venerdì 14 novembre 2008

More ads of the week. Wiser's - - Adidas.

Wiser's: Moustache
Watch also Hole and Turkey Carver.

Agency: John St, Toronto - Creative Directors: Angus Tucker/Stephen Jurisic - Writer: Chris Hirsch - Art Director: Nellie Kim - Agency Producer: Nicole Andrisevic - Production: Radke Film Group, Toronto - Director: Craig Brownrigg - Editor: Griff Henderson (School Editing, Toronto) - Audio: Vapor Music, Toronto Battle

Agency: Etcetera, Holland - Creatives: Stan van Zon, Gido van der Vlies - Direction: Minivegas - Post: Hectic Electric & Minivegas - CG Supervisor: Maarten Boon

Adidas: Sportive

Director: Addictive TV

giovedì 13 novembre 2008

Willow. The winner of AICE's Camp Kuleshov trailer competition.

Client: Camp Kuleshov - Editor: Michael Southworth

Toshiba. The world's first timesculpture advert.

The making of

Agency: Grey, London - Creative Director: Andy Amadeo - Agency Producer: Rebecca Pople - Production Company: Hungry Man - Director: Mitch Stratten - Executive Producer: Matt Buels - Producer: Sally Newsom - Director of Photography: Magni Agustsson - Editorial Company: Whitehouse - Editor: Christophe Williams - VFX/Online: The Mill - Flame Artist: Rich de Carteret - Colorist: Mick Vincent - Music/Sound Design: Jungle - Mixer: Owen Griffiths - Music Artist: Crystal Castles - Song: Air War - Making of DP: Julien Bascheiri-Salvadori, Luke Scully - Making of Editor: Luke Scully

Fake New York Times. This is guerrilla, this is advertising.

Download the pdf version here. Visit the site

Reactions on the streets

A message from Ads Of The World. Thanks Georgie.

mercoledì 12 novembre 2008

Cool Ad of the past. Scotch - Workaholic.

Cannes Bronze Lion 2005

Advertising Agency: Y&R THAILAND, Bangkok, THAILAND - Creative Director: Mr.Piya Boontarig - Copywriter: Mr.Piya Boontarig/Ms. Penporn Somnus - Art Director: Ms.Penporn Somnus - Agency Producer: Mr.Piya Boontarig - Production Company: PHENOMENA, Bangkok, THAILAND - Director: Mr. Thanonchai Sornsriwichai

martedì 11 novembre 2008

Ads of the week. Nissan - Midas - HSBC - Instrumentarium - Norway Lotto - Quit - ALS Society of Canada - Wrangler.

Nissan: Morning Light

Agency: TBWA Toronto - Creatives: Joe Zizzo (DoP) Allen Oke, Scott Couture (Creative Director) Allen Oke (Copywriter) Scott Couture (Art Director) Nadya MacNeil (Agency Producer) Scott Mackenzie (Executive Producer) Rick Jarjoura (Producer) - Director(s):
TWiN - Production Company: Radke Film Group, Toronto Country: Canada - Editor: Mick Griffin, Rooster Post - Visual FX: Framestore NY - Audio: Nylon, NY - Music: "Breathe" by Alexi Murdoch

Midas (Canada): Chase

Agency: DDB Canada - Agency CCO: Alan Russell - Agency CD: Dean Lee - Copywriter: Jeff Glbraith - Art Director: Daryl Gardiner - Agency Producer: Sue Bell - Production Company: The Garden - Director: Tom De Cerchio - DP: Michael Bonvillan - Executive Producers: Jamie Phair, Bruce Dawson - Editor: Johnny DeVrie - School Editing - Colorist: Eric Whipp - Audio: Wave Productions & Sound Studios - Post: Alter Ego

HSBC: Policeman

Agency: JWT London & JWT Curitibia - Global Creative Director: Axel Chaldecott - Global Account Director: Joseph Petyan - Copywriters: Axel Chaldecott, Antonio Rogoski - Art Director: Ricardo Marques - Agency Producer: Dean Baker - Production company: Gorgeous Enterprises - Director: Vince Squibb - Producer: Spencer Dodd - DP: Ellen Kuras - Production Designer: Maria Djurkovic - Editor: Paul Watts @ The Quarry - Post production: The Mill - Music: Pete Raeburn @ Soundtree - Sound: Munzie @ Grand Central

Instrumentarium: Markus the Specialist
Watch it here.

Client: Instrumentarium - Agency: PHS - Creative Director: Mikko Torvinen - Production Company: Motel Royal - Director: Rane Tiukkanen - Producer: Mika Sylvin, Ykä Nieminen - Director of Photography: Tomek Augustynek - Editor: Johannes Salonen - Sound Design: Humina - Sound Designer: Tuomas Seppänen

Norway Lotto: Dombas Kebab House
Visit the site.

Client: Norway Lotto - Agency: Try Advertising - Art Director: Ester Hjellum, Karin Lund - Copywriter: Jorgen Bohle Bakke, Oystein Halvorsen - Project Manager: Cathrine Wennersten - Production Company: Motionblur - Director: Harald Zwart - Producer: Espen Horn, Ola Narum Berg

Quit Victoria: Separation

Agency: The Campaign Palace - Art Director: Ben Green - Copywriter: Patrick Lennox - Agency Producer: Fiona Gillies - Production Company: Soma Films - Director: Sean Meehan - Producer: Sam McGarry - Director of Photography: Sean Meehan - Editor: Drew Thompson - Editorial Company: Guillotine - VFX Company: Fin Design - VFX Artist: Richard Lambert - Music Company: Nylon Studios

ALS Society of Canada: Head and Shoulders

Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto - VP/Creative Director: Christina Yu - Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Roche - Copywriter: Rob Sturch - Art Director: Ryan McNeil - Agency Producer: Brie Gowans - Production Company: Untitled Films, Toronto - Director: John Mastromonaco - Executive Producer: James Davis - Producer: Tom Evelyn - DP: John Houtman - Post-Production: Rooster, Toronto - Editor: Richard Unruh - Executive Producer: Melissa Kahn - On-line Editor: Ernie Mordak, Rooster - Colorist: Gary Chuntz, Notch, Toronto - Sound Design: Chris Tait, Pirate, Toronto

Wrangler: Diner
Watch also Bambi and Garage.

Agency: La Comunidad, Buenos Aires - General Creative Director: Joaquin Molla, Jose Molla - Creative Director: Fernando Sosa - Copywriter: Ramiro Raposo - Agency Producer: Juan Manuel Menvielle - Production Company: Landia - Director: Agustin Alberdi - Director of Photography: Javier Julia - Executive Producer: Claudio Amoedo - Music: Supercharango - Sound: La Casa Post - Post Production: Che Revolution Post