mercoledì 1 giugno 2016

Smart ad of the day. Fishes VEJA

Created by AlmapBBDO, “Fishes,” the new institutional campaign for VEJA magazine, demonstrates what happens when you go deep in a particular topic. The aim is to position the publicationas a brand that seeks out information wherever it may be, showing its position as a critical vehicle that listens, probes, researches, and investigates indepth, without worrying about whether what it turns up will be pretty or not. 

Credits – “Fishes”

Advertiser: Editora Abril
Title: Fishes
Product: Revista VEJA
General Creative Director:Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Director:Bruno Prosperi
Creative Directors: Pernil,André Gola
Copywriter: Rodrigo Resende
Art Director: Renato Butori
Production: Clan VFX
Audio Producer: Cabaret
RTVC: Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Boas, Fernando Yamanaka
Client Services: FernandaAntonelli, Ana Clara Grana, Beatriz Almonacid, Beatriz Sztamfater
Planning: Cintia Gonçalves,Sergio Katz, Denis Camargo, Ana Beatriz Nunes
Media: Cassiano Oliva,Thabata Hidalgo, Dener Lages
Approval: Walter Longo, TiagoAfonso, Andrea Abelleira, Keila Arciprete

martedì 31 maggio 2016

Stunt of the day. LG CordZero Sierra Blair-Coyle


LG CordZero Sierra Blair-Coyle from LGNewsroom on Vimeo.

Soft ad of the day. German softness.

German softness. (English subtitles) from muun on Vimeo.
Agency: Amsterdam Berlin GmbH
Production: Amsterdam Berlin GmbH 
Music: YouGuys Music 
Direction: Moritz Grub
DOP: Kevin Klein

Tech stuff of the day. easyJet #Sneakairs: The smart tech explained

via adfreak

The #Sneakairs are revolutionising the way we travel, with smart tech that helps you navigate and explore. Curious? Find out more by watching the video to see how they operate! Find out more:

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Nice ad of the day. CANAL+ - LES COUPES

CANALPLUS - LES COUPES from Raphael Frydman on Vimeo.