sabato 28 maggio 2016

XXX ad of the day NSFW. BangFit: The fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about


Pornhub proudly presents:
Introducing BangFit, by Pornhub: The fitness method gyms don’t want you to know about.
Bang Fit is an exercise platform created to fight against our sedentary lifestyle. Now you can get into shape while having the time of your life. Visit now and find out how our sexercise routines wont just get you fit, they’ll get you fit as f**k

venerdì 27 maggio 2016

Nice idea of the day. Organic Dairy Farmer Takes on NYC Coffee

Organic Valley Dairy Farmer, Gerrit van Tol, opens a coffee shop in NYC that only serves organic half & half. See his secret to making the world's best coffee. Great coffee isn't made, it's milked! 

Save $1 Off Organic Valley Half & Half

via adweek: "It's pretty obvious coffee culture has become a parody of itself, considering how seriously it takes itself," David Littlejohn, creative chief at Humanaut, which crafted the campaign (as well as Organic Valley's earlier lauded efforts), tells Adweek. "The truth is, Organic Valley dairy farmers have the same amount of craft and passion for their product, but they would never talk about organic milk with the same level of pretension. We knew there was a funny tension between farmers and baristas we could play with."
In the store, the coffee itself was placed off to the side in stainless steel carafes, and available free of charge—just like milk, cream and, yes, half-and-half are in more traditional cafes.
"What surprised us most is that people didn't seem that thrown off or confused by a coffee shop that only sold organic half-and-half," says Littlejohn. "No one had a problem paying $2 for a pour of organic half-and-half. In the end, the idea wasn't as crazy as we thought it was."

Hot hot hot ad of the day NSFW. La Librería de #OrgasmosReales

Client: Bijoux Indiscrets
Agency: Proximity Madrid
Chief Creative Officer: Eva Santos
Executive Creative Director: Susana Pérez
Creative Director: David Despau
Art Directors: Antonio Jiménez, Cristina Luna
Copywriter: Fernando Esteban
Account Supervisor: Patricia Montero
Account Executive: Amanda Esteban
Technology Director: Rafael Zafra
Creative Technology Director: Víctor Madueño
Head of Social: Diego Alonso
Community Manager: Ainhoa Labarta
Production Director: Gemma Selga
Editors: Teresa Muñoz, Elías Maldonado
Communications Director: Laura Carrillo
Head of Strategy: Juan Manuel Ramirez

Print campaign fo the day. Endless Possibilities - Getty Images / AlmapBBDO

Watch Getty Images’ new fun film created using only creative content. No editorial images were used.

Title: Millions of Images. Endless Possibilities
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Client: Getty Images
Partner/ CCO: Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Direction: Bruno Prosperi
Creative Direction: Benjamin Yung Jr, Marcelo Nogueira, Andre Gola, Pernil
Digital Creative Director: Luciana Haguiara
Digital Head of Art: Pedro Burneiko
Copywriter: Daniel Oksenberg
Art Director: Andre Sallowicz
Illustrator: Vitor Fubu, Vetor Zero Print + Evandro Malgueiro
Photography: Getty Images
Web Designer: Adriel Nunes
Art Buyers: Teresa Setti, Ana Cecília Costa
Production Company: Vetor Zero
Direction: Gabriel Nobrega
Audio: Satelite Audio
Music: Team Satelite
Agency producer: Vera Jacinto, Diego Vilas Boas e Fernando Yamanaka
Project Manager: Mayra de Souza Otsuka
Technology Director: Eduardo Bruschi
UX Designer: Caroline Kayatt
Planning: Cintia Gonçalves
Accounts: Daniela Gasperini, Samia Reiter Paz
Media: Carla Durighetto
Client Supervisors: Renata Simões, Susan Smith Ellis, Kjelti Kellough

giovedì 26 maggio 2016

Funny campaign of the day. Clerasil - We know acne, we don't know teens.

Teens. We’re not sure what you guys like. But we have a lot to tell you, so we’re just gonna guess, with a lot of videos. This is the first one! Does it work? For you all? We hope yes. Comment yes or no below. Thanks.

Social media stuff of the day. De Tijd / L’Echo - #DiningForBrussels

De Tijd / L'Echo - #DiningForBrussels from Famous Brussels on Vimeo.

