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Social ad of the day. WALL STREET AUCTION - #StopTheNightmare

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There are over 27 million people being trafficked into slavery today.

4.4 million women and men are victims of sex traffickers in the US alone. 

The average age of a sex trafficking victim is 12 years old.

Women, men, girls and boys in slavery today are often deceived by dishonest labor brokers promising a better life and salary, or pimps posing as a boyfriend.

People often do not realize they have been trafficked until it's too late. The slave holders steal passports. The victims are not paid, and work under the threat of violence without the ability to walk away. 

The average cost of a slave in the 1800s was over $50,000 USD. 

Today, you can buy a slave for as little as $90 USD.

Today, slavery is illegal everywhere, but happening all around us. Modern Day Slavery is hidden in plain sight. 

Learn what you can do to end slavery in your communities. 

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