giovedì 11 giugno 2009

Virals of the week.

Four guys will be projecting an escape attempt on the wall of a large prison in Amsterdam and hope something will happen...

Heinz - Trommel Deine Freunde zusammen!

Sloche 10e anniversaire - la Déchiqueteuse

Ray-Ban - Color goes pop

mercoledì 10 giugno 2009

Amnesty International. Wake up, humans.

Agency: Air Brussels-Paris
CD: Véronique Sels
Copy: Gregory Ginterdaele, Véronique Sels
AD: Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Production Company: LOVO Films
Director: TheDeck & LeNitch

T-Mobile Again. Abbey Clancy & you?

"Abbey Clancy joins the Sing-along with a rendition of Britneys ... Baby One More Time at the gym. All the vocals used are from our Trafalgar Square Sing-along. Is your voice in there somewhere?"

"A selection of the best moments from all 8 songs from the Sing-along event. Vote for your favourite song at ng and the one with the most votes will be uploaded next!"

HBO - True Blood Season 2. More virals.

martedì 9 giugno 2009

Ads of the week. LVCVA - Nike - Home Office - Stella Artois - The Standard Hotel - European Elections 2009 - Rockband - HBO.

LVCVA: “Chinchilli Day"

LVCVA: “Shinwack”

Agency: R&R Partners
Group Creative Director: Arnie DiGeorge
Creative Director: Doug Finelli
Copywriter: Tony Marin
ACD/Art Director: Steve Andrews
VP/Broadcast Productions: Don Turley
Agency Producer: Dustin Oliver
Production Company: Hungry Man, Los Angeles
Director: Roderick Fenske
Executive Producer: Cindy Becker
Line Producer: Cory Berg
Editorial: SpotWelders
Editor: Dick Gordon
Executive Producer: David Glean
Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Dave Hussey
VFX: Sea Level
Executive Producer: Steve Reiss
VFX Artist: Chris Noellert
Mix/Sound: POP Sound
Mixer: Mitch Dorf

Nike: ""
Watch all the videos here and visit the site.

Home Office: “Know Your Limits”
Watch the past campaign here and visit the site.

Agency: VCCP, London
Creative Director: Mark Orbine
Copywriter: Anthony Stamp
Art Director: Richard Yates
Agency Producers: Olly Calverley, Carly Parris
Production Company: Home Corp, London
Director: Saul Dibb
Producer: Trine Thomas
Editor: Struan Clay @ Final Cut
Post-Production: The Mill
Audio Post-Production: Clear Cut Sound

Stella: “Pirate Paper Boat”

Agency: Mother, London
Copywriter: Mother
Art director: Mother
Planner: Mother
Production company: Hungry Man, London
Director: Bryan Buckley
Line Producer: Mino Jarjoura
EP: Tim Nunn
TV Producer: Juliet Pearson
Editor: Steve Gandolfi @ Cut + Run

The Standard Hotel: “Civilization”

"Imagine stepping into an elevator and looking through a viewport that reveals your ascension to heaven or—if you’re on your way to the street—your descent to hell (appropriately enough). This interpretation of Dante’s Divine Comedy is precisely the experience video artist Marco Brambilla (director of Demolition Man) and Toronto-based studio Crush were striving for in Civilization, a video mural created for the new Standard hotel in New York City." Continue reading here. Download the video in HD here

European Elections 2009: “Scream”

European Elections 2009 “Bike Race”

European Elections 2009 “Robbery”

Agency: Scholz & Friends Agenda, Berlin
Creative Director: Mirko Dermann
Consultant: Ines Jahn
Consultant: Sharif Thib
Production Company: United Visions, Berlin
Director: Bernhard Landen
Producer: Fabian Barz
DP: Michael Mieke
Editor: Marty Schenk
Post-Production: Yesim Altilar @ NHB, Berlin
Flame Artist: Stephan Tietz @ NHB, Hamburg
Colorist: Biggi Klier
Sound Design: Felix Lamprecht @ NHB, Hamburg
Music: Massive Music, Amsterdam

Rockband: "The Beatles"

Director: Peter Candeland
Production: Passion Pictures

HBO: “Gymnast”

Agency: Digital Kitchen, Chicago
President/Executive Producer: Don McNeill
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Long
Director of Business and Production Strategy: Todd Brandes
Senior Producer: Andrea Biderman
Copywriter: Johan Liedegren
Creative Director / Director: Mark Bashore
Senior Producer: Chezik Walker
Director: Jeff Long
Producer: Jill Johns
DP: Ronnie Dennis
Editor: Slavka Kolbel
SFX Supervisor/Visual Treatment: Brad Abrahams
SFX/Design: Tim Howe
Line Producer: Nikki Sherritt

Short film of the week. “Sorry I'm Late”

Short Film “Sorry I'm Late”

Director/Writer: Tomas Mankovsky
Executive Producer: James Studholme
Producer: Rhun Francis
Production Assistant: Sam Ludgate
DP: Trevor Forrest
Art Director: Vicky Robinson
Assistant Art Director: Reuben Bolton
Post-Production: Moving Picture Company
Post-Production Supervisor: Andrew Bell
Flame Operator: Ziggy
Colorist: Kenny Gibb
Sound: Scramble Soho
Sound engineer: James Lyme
Music composer: Keith Kenniff
Music supervisor: Mark Kirby
Animation: Tomas Mankovsky
Animation assistants: Reuben Bolton, George Noble, Kara Newman, Babette Phillips, Alaric Elmes
Grip: Andy Sauer
Gaffer: Craig Davies
Electricians: Mike Sarah, Saul Harris
Thanks to: Dougal Wilson, Helen Weisinger, James Bretton, James Robertson, Jesper Gadeberg, Matthew Lucas, MPC, Nicky Barnes, Nicolette Mankovsky, Stine Hole, Scramble