Idea of the day. Cornetto - Commitment Rings

Have you ever cheated with a TV series? Here’s the solution. #seriescommitment
Register on to be the first to try it!

Digital stuff of the day. SNICKERS® Hungerithm

The Internet gets a little angry when it’s hungry. So we've created a hunger algorithm that monitors the mood online. Now, when anger goes up, prices at 7-Eleven go down. Get your low priced bar at

SNICKERS® You’re Not You When You’re Hungry.

Client: Mars Chocolate Australia
Marketing Director: Matthew Graham
Brand Manager: Renee Lewington
Assistant Brand Manager: Heidi Keller
National Sales Manager – Retail: Shaun Thomas
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh

Creative Directors: Evan Roberts and Stephen de Wolf
Digital Creative Director: Ben Keenan
Art Director: Jackson Harper
Copywriters: Shannon Crowe and Jim Robbins
Regional Director: Jennifer Chin
Group Account Director: Bryce Coombe
Senior Account Manager: Sam Ayre
PR Director: Nichola Patterson
Planning Director: Michael Derepas
Senior Planner: Matt Pearce
Executive Producer: Sonia von Bibra
Head of Interactive Production: Christian Russell
Community Manager: Will Barber
Senior Digital Producers: Nathan VanderByl and Ben Crowe
Digital Producer: Allan Ngo
Senior Digital Designer: Adam Hengstberger
Senior Developer: Andrew McLagan
Senior Full Stack Developer: Sylvain Simao
Frontend & Backend Development: Omar Mashaal (CHE Proximity)
Backend Development: Andrey Sidorov and Alex Best (CHE Proximity)
Technical Director: Bob Watts (CHE Proximity)
Project Delivery Lead: Adam Burnell (CHE Proximity)

mercoledì 25 maggio 2016

Animation of the day. Ultimate precision for perfect trimming and Styling – Beardimation by Braun

Braun – the manufacturer of some of the world’s most-loved shaving and styling products – has partnered with four-time Oscar-winning animation studio, Aardman Animations to create the world’s first stop-motion animation film using beards. Created to mark the launch of the brand new Braun Styling Range, the Braun Beardimation video uses advanced stop-frame animation to take the viewer on a journey of eye-catching shapes, patterns and designs as they are etched into facial and body hair using the Braun styling tools. The video features faces, heads and chests of over 70 men to convey a scintillating story of precision that inspires creativity when it comes to shaving.

The new Braun styling range, comprising 18 products, features ground-breaking technology: the Braun Precision Dial on the Beard Trimmer range and an improved comb for more precise trimming. With the consistent, precise trimming power provided by the range, men can get the look they want day after day.

Learn more about the Braun styling range on our website:

Shopping experience of the day. The World's First Virtual Reality Department Store - brought to you by eBay and Myer

We took the VR experience around Australia to our eBay shoppers. From Bondi to Broome and a few places in between, we gave shoppers a glimpse into the future of shopping

Here’s what they thought.


martedì 24 maggio 2016

Case video of the day. Burger King / Snap King

Burger King / Snap King (case) from DanDan on Vimeo.
"To create awareness over one our most differentiating brand assets: Our Flamed Grill tradition, we decided to do it found a very visual and bold way. The first thing we did was to meet our target audience in that place where they spends most of their time: Snapchat. We invited other restaurants’ fans to take a picture of their favorite a non-grilled hamburger, draw grilled lines with Snapchat pencil tool, and send it to our account. In exchange we would send them a voucher valid to taste one of our real Flame-grilled hamburger, for free.
This mechanic not only managed to drive our main competitors consumers to our restaurants but also helped us highlight our main differential asset in a very ludic and interactive way."
Agency David Buenos Ares

Smart ad of the day. Special Dog - Widow

Date May 23, 2016 Agency: DM9DDB Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Aricio Fortes Client: Special Dog Executive Creative Director: Paulo Coelho Creative Director: Gonzalo Ricca Creative Director: Carlos Schleder Creative Director: Adriano Alarcon Art Director: Rafael Segri Copywriter: Filipe Medici Production Company: Bossa Nova Films Director: Livia Gama Sound: A9 Audio