sabato 14 marzo 2015

Sci-fi ad of the day. Dulux 2015 Colourless Future Advert

Our 2015 advert imagines a future which experts have predicted will be colourless.

Watch it here then check out how it was made at the links below:

Agency: BBH London
Creative directors: Martha Riley, Nick Allsop
Creatives: Richard Hooley, Victoria Jagger
Production company: Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe

Social ad of the day. Kids Read Mean Tweets

When celebrities read mean tweets it’s hilarious. See how funny it is when kids do the same thing.
To learn about how you can help ensure more people see this video, check out our Indiegogo campaign:

Viral of the day. The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Robert Downey Jr. and Albert Manero, a #CollectiveProject student who founded Limbitless, surprised a very special child with a new bionic 3D printed arm at no cost to the family. To learn more about Albert and the #CollectiveProject visit:
Microsoft Office Tumblr: 
Microsoft OneNote Facebook:
Microsoft OneNote Twitter:

Nice ad of the day. The Body Shop UK - Mother’s Day for HM "The Queen": a royal home video


How does The Queen spend Mother’s Day?

Prince William gives us a glimpse inside Buckingham Palace, as Prince Charles tries to prepare a royal Mother’s Day breakfast for The Queen.

Helped along the way by Camilla and the royal corgis - with no thanks to Prince Harry - at least there’s a gift fit for a Queen, even if breakfast doesn't meet her high standards.

Treat your Mum like a Queen this Mother’s Day.Visit

Social film of the day. Dell - Intel / "What Lives Inside" A First Look

Join director Robert Stromberg behind-the-scenes of Dell's new social film, "What Lives Inside," inspired by Intel Inside, and discover a world beyond your imagination. Premiering March 25th exclusively on hulu. Go to and submit a sketch of a creature and it could make it to the big screen. 

"What Lives Inside" is a new online web series presented by Dell and Intel. The fantastical film is calling out to the audience for sketches so that their character might be selected to star in the film. Sketches will be accepted until March 9. The film will debut March 25th exclusively on Hulu.

