venerdì 21 marzo 2008

Freddy. Incredibly italian.

I think I can hazard: Cannes Prediction.

Agency: 1861united - Agency Producer: Carla Beltrami - Creative Director: Federico Pepe; Stefania Siani - Creative: Federico Pepe; Stefania Siani - Director: Tomaso Cariboni; Dadomani; Federico Pepe - Production: (h) Films - Producer: Valetina Mereu - Post Production: Effetti Digitali Italiani (EDI) - Editor: Francesco Caradonna

Sony "Foam" in Miami. Bubbles like no other.

Something big is happening in Miami. The new commercial for Sony Bravia digital cameras, able to capture perfectly even the bubbles. Other interesting videos are available here or everywhere on Youtube. Some images from Flickr. The bloggers from the set and other interesting posts: Adland - SPFK - Josh Spear - Shape + Colour - Agency: Fallon - Director: Simon Ratigan @ HLA - Special Effects by Back Stage Technologies Europe (BSTE)

giovedì 20 marzo 2008

More Ads of the week. Dunkelziffer - Johnnie Walker - adidas - Cadbury - Clarks - Pangea Day.

Dunkelziffer e.V. - Tentacle

Agency: Red Rabbit, Hamburg - Creative Directors: Oliver Seltmann, Jan Fröscher - Copywriters: Joakim Reveman, Bjoern Ruehmann, Matthew Branning - Art Directors: Bjoern Ruehmann, Joakim Reveman, Matthew Branning - Production Company: Rokkit, London - Director: The Vikings - Producer: Luke Jacobs - DP: Sam Brown - Editor: Paul Hardcastle - Post Production: Absolute - VFX Producer: Lisa Vaughan - 3D: Matt Burn, Jamie White, Toby Walton, Richard Nelson, Nicolas d'Haussy, Minh Nguyen-Ba, Vania Alban-Zapata, Maru Ocantos - 2D VFX: Nathan Kane - Sound: 750 mph

Johnnie Walker - Striding Man

Agency: BBH, London - Executive Creative Director: John Hegarty - Creative Director: John Foster - Art Director: Nick Klinkert - Copywriter: Kevin Doyle - Producer: Katherine Cheng - Production Company: Backyard, Venice - Director: Rob Sanders - DP: Eric Treml - Executive Producer: Kris Mathur - Producer: Anton Maillie - Production Designer: Marco Puig - Producer/Budapest: Eszter Répássy - SFX Manager: Péter Szilágyi - Editor: Steve Gandolfi @ Cut + Run

adidas - Hu Jia

Agency: TBWA, China - Creative Directors: Yang Yeo, John Merrifield - Associate Creative Director: Lesley Zhou - CD/Copywriter: Sarawut Hengsawad - Copywriters: Lesley Zhou, Nicky Zhang, Michelle Wu - CD/Art Director: Elvis Chau - Art Directors: Nie Lang, Xia Zheng, Susie Sun, Amani Qian - Production Company: Stink, London; Psyop, New York - Directors: Marie Hyon, Marco Spier @ Psyop - DP: Alex Melman - Executive Producers: Justin Booth-Clibborn @ Psyop, Daniel Bergman @ Stink - Producers: Lucia Grillo @ Psyop, Mungo Maclagan @ Stink - Associate Producer: Nathan Jew @ Psyop - Assistant Producer: Kay Chen @, Psyop - Lead TD: Pakorn Bupphavesa - Designers: Kim Dulaney, Marie Hyon, Joshua Harvey - TD: Alvin Bae, Bashir Hamid, Chris Bach, Damon Ciarelli, Ted Kofsatis, Tony Barbieri - VFX supervisor: Theo Maniatis - Modeling/ Rigging: Lee Wolland, Kitty Lin, Anthony Patti, Rie Ito, Jaye Kim - Lead Animator: Pat Porter - Animators: Ian Brauner, Justin Burton, Nicholas Johnnides, Gerald Ding, Eddy Estevez, Chris Santoianni, Jae Ham, Jed Mitchell, Melanie Tonkin - CG: Mike Papagni, Rich Magan, Pete Hamilton, Helen Choi, Anthony Patti, Tatchapon Letwirojkul, Andreas Berner - Massive: Joerg Liebold and Dave Barosin - Compositors: Matt Hanson, Bee Jin Tan, Elliot Blanchard, Borja Pena, Eric Concepcion, Makoto Sato, Theo Maniatis, Aska Otake, Joe Vitale - Tracking: Hyunjeen Lee and Seung Hyung Lee - Lead Roto Artists: Leslie Chung, Joshua Bush - Roto Artists: Joseph Oberle, David Marte, Carlos Rosario, Tiffany Chung, Will Frazier, Max Kornev, Rich Pernice, Jelena Vukosav, Alejandro Monzon, Kristian Mercado, Stefania Gallico, Jess Mireau - Editor: Cass Vanini - Assistant Editor: Brett Goldberg - Cell Animation: Boolab - Audio Post: Sound Lounge - Music Production: Songzu

Cadbury Crème Egg - Mouse Trap
Watch all the campaign in this post.

