mercoledì 15 marzo 2017

AdLand stuff of the past. iCONGOtv - A video appeal to Cannes Lions jury members.

-The world wants more of a good thing-

#IdeasForAction In 2003 we had started the #Page3 and #FTVstyle campaign to sensitize journalists and media about paying attention to real issues and not just socialites. This year we endeavour to influence the #Cannes #LionsAward organisers to have festivals and awards more often so that #AdvertisingFolks create Public service campaigns with the #rightintent and more #sensitivity for #socialissues throughout the year. Watch the video and kindly share.

Dear Mr. #TerrySavage,

It’s often said that the entire universe conspires to get a good deed done. Well, in the case of advertising creativity, one could say it conspires a lot more during the months leading up to the #CannesLionsFestival in June every year.

Which is a good thing. Because it is during this short burst of a couple of months that creative thinkers slam pedal to metal and we witness the birth of brilliant campaigns that benefit humanity. Myriad ideas that feed the hungry, educate the underprivileged, address inequalities and make the world a much better place.

That’s commendable and incredibly inspiring because these cause-related ideas are not for personal gain. These are ideas for good. Selfless demonstrations of the fact that for every social injustice in this world, there’s a copywriter and an art director who are determined to change it. The last vestiges of hope for a world consumed by commercial decay.

It’s 3 months of pure, unadulterated, cockle-warming service to humankind.

But therein lies the problem: Why should the good work stop after the Awards are given out in June? Why should the world be a happier place for just 3 months every year?

We spoke to many underprivileged beneficiaries and understood their obvious disappointment at the abrupt discontinuation of many wonderful initiatives, shortly after the ideas win a Lion. Or soon after they don’t win one, for that matter.

As head of the world’s pre-eminent creative awards festival, you can easily change that. We believe there’s a simple way to ensure many wonderful ideas impact lives positively for not just 3 odd months, but throughout the year.

Please have a look at the attached video for our suggestion. We believe you’ll find it to be a practical solution to the problem at hand.

Do let us know what you think and thanks for taking time to read through this.

Best regards,

Jeroninio Almeida
Founding Director
iCONGO- Indian Confederation of NGOs

martedì 14 marzo 2017

Romantic ad of the day. INTERMARCHE - #lamourlamour

Client: Intermarché
Agency: Romance
CEO co-founder : Christophe Lichtenstein
Executive creative director et copywriter : Alexandre Hervé
Strategic director : Romain Roux
Creative team(copy writer/ Art Director) : Vincent Boursaud, Julien Bon, Gautier Fage
Agency Management : Marie-Laure Dangeon
, Estelle Littaye
TV Prod : Sophie Mégrous
Post-Production : Jérôme Deplatière
Director : Katia Lewkowicz
Production : Carnibird
Sound Production : THE

Anti-sexist ad of the day. Skol Reposter

ADVERTISER BRAND: Skol ADVERTISER: Ambev CONTENT PROJECT MANAGER: Luiz Gama, Bia Pennino, Beatriz Andreucci ARTISTIC PRODUCTION: Fernanda Cardoso CREATIVE AGENCY F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Theo Rocha MEDIA PLANNER: Mauricio Almeida, Thiago Custódio, Eric Zanelli, PLANNER: Erika Kitabayashi, Quentin Mahe, Murilo Toda PRODUCER: Giuliano Springhetti, Elucieli Nascimento, ART BUYER: Edna Bombini PRODUCERS: Fernanda Sousa, Rafael Paes, Victor Alloza MEDIA PLANNERS: Juliana Roque, Gabriela Vecchia CREATIVE TEAM: Theo Rocha, Gustavo Mayrink, Lara Roncatti CREATIVE TEAM (CONT.): João Freire, Bruno Castellotti, Wander Tosta ACCOUNT SUPERVISOR: Ricardo Forli, Thiago Iusim, Marcela Paiva, Julia Marquezi CLIENT SUPERVISOR: Paula Lindenberg, Maria Fernanda Albuquerque, CLIENT SUPERVISOR (CONT.): Lia Bertoni, Felipe Santini, Daniel Feitoza MUSIC AND SOUND SOUND DESIGN: LOUD COMPOSER: Jancy Nascimento POST PRODUCTION / VFX POST PRODUCTION HOUSE: Vetor Zero Team PRODUCTION COMPANY PRODUCTION COMPANY: Vetor Filmes EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Alberto Lopes, Paula Moraes, Francisco Puech DOP: Camila Cornelsen DIRECTOR: Luiza Campos

Spin-off of the day. The Syrian Number (eng) UNICEF Sverige

Last year, Sweden became the first country with it's own phone number. People from all over the world could call and talk to a random Swede. Now UNICEF Sweden launches The Syrian Number. Call +46 85 511 7874 and listen to the stories of the children.

CREATIVE AGENCY: Forsman & Bodenfors

Outdoor of the day. Sid Lee - Réno-Dépôt Sico Paints - Street Swatches

Client: Réno-Dépôt – Mireille Arteau
Agency: Sid Lee
Creative Director: Alex Bernier
Creative Team: Alex Béland, Alexis Caron-Côté
Creative Technologist: Julien Roub Charland, Zachary Labrosse-Remillard
Account Services: France Wong, Daphnée Lortie
DOP : Guillaume Beaudoin
Producer: Marc Desjardins
Production: Sid Lee Studio
Colorist: BLVD
Media: Sid Lee Media and Astral Out Of Home

lunedì 13 marzo 2017

Social media stuff of the day. LikeShow by


To launch the Ticketland mobile app in St. Petersburg we introduced the first ever Instagram theatrical show.

Mobile stuff of the day. Auktyon On The Sun


To draw the attention of the young audience to the release of the new record "On the Sun" by the iconic Russian band Auktyon, we came up with the first ever album that can be heard and seen ONLY ON THE SUN. Two weeks before the official release we have issued an application that starts playing back the new album when the smartphone camera is aimed at the sun.
We have used photochromic ink to print the album artwork: the design appears ONLY ON THE SUN and vanishes in shade. Thanks to the project, the Internet for the first time ever in the band's history turned out to be the main sales channel, while the record itself ended up being Auktyon's most commercially successful.

Чтобы привлечь внимание молодой аудитории к выходу новой пластинки «НА СОЛНЦЕ» культовой российской группы «АукцЫон», мы создали первый в мире музыкальный альбом, который можно услышать и увидеть ТОЛЬКО НА СОЛНЦЕ. За две недели до официального релиза мы выпустили приложение, начинающее проигрывать альбом, если камера смартфона направлена на солнце.
Для печати тиража дисков были использованы фотохромные краски: дизайн обложки проявляется только на солнце и исчезает в тени. Благодаря проекту, основным каналом продаж впервые в истории коллектива стал интернет, а пластинка «НА СОЛНЦЕ» - самым коммерчески успешным альбомом «АукцЫона».

Radio ad of the day. Radio Gameplay - ComputerspieleMuseum

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Gaming history is worth playing, so we´ve decided to let you play it!

Discover the interactive guide to the ComputerSpieleMuseum at

Best of all!
You can also play it on your old ZX Spectrum.

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