sabato 23 aprile 2016

Idea of the day. 倉敷中央病院|研修医実技トライアウト|SURGEON TRYOUTS

English ver.

KURASHIKI CENTRAL HOSPITAL presents recruiting tryout for surgical students. 

MISSION 1 5mmの折り鶴を折れ
MISSION 2 バラバラになった虫を治せ
MISSION 3 米粒大の寿司を握れ


MISSION 1 Fold a 5mm origami crane
MISSION 2 Reassemble an insect
MISSION 3 Create sushi from single grain of rice

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Client: Kurashiki Central Hospital
Project Name: Surgeon Tryouts
Creative Agency: TBWA\Hakuhodo Japan
Production Company: Tyo Monster, dot by dot
Executive Creative Director: Kazoo Sato
Associate Creative Director: Takeshi Ogasahara
Art Director: Yuki Tokuno
Copywriter: Takeshi Ogasahara
Designer: Hyewon Choi
Creative Technologist: Masashi Matsukura
PR planner: Takahiro Miura 
Director: Kazuma Kitada
Director of Photography: Yoshitaka Murakami
Editor: Yoshitaka Honda, Dai Haga
Production Company: Tyo Monster
Production Company Head Producer: Kentaro Kinoshita
Production Manager: Kanako Uchiyama, Takeshi Omori
Cameraman: Kazuki Ohata, Taisuke Kumagai
Assistant Cameraman: Kenta Saito
Lightman: Shinihi Miyaki, Yusuke Honda
Digital Imaging Technician: Shinya Nagao
Production Designer: enzo, Mitsuizumi
Stylist: Naoki Yamada
Web producer: Kenichi Seki
Web designer: Taichi Ito
Programmer: Koki Ibukuro

Disturbing ad of the day. Mouvement du Nid - Bad Pleasure

“Bad Pleasure” is the first campaign for the French non-profit organization the Mouvement du Nid. Created by McCann Paris and directed by Agathe Riedinger / Excuse My French.

In prostitution, no one takes pleasure except for the crime rings who make money off of enslaved workers, men and women who suffer everyday from physical violence and psychological abuse.

The Mouvement du Nid helps victims of prostitution by providing them with daily assistance and healthcare. The NPO also comes in aid of prostitutes who have escaped the system, helping them have a new start in life.

You also can help change the life of prostitutes for the better, please donate at:

giovedì 21 aprile 2016

Italian ad of the day. The Nextdoor Hello - Nescafé

Nelle grandi città è difficile che i vicini di casa parlino tra di loro. 
Ma basta un Nescafé per farli avvicinare. #NextdoorHello #ItAllStartsWithANescafé

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Italy Executive Creative Directors: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini Associate Creative Directors: Paolo Bartalucci, Alessandro Candito Associate Digital Creative Directors: Azeglio Bozzardi, Martino Lapini Art Director: Alessandro Candito Copywriter: Paolo Bartalucci Planner: Guglielmo Pezzino Director: Claudio Gallinella Editor: Fabrizio Squeo Account Director: Barbara Pusca Account Executive: Filippo D’Andrea Agency Producer: Isabella Guazzone

mercoledì 20 aprile 2016

Mobile video of the day. RUN and RUN / lyrical school 【MV for Smartphone】

RUN and RUN / lyrical school 【MV for Smartphone】 from RUNandRUN_lyrisch on Vimeo.
lyrical school is a hip hop idol group with 6 members
and made a major debut with "RUN and RUN"!!
Its MV is a virtical movie, which is unprecedented and groundbreaking
with taking full advantage of smartphone.
You might feel as if your smartphone is taken over and operated on its own!
lyrical school初主演映画「リリカルスクールの未知との遭遇」の主題歌でもあり待望のメジャー・デビュー・シングル「RUN and RUN」!映画は 5/28(土)よりシネマート新宿、6/18(土)よりシネマート心斎橋、6/25(土)より名古屋シネマスコーレにて劇場公開!
【リリカルスクールの未知との遭遇 公式サイトオープン】
【RUN and RUNスペシャルサイトオープン!!】
【Music Video Youtube Link】
2016.4.27. On Sale lyrical school/ RUN and RUN
KICM-91669|¥1,500+税 KING RECORDS ※メンバートレーディングカード封入
① RUN and RUN 
② リリスクのうた
③ brand new day 2016
④ S.T.A.G.E 2016
⑥ リリスクのうた(INST)
●通 常 盤
KICM-1670 |¥1,000+税 KING RECORDS 
① RUN and RUN 
② リリスクのうた
【-RUN and RUN- lyrical school oneman live 2016】
日時:4月28日(木) 開場:18:45 開演:19:15 会場:CLUB CITTA'
【lyrical school officila HP】