Agency: Publicis, London - Creative Director: Nik Studzinski - Art Director: Steve Nicholls - Copywriter: Matthew Anderson - Agency Producer: Nikki Doherty - Production Company: Partizan, London - Director: Chris Cairns - Producer: Pia Dueholm - Production Manager: Ella More O'Ferrall - DP: Luke Palmer - Art Director: Ben Weller - Production Assistants: Chris Goulder, Patrick Harmer - Editorial: Partizan Lab, London - Post-Production: The Mill, London - Telecine Operator: Jamie Wilkinson - Online Operator: Giles - Head Animator: Christopher Ullens - Model Makers: Ben Weller - Sound Engineer: Wave, London

Clarks - Feet Factory

Agency: CumminsNitro, Melbourne - Agency Producer: Jill Wheeler - Director: Scott Otto Anderson - Copywriter: Matthew Page - Art Director: Carolyn Davis - Production Co: Independent Films, Sydney - Producer: Florence Tourbier - DP: Oliver Lawrance
Post: Fuel VFX, Syndey - Edit: Guillotine, Sydney - Music: Karl Richter, Level Two Music - Sound Design: Final Sound - Musician: Shugo Tokumaru

Pangea Day - The Tank Driver
Watch all the videos about Pangea Day here.

Agency: Johannes Leonardo, New York - Creative: Johannes Leonardo - Agency Producer: Matthew Mattingly - Production Company:, New York - Director: The Glue Society - Chairman/CEO: Jon Kamen - President/Executive Producer: Frank Scherma - Exec Producer: Maya Brewster - Producer: Carol Stevens - Editorial: Madriver Post
Editor: Will Znidaric - Executive Producer: Amy Lazarus - Post/Finishing: The Mill NY - Creative Director/Flame Artist: Angus Kneale - Executive Producer: Dan Roberts - Audio Post/Sound Design: 38 Greene Studios - Engineer/Sound Design: Casey Chester - Executive Producer: Kate Lowery

martedì 18 marzo 2008

Ads of the week. O2 - Nomis - Nike - Sprint - WWF - Pizza Pops - Pot Noodle - Rexona - The Bessies - Vodafone.

O2 - Blue Book

Agency: VCCP, London - Copywriter: Nathan White - Art Director: Ben Davies - Agency Producers: Brad Woodus, Laura Jayne - Production Company: The Bare Film Company, London - Director: Arran Bowyn - DP: Alex Melman - Producer: Maddy Easton - Production Design: Marco Puig - Post-Production: Danny Morris @ Absolute Post - Editor: John Smith @ The Whitehouse

Nomis - Damn Boots

Agency: Johannes Leonardo - Creative Director: Johannes Leonardo - Art Director: Johannes Leonardo - Copywriter: Johannes Leonardo - Agency Producer: Matthew Mattingly - Production Company: Nexus Productions - Director: Woof Wan-Bau - Executive Producers: Chris O'Reilly & Charlotte Bavasso - Producer: Isobel Conroy - Production Manager: Oliver Roskill - Production Designer: James Hatt - Prop Maker: Ben Twiston Davies - Director of Photography: Philipp Blaubach - Costume Designer: Emma MacFarlane - Visual Effects/Telecine: Framestore London - Telecine: Steffan Perry - Flame Operator: Darran Nicholson - Music and Sound design: Amber Music NY - Composers: Will Bates (Fall On Your Sword) Featuring Phil Mossman - Producer: Patrick Oliver - ECD: Michelle Curran - Finishing: The Mill NY - Audio Mix: 38 Greene Studios - Engineer: Casey Chester - Exec Producer: Kate Lowery

Nike - My Better

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland - Executive Creative Directors: Jelly Helm, Steve Luker - Creative Directors: Tyler Whisnand, Mike McCommon - Copywriter: Caleb Jensen - Art Director: Taylor Twist - Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz - Agency Producer: Shannon Worley - Assistant Producer: Natalie Montgomery - Production Company: Epoch Films, Los Angeles - Director: Stacy Wall - Executive Producer: Jerry Solomon - Producer: Marc Marrie - Editor: Lucas Eskin - Post-Production: Mad River Post - Audio Post-Production: Lime Studios - Mixer: Loren Silber - Effects: RIOT - Klaus - Color Correction: Stefan Sonnenfeld @ Co. 3 - Titles/Graphics: Buck
Talent: LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson, Steve Nash, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Diana Taurasi, Matt Holliday, Kyle Harrison; Ryan Powell, Landon Donovan, Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Pete Carroll - Music: Saul Williams "List of Demands" - Record Label: Cornerstone/Fader - Sound Design: Lime - Sound Designer: Loren Silber

