sabato 22 aprile 2017

Ad of the day. TV Commercial | The Truth Is Hard To Find – Tyler Hicks / Bryan Denton | The New York Times

Discover the hard work needed to report the facts in the latest video series from The New York Times marketing team. All photos in this video were taken by Tyler Hicks while he was covering the refugee crisis for The New York Times in Lesbos, Greece, in 2015. The video is directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Discover the hard work needed to report the facts in the latest video series from The New York Times marketing team. All photos in this video were taken by Bryan Denton while he was covering Iraqi counterterrorism forces for The New York Times in Bartella, Iraq, in 2016. The video is directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Dedicated Journalists : Integrated Credits List
Client: The New York Times
Campaign: Dedicated Journalists
Refugees in Greece The Truth Is Hard to Find – Tyler Hicks
ISIS in Iraq The Truth Is Hard to Find – Bryan Denton
Ebola in West Africa The Truth Is Hard to Find – Daniel Berehulak
Economic Downfall in Venezuela The Truth Is Hard to Find – Meridith Kohut

Agency: Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Tim Gordon
Copywriter: Mariana Oliveira
Art Director: Joaquin Salim
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Co-Director of Film Production: Jesse Brihn
Co-Director of Film Production: Bryan Litman
Senior Producer, Film: Anders Hedberg
Associate Producer, Film: Kylie Loeffler
Integrated Production Business Manager: Grant Thompson
Internal Legal Counsel: Erica Palaia
Director of Interactive Production: Niklas Lindstrom
Director of Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Director of Print Services: Rob Lugo
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Co-Head of Strategy: Harry Roman
Strategy Director: Tom Gibby
Head of Communications Strategy: Colleen Leddy
Communications Strategy Director: Kristen Ziaks
Communications Strategist: Eric Chow
Group Account Director: Julian Cheevers
Account Director: Keith Jackson
Account Manager: Sophia Bernard
Project Manager: Caroline Kosse

Client: The New York Times
David Rubin: SVP and Head of Brand
Amy Weisenbach: VP of Brand Marketing
Iain Newton: Brand Consulting Executive
James Perkins: Senior Brand Manager
Julie Tucker: Executive Director of Marketing
Tom Bodkin: Chief Creative Officer
Laura Forde: Executive Creative Director
Brenda Natoli: Head of Voice
Sabena Gupta: Brand Planner
Isabelle Ambler: Associate Brand Manager
Blair Ecton: Project Manager
David Furst: International Photo Editor
Brenda Hutchings: Photo Editor

Production Company: Chromista
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Executive Producer: Sandy Haddad
Executive Producer: Ted Robbins

Editorial: Bonch
Editor: Adam Zuckerman

Post Production: The Mill
Executive Producer: Mel Wickham
Senior Producer: Colin Blaney
Production Coordinator: Michael Brown
Lead Compositor: Ilia Mokhtareizadeh
Compositor: Brandon Danowski
Designer: Laura Nash

Sound & Mix: Barking Owl
Sound Designer: Morgan Johnson
Mixer: Patrick Navarre
CD/ EP: Kelly Bayett
Producer: Ashley Benton
Sound Recording for Davey Interview Sneaky Big Studios
Senior Producer: Heather Candelaria
Audio Engineer: Mike Martin
Studio Engineer: Tom Carlisle
Sound Recording for Hicks Interview Decimal Media (Kenya)
Eric Musyoka
Sound Recording for Berehulak Interview
Production Coordinator Mexico: Ana Ibarra
Production Assistant Mexico: Lucia Diez Marina
Sound Mixer Mexico: Jorge