sabato 14 maggio 2016

Shocking ad of the day. Behind the Leather


Idea of the day. REI #OptOutside

Venables Bell & Partners

giovedì 12 maggio 2016

Tear-jerking ad of the day. Samsung Voices of Life

Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

Samsung is developing a new way to connect parents and preemies through the healing power of sound. "Voices of Life," a Launching People initiative, enables a mother's voice and heartbeat to be transmitted to a baby inside an incubator, which has been shown both to help parents bond with their babies and to enable babies to receive the maternal sounds they need for healthy brain development.

A baby starts to hear sounds in utero around 24 weeks, but for the 15 million premature babies born each year, the nurturing sound of the womb is lost. Research suggests that exposure to a mother’s voice and heartbeat can help a preemie’s brain develop and grow. Launching People, a global campaign by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., designed to help consumers unleash their potential and create meaningful change through the use of Samsung technology, initiated this pilot program. Through the "Voice of Life" app and Samsung speaker technology, a mother's voice and heartbeat will be "wombified" for baby's ears (a process which removes high frequencies not present in the womb), and then sent to the incubator at NICU.

XXX ad of the day. Anna Polina - #MarcOuRien |


For celebrating all the "Marc", MARC DORCEL give free access to his streaming website during 60 days at one little condition : you need to be called Marc on Facebook. More information at

Tech stuff of the day. SAMSUNG GALAXY SURFBOARD

Agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Brazil. Via

The professional surfer faces a real problem while training for competitions: the distance between him and his coach, who is at least a 100m away. This distance prevents the two from communicating correctly and instructions are often misunderstood.

The Galaxy Surfboard was specially developed for Gabriel Medina to improve communication between him and his coach. In no way is it intended for amateur surfing or for leisure activities.


Todo surfista professional enfrenta um problema durante os treinos para as competições: a distância entre ele e o seu técnico, que está, em média, a 100m de distância. Essa distância impede os dois de se comunicarem corretamente.

A Galaxy Surfboard foi desenvolvida especialmente para o Gabriel Medina melhorar sua comunicação com seu técnico durante os treinos. De forma alguma ela é destinada para o surf amador ou para atividades de lazer.

mercoledì 11 maggio 2016

Ad of the day. Still The Most Shocking Second A Day


The first campaign:

The refugee crisis isn’t just a story on the news – it’s happening here and it’s happening now. Please watch and share. 
Donate now to our Child Refugee Crisis Appeal:

A human tragedy is unfolding. 60 million people have been forced to flee their homes – creating the largest refugee crisis since World War II. 
Among them is a generation of children who have lost everything they know: their homes, their education – sometimes even their families.

It’s a situation that has forced families into terrifying situations and impossible choices. And children have suffered most.

This is our world. These are our children. We must ensure child refugees are not forgotten.

lunedì 9 maggio 2016

Cool stuff of the day. McDonald’s McTrax: Play the Placemat McDonald's Nederland


The McDonald’s placemat: just a paper placemat that turns into a full music production station! McTrax. By the use of conductive ink on a piece of paper you can connect your smartphone to our placemat via Bluetooth.