  • Dell presents an all-new social film, "What Lives Inside," in collaboration with Intel;
  • Fans can submit character sketches for potential inclusion in the film starting on January 13; first episode of the social film will be streamed exclusively on Hulu on March 25
  • Film stars Colin Hanks, J.K. Simmons and Catherine O’Hara and will be directed by two-time Oscar-winner Robert Stromberg, who last directed "Maleficent"
Dell Inc. today announced a collaboration with Intel Corporation on the latest social film titled, "What Lives Inside," the fourth film of the ‘Inside Films’ series. The film will be directed by two-time Oscar-winner Robert Stromberg ("Maleficent") and stars Colin Hanks (TV’s "Fargo"), J.K. Simmons ("Whiplash") and Catherine O’Hara("Best In Show"), along with the world’s thinnest tablet, the new Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet with Intel® RealSense™ snapshot and an Intel® AtomTM processor. The series will debut on March 25 exclusively on Hulu, and new episodes will premiere for four weeks. Starting May 6, the full series will be available on and on YouTube.
‘Inside Films’ is the longest-running branded content series and has adopted a new genre and social activation each time ranging from thriller, romance, science fiction and now fantasy. This year’s social component involves Stromberg inviting the public to collaborate with him to complete the film by submitting character sketches and drawings for potential inclusion in the story. Submissions will be accepted on from Jan. 13 through March 9, and the winning drawings will be handpicked by Stromberg to appear in the film.
The film centers around Taylor (Hanks), the son of an absentee father who finds himself on a journey of self discovery. His father (Simmons) was a well-known and acclaimed children’s puppeteer who was widely celebrated for his creativity. After his passing, Taylor discovers a mysterious world of his dad’s creation and finds himself on an adventure that will soon unlock his own creativity. The Intel-powered Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet with Intel® RealSense™ snapshot will play a critical character in the film, accompanying Taylor on every step of the journey and helping to unlock his creativity. Integrated into the viewing experience in an organic manner, the product’s unique features become the perfect tools for the emerging artist in Taylor to showcase his work. The stunning organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) infinity edge-to-edge screen with more than 4 million pixels captures the rich and saturated colors of his creations. The tablet is also the first to integrate the Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot technology that captures a depth map for every picture taken, allowing Taylor to make instant measurements on his journey.
"The story has become a very personal journey for me," said Stromberg. "As a working father in Hollywood, I can relate to the father’s struggles in the movie, which made me very passionate about how the characters evolved. I am also extremely excited about the prospect of directing a social film and find myself daily thinking of ways to increase fan involvement in the film. This unique format will allow us to bridge the emotional and fantasy elements to create something not only unforgettable, but personal."
"Dell’s commitment to innovation is brought to life stunningly through the lens of ‘What Lives Inside,’" said Marissa Tarleton, executive director of Consumer and Small Business, North America Marketing for Dell. "Working with Intel on this project will allow us to continue to inspire consumers, foster creativity among social film fans new and old, and promote the new wave of computing among these communities. Our products have always been at the forefront of innovation and now, through the ‘Inside Films’ series, we have been able to showcase a unique approach to marketing products to consumers."
This is the first time Dell has collaborated with an award-winning director and cast to produce a Hollywood-quality film. The series, now in its fourth year, has worked with a range of top talent. Past films have featured Hollywood stars such as Harvey Keitel, Emmy Rossum and Topher Grace, and the films have repeatedly won the admiration of Emmy and Cannes committees as well as over 200 million viewers worldwide.
"This social film provides an engaging and unique way to showcase the capabilities of the Intel RealSense technology through the Dell Venue 8 7000 series," said Doug Parker, vice president of Intel Partner Marketing.
Viewers can visit or to submit character sketches for the chance to have their work featured in the film. Fans can also view the director's video and the behind the scenes video.
Advertising Agency: Pereira & O'Dell, USA
Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Jaime Robinson
Creative Directors: Jason Apaliski, Rob Lambrechts
Senior Designer: Moses Kelany
Director of Production: Jeff Ferro
Senior Film Producer: Elisa Moore
Senior Integrated Producer: Erin Davis
Trailer and Interactive Editor: Collin Kriner
Co - Director of Client Services: Henry Arlander
Account Director: Marisa Quiter
Account Executive: Jessy Baer
VP of Media: Josh Brandau
Media Strategists Pete Fishman
Project Manager: Adam Russell
Business Affairs Director: Russ Nadler
Publicist: Molly Parsley
Production Intern: Josh Diaz
Production Company: RSA Films
Directed by Robert Stromberg
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC
Starring: Colin Hanks, Catherine O'Hara, J.K. Simmons, Barak Hardley
Executive Producer: Tracie Norfleet
Producer: Jan Wieringa
Production Designer: Todd Cherniawsky
Costume Designer: Hala Bahmet
Editor: Rick Pearson ACE.
Assistant Editor: Sean Thompson
Casting Director: Heidi Levitt, C.S.A.
Screenwriter: Christopher Kubasik
1st Assistant Director: KC Hodenfield
VFX Supervisor / 3D Lead: Samuel Ross Denner
2D Lead: Brendan Smith
Asset Supervisor: Aaron Hamman
Animation Supervisor: Stew Burris
Telecine Artist: Derek Hansen
Senior Producer: Nicole Fina
Managing Director: Andrew Bell
Interactive Production Company: Stopp
Executive Producers: Fredrik Frizell, Eric Shamlin
Sr. Producer: Kelsey Reddicks
Producer: Callan Koenig
User Experience Architect: Wai Shun Yeong
Creative Director: Zach Richter
Art Director: Abe Cortes
Tech Director: Ola Bjorling
Developer: Jin Kim
Sound Design & Mix: 740 Sound
Executive Producer: Scott Ganary
EP of Mix: Erin Reilly
Sound Design Producer: Jeff Martin
Lead Mixer: Rommel Molina
ADR Mixer: Larry Winer
Sound Designers: Rommel Molina, Nicholas Interlandi
Title Design and Editorial: Laundry Design
Creative Directors: Anthony Liu, PJ Richardson
Executive Producer: Michael Bennett
Senior Producer: Dan Masciarelli
Published: January 2015

Animation of the day. Ray-Ban Round - McBess & Simon

Ray-Ban Round - McBess & Simon from Passion Paris on Vimeo.
McBess & Simon
Production : Passion Paris

giovedì 12 marzo 2015

Touching ad of the day. Samsung - Hearing Hand


Samsung’s latest spot from Leo Burnett Istanbul advertising their video call centers is winning hearts and racking up views all over the world.
The ad tells the story of Muharrem Yazgan, a deaf Istanbul man who is surprised to find as he walks through town with his sister that everyone he meets greets and communicates with him in sign language.
Finally, a woman from a Samsung call center – signing on screen at a kiosk in a public square – lets Muharrem in on the secret as he breaks into a wide grin and sheds a few tears: Leo Burnett set up hidden cameras along the route of Muharrem’s errands and organized all the neighbors and shopkeepers, who spent a month learning sign language to pull off this act of kindness.
This spot shows the difference that a human connection can make to one generally isolated man, which is what Samsung hopes its video call centers do for all their hearing impaired customers.
Released earlier this week, the ad already has more than 5.6 million views on YouTube, has earned coverage from NPRTIME and PC Magazine, among others, and was at one point the no. 2 trending story on Buzzfeed.

mercoledì 11 marzo 2015

Italian ad of the day. The Perfect Woman - Acqua Vitasnella

Tutti sembrano voler dire alle donne come dovrebbero essere. Ma cosa succederebbe se le donne li ascoltassero davvero? Guarda l’esperimento di live mapping 3D realizzato da Acqua Vitasnella per celebrare la bellezza delle donne. #MeStessaAlMeglio 

Vitasnella lancia così un messaggio rivolto alla sensibilità femminile: inutile sforzarsi di piacere a tutti e plasmarsi ai giudizi degli altri, la bellezza perfetta non esiste e ogni donna potrà essere sempre bellissima essendo semplicemente se stessa, al meglio. 

