amnesia. from rubbishcorp on Vimeo.

written produced and directed by Nathan James Cooper (rubbishcorp®)
director of photography and awesomeness : Garth Badger -
Canon 1DC - Log mode 50fps 1080p
low light pushing iso up to 4000
lighting - low level led
lenses - canon L series
35 1.4
50 1.2
85 1.2
narrated by Peter Vere-Jones -
twinkle music & score by Joost Langeveld at Bigpop studios -
vocals by Gemma Copas -
recorded and mixed by Luke Berryman
Download Twinkle Twinkle here -
JJ Agnew
Gemma Copas
Chris Long
Tristan Comley
Emma Guadagni
Brodie Reid
Krista Nelson
Hannah Nathan
Rachael Williams
production & fixing : Jane Oak & Anna Kennedy
script consultant : James E Snelling -
titles, machines and magic by ASSEMBLY -
voice & SFX by Franklin Road- & Marmalade Audio -

big thank yous
Brian -
The Gipsy Tea Room -
Mr & Mrs Hunter & the extras (excluding Brad)
all rights reserved ©rubbishcorp® 2013
coming soon : The Beer Googles

Digital stuff of the day. Twitter UK presents #Flock.

More info here

Produced by the talented team at BERG and powered by BERG Cloud (@BERGLONDON) #Flock is a cuckoo clock powered by Tweets.

If your Twitter account receives a Tweet, or a retweet or a new follower one of our unique birds will give you a charming real world alert.

When things happen on Twitter, they now happen in the real world.

Music video of the day. A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Tuna Melt.

A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Tuna Melt from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Directed by Ryan Staake
Dominos & Kinetics: Kinetic King (Tim Fort)
Production Companies: Pier Pictures and Pomp&Clout
Directors of Photography/Steadicam: TS Pfeffer & Robert McHugh
Gaffer/AC/DIT: Jacob Ritley
Post Production: Pomp&Clout
Sound Design: Aaron Wallace
Shot at The Ohage House, St. Paul, MN (
Arrow Wireless HDMI transmitter graciously provided by Paralinx (

Documentary of the week. INSIDE OUT: The People's Art Project TRAILER.

INSIDE OUT: The People's Art Project TRAILER from SOCIAL ANIMALS on Vimeo.

This fascinating documentary tracks the evolution of the world's largest participatory art project, the wildly popular "Inside Out." Travel the globe with French artist JR as he motivates communities to define their most important causes by pasting giant portraits in the street, testing the limits of what they thought possible. In capturing the process, Alastair Siddons creates a glowing testament to the power of the image and the role that art can play in transforming lives.