martedì 19 aprile 2016

Nice ad of the day. Hennessy V.S: The Piccards

via agencyspy

Client: Hennessy V.S
Campaign: Wild Rabbit
Title: The Piccards
Launch Date: 4/16/16
Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Creative Director: Alexander Nowak
Creative Director: Felix Richter
Copywriter: Phil Hadad
Art Director: Marybeth Ledesma:
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Production: Ben Davies
Executive Broadcast Producer: David Cardinali
Associate Broadcast Producer: Sam Marx
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Strategy Director: Elaine Purcell
Senior Strategist: Danielle Travers
Senior Strategist: Zack Cohn
Senior Communications Strategist: Delphine McKinley
Executive Group Director:: Steven Panariello
Account Director: Patrick Rowley
Account Supervisor:: Kendra Schaaf
Account Manager: Andrew DeMatos
Associate Account Manager: Rebecca Warren
Project Manager: Dean Farella
Client: Moet Hennessy
CMO & EVP of Brands, USA: Rodney Williams
SVP, Hennessy, USA: Giles Woodyer
SVP, Strategic Marketing, USA: William Paretti
Brand Director: , USA: Allison Varone
International Marketing &: Thomas Moradpour
Communications Director:
Brand Director: Amanda Hawk
Production Company: Anonymous | Somesuch
Director: Daniel Wolfe
Anonymous, Managing Director, Exec Producer: Eric Stern
Anonymous, Executive Producer: SueEllen Claire
Anonymous, Head of Production: Kerry Haynie
Somesuch, Founding Partner: Tim Nash
Somesuch, Founding Partner: Sally Campbell
Director of Photography: Tom Townend
Somesuch, Producer: Lee Groombridge
Special Photography: Chris Parks
Editorial: Cosmo Street | Trim
Editor: Tom Lindsay:
Assistant Editor: Julie Walsh
Assistant Editor: Magda Plugowska
Assistant Editor: Elise Butt
Cosmo Street, Executive Producer: Maura Woodward
Cosmo Street, Producer: Anne Lai
Post Production: The Mill
Senior Exec Producer / Head of Production: Sean Costello
Senior Producer: Nirad ‘Bugs’ Russell
Shoot Supervisor: Jasper Kidd
Shoot Supervisor: Eric Pascarelli
Creative Director, 2D Lead, Joint Head of Prod.: Gavin Wellsman
Creative Director, 3D Lead: Jasper Kidd
2D: Andre Vidal
2D: Ben Kwok
2D: Heather Kennedy
3D Team: Jimmy Gass
3D Team: Laurent Giaume
3D Team: Katie Schiffer
3D Team: Justin Diamond
3D Team: Eshan Parizi
3D Team: Joji Tsuruga
3D Team: Paul Liaw
3D Team: Greg Gangemi
3D Team: Edward Hassan
Matte Painting: Cedric Menard
Design: Sally Reynolds
Music Company: Woodwork Music
Composer: Phil Kay
Sound Design: Q Department
CD, Sound Designer: Drazen Bosnjak
Sound Designer: Jean Baptiste
Sound Designer: Saint Pol
Executive Producer: Zack Rice
Producer: Guin Frehling
Sound Mixing: Sound Lounge
Partner, Engineer: Tom Jucarrone
Engineer: Rob Sayers

Outdoor of the day. "The Boys" - Bonds underwear

via adfreak

Want to know what the weather is doing? Just check out The Boys. 

A new interactive billboard in Melbourne reacts to the temperature as it rises and falls in a very visual way.

Clemenger BBDO

Adland stuff of the day. Adland Adventures

visit the website

Agency: The Variable
Executive Creative Director: Joe Parrish
Associate Creative Director: David Jones
Senior Designer: Matt Cook
Copywriters: Matteson Fields, Gary Bostwick
Video Editing: Emily Morgan
Sound Design: Hot Sake
Sound Mix: Groundcrew Studios
Voice Talent: James K. Flynn, Matteson Fields
Director of Account Management: David Mullen
Account Executive: Brandelynn Perry
Senior Project Manager: Kate Fenstermacher