Sprint - The Monsters of NASCAR

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco - Creative Directors: Rich Silverstein, Franklin Tipton,Paul Stechschulte, Ronny Northrop - Copywriter: Rus Chao
Art Director: Kevin Koller - Agency Producer: Brian Coate - Executive Producer: Josh Reynolds - Production Company: Alturas Redfish Films, Santa Monica - Director: Michael Mann - DP: Dante Spinotti - Head of Production: Natasha Alexsa Garcia - Line Producer: Adam Gross - Editor: Hank Corwin @ Lost Planet - Assistant Editor: Bruce Herrman - Executive Producer: Betsy Beale - Editorial Producer: Christie Price - Animation - Company: Three Legged Legs of Green Dot Films - Animation Directors: Casey Hunt, Greg Gunn, Reza Rasoli - Executive Producers: Rich Pring, Darren Foldes - Animation Producer: Mary Ann Cabrera - Managing Director: Rick Fishbein - Visual Effects: The Mill/LA - Lead Flame Artist: Corey Brown - Executive Producer: Gabrielle Gourrier - Post Producer: Sarah Scruton - Sound Mix: Ravenswork - Engineer: Robert Feist - Sound Design: Stimmung - Sound Designer: Gus Koven - Executive Producer: Kelly Fuller - Original Music: Human - Titles Design: Buck - Creative Director: Ryan Honey - Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson - Producer: Nick Terzich

WWF - Earth Hour
The project.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Sydney - Copywriter: Stephen Coll - Art Director: Nils Eberhardt - Agency Producer: Helen Hendry - Production Company: Caravan Pictures, Sydney - Director: Ben Lawrence - DP: Garry Phillips - Producer: Emma Lawrence - Editor: Philip Horn @ The Editors - Post-Production: FSM - Sound Studio: Sandcastle Studios - Music track: "One Crowded Hour" by Augie March

Pizza Pops - Woodchipper
Watch the site.

Agency: Cossette, Toronto - Group Creative Directors: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass - Art Director: Colin Brown - Writer: Tom Greco - Agency Producer: Colleen Floyd - Production Company: Partners Film Inc, Toronto - Director: Jonty Toosey - Executive Producer: Gigi Realini - Producer: Tim Corrigan - DP: Bruce Jackson - Editorial: Giff Henderson, School Editing, Toronto - Online: School Editing, Toronto

Pot Noodle - Tipping Pot

Agency: AKQA - Executive Creative Director: James Hilton - Writer: Colin Byrne - Agency Producer: Emily Bull - Production Company: Mustard - Director: Dom Bridges - Producer: Lucy Hayes - Edit: Cut and Run - Editor: Nathan Perry Greene - Post Production: Smoke and Mirrors - Telecine: Smoke and Mirrors - Media Agency: Cake

Rexona - Futurisk
Watch all the spots of the capaign here.

futurisk > tv ad for REXONA MEN - 1 of 5 from keke toledo piza on Vimeo.
Agency: Lowe, New York - Chairman, Chief Creative Officer: Mark Wnek - Executive Creative Director: Fernanda Romano - Creative Director: Steve Lundberg - Copy Writers: Roger Baran, Keke Toledo, Sasha Stollman - Directors of Integrated Production: Sara Eolin, Jill Meschino - Production Company: MJZ, LA/NY - Director: Matthjis van Heijninen - EPs: David Zander, Jeff Scruton - Producer: Betsy Oliver - DP: Christopher Soos - Effects: The Mill - Editor: Joe Guest, Final Cut - Sound Mixer: Peter Holcomb, Sound Lounge - Music and Sound Design: Yessian, NY/Detroit

The Bessies - Shave
Watch the ad here. Another spot of the campaign here .

Agency: john st - Client: Television Bureau of Canada - Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker - Copywriter: Chris Hirsch - Art Director: Nellie Kim - Agency Producer: Dale Giffen - Account Manager: Elana Olavesen - Production Company: Soft Citizen - Director: Sara St. Onge - DP: John Choi - Producer: John Nadalin - Executive Producer: Eva Preger, Link York - Editor: Ryan Hunt, School Editing - Music: Imprint Music

Vodafone - Decisive Moments

Agency: BBH, London - CD: Nick Gill - Creatives: Steve Wakelam & Ian Williamson - Agency Producer: Ruben Mercadal - Production Company: Nice Shirt Films, London - Director: Sean Meehan - Producer: Sam McGarry & Richard Martin - Director of Photography: Sean Meehan - Editor: Paul Watts at The Quarry - Post production: Glassworks - Composer: Tom Hodge - Sound: Wave