Everyone seems to tell women how they should be. What if women really listened to them? Watch live 3D mapping experiment realized by Acqua Vitasnella to celebrate women’s beauty. #MeStessaAlMeglio

With this video, Vitasnella launches a message towards female sensibility: it is useless to force oneself to be liked by everybody, adapting to other people’s judgments. The perfect beauty does not exist and every woman will always be beautiful by simply being herself, at best.

Watch the Backstage on:

Discover more on Vitasnella Water:

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Client: Vitasnella
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana
Creative Director: Alessandro Orlandi, Manuel Musilli
Art Director: Alessandro Orlandi, Manuel Musilli
Copywriter: Antonio Di Battista, Leonardo Cotti
Account manager: Francesca Bertocco
TV Producer: Erica Lora-Lamia, Silvana Gabelli
Production: Unit9

Ode of the day. IKEA - Everyday Heroes #EverydayHero

This is for the everyday heroes we all take for granted. 

Show your support by sharing this film or follow their struggle on

Who’s your everyday hero? 

Please comment below!

Day in and day out, for very little recognition, they improve our lives at home. And it’s not until they’ve gone, that we miss them dearly. Find your own everyday heroes at

Directed by Joachim Back 
Voice over by Terence Stamp

#IKEA #EverydayHero

Client: Ikea
Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Title: Everyday Heroes
Art Director: Adam Ulvegärde
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten
Designer: Martin Joelsson
Senior Account Director: Olle Victorin
Account Director: Katarina Klofsten, Maria Hallenborg
Agency Producer: Jens Odelbring
Digital Producer: Peter Gaudiano, Jimmy Wulff
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Joachim Back
Executive producer: Eric Stern
Producer: Brian Quinlan
Director of Photography: Jan Velicky
Editor: Jeppe Bodskov

Experiment of the day. Dove #OneBeautifulThought

Ogilvy Paris

martedì 10 marzo 2015

Automotive ad of the day. Audi - The Drones

Hi-tech advancements like drones are becoming frighteningly common. But Audi wants to remind us that technology doesn’t have to be scary. Inspired by Hitchcock’s The Birds, Audi shows how the available advanced technology in the new Audi A6 is the opposite of intimidating.
The Birds is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Venables Bell & Partners

lunedì 9 marzo 2015

Funny ad of the day. Liquid Gold Rush: Discovery Tale :30 | VELVEETA Shells & Cheese

Velveeta Shells & Cheese is one of a kind. It’s cheesy, melty and delicious. It’s Liquid Gold. And people will go out of their way for a bowl of it, including Liquid Gold prospectors. Camped out in the Velveeta Shells & Cheese aisle, they embark on their quest for gold. Liquid Gold.
Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Social ad of the day. The Lump – Cancer Research UK

British people are missing the first signs of cancer. Is it because they're not paying enough attention? To find out, watch what happens in this British High street.
Agency: AMV BBDO, London
Creative Directors: Mike Crowe, Rob Messeter
Copywriter: Charlotte Adorjan
Art Director: Michael Jones
Agency Planners: Emily Harlock, Sarah Sternberg
Account: Gareth Collins, Emily Atkinson, Ally Humpherys
Agency Producer: Sophie Horner
Media Agency: Mediacom
Media Planner: Lucy Mitchell
Production Company: Rogue
Producer: Maddy Easton
Director: Sam Cadman
Sound: Gary Turnball / Grand Central Recording Studios
Postproduction: Joseph Tang / The Mill
Editor: Kev Palmer / TenThree
Model Makers: Artem
Music: The Sound Works

Short ads of the day. Mercedes: 3.8 seconds

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/365 GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Timm Hanebeck
Art Director: Thomas Putnings
Account Director: Andreas Ernst
Copywriters: Vera HankeHolger Kohl
Production Company: Markenfilm
Executive Producer: Burak Heplevent
Director: Mark Jenkinson
Post-Production 1: Jung von Matt/motion
Field of task: offline, online, sound
Post-Production 2: DeliPictures GmbH
Field of task: Color Correction, Compositing
Sound Studio: DamienDamien
Sound Design: Ian O‘Brien-Docker
Published: January 2015

Automotive ad of the day. McLaren - 'Power A beautiful thing'

Client: McLaren
Creative agency: VCCP
Creative director: Colin Byrne
Art director: Rob Ganguly
Copywriter: John McLaughlin
Planner: Jenny Unna
Agency producer:  Andy Leahy
Media agency: VCCP Media
Production company: HSI 
Director: Rob Chiu
Producer: Nicola Doring
Editor: Ben Harrex at Final Cut
Post-production: Electric Theatre Collective
Audio post-production: 750mph (Andy Humphreys)

domenica 8 marzo 2015

Cool ad of the day. Converse "Made by you"

Converse "Made by you" - Spring 2015 from STreething on Vimeo.
Agency: Anomaly
Directors: We Are From LA

Video of the day. Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

● Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (2008).

Earth was born as a result of repeated asteroid collisions, the moon was created by a single giant impact event. Then, Earth's size attracted huge meteorites, which slammed into it, causing super-high-temperature rock vapour to cover the entire surface and evaporate all ocean water. The earliest life-forms survived such infernal events by escaping deep into the ground, miraculously emerging again and again. The Earth has gone through innumerable catastrophic events, and life has survived by acquiring new abilities to live through each crisis. Humans are part of the grand history of life's evolution, which has been closely intertwined with repeated cataclysmic events.

Learn what would happen if an asteroid hit the Earth with this detailed "Large Asteroid Impact Simulation".
An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km. Destination: The Pacific Ocean. The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface. The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds. Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit, and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth. The firestorm encircles the Earth, vaporizing all life in its way. Within one day, the surface of the Earth is uninhabitable. The evidence shows that this has happened at least six times in Earth's history.
Music of Pink Floyd "The Great Gig in the Sky" (1973).

0:12 An asteroid with a diameter of 500 km.
0:47 Destination: The Pacific Ocean.
1:17 The impact peels the 10 km crust off the surface.
1:28 The shockwave travels at hypersonic speeds.
1:53 Debris is blasted across into low Earth orbit,
2:11 and returns to destroy the surface of the Earth.
2:55 The firestorm encircles the Earth,
3:05 vaporizing all life in its way.
3:34 Within one day, the surface of the Earth is uninhabitable.
4:19 The evidence shows that this has happened at least six times in Earth's history.

● Discovery Channel - Simulazione di impatto con un asteroide di grandi dimensioni (2008).

La Terra è nata a seguito di ripetute collisioni di asteroidi, la luna è stata creata da un singolo impatto gigantesco. Poi, le dimensioni della Terra hanno attratto enormi meteoriti, che si sono schiantate su di essa, causando vapori di roccia ad altissima temperatura che hanno ricoperto l'intera superficie e fatto evaporare tutta l'acqua dell'oceano. Le prime forme di vita sono sopravvissute a tali eventi infernali fuggendo in profondità nel terreno, emergendo miracolosamente ancora e ancora. La Terra è passata attraverso innumerevoli eventi catastrofici, e la vita è sopravvissuta attraverso l'acquisizione di nuove capacità per vivere attraverso ogni crisi. Gli esseri umani sono parte della grande storia dell'evoluzione della vita, che è stata strettamente intrecciata con ripetuti eventi catastrofici.

Apprendi che cosa accadrebbe se un asteroide colpisse la Terra, con questa dettagliata "Simulazione di impatto con un asteroide di grandi dimensioni".
Un asteroide con un diametro di 500 km. Destinazione: l'Oceano Pacifico. L'impatto spella i 10 km di crosta via dalla superficie. L'onda d'urto viaggia a velocità ipersonica. I detriti vengono scagliati tutti in orbita terrestre bassa, e ritornano per distruggere la superficie della Terra. La tempesta di fuoco circonda la Terra, vaporizzando tutta la vita in questo modo. Entro un giorno, la superficie della Terra è inabitabile. Le prove dimostrano che questo è avvenuto almeno sei volte nella storia della Terra.
Musica dei Pink Floyd "The Great Gig in the Sky" (1973).

0:12 Un asteroide con un diametro di 500 km.
0:47 Destinazione: l'Oceano Pacifico.
1:17 L'impatto spella i 10 km di crosta via dalla superficie.
1:28 L'onda d'urto viaggia a velocità ipersonica.
1:53 I detriti vengono scagliati tutti in orbita terrestre bassa,
2:11 e ritornano per distruggere la superficie della Terra.
2:55 La tempesta di fuoco circonda la Terra,
3:05 vaporizzando tutta la vita in questo modo.
3:34 Entro un giorno, la superficie della Terra è inabitabile.
4:19 Le prove dimostrano che questo è avvenuto almeno sei volte nella storia della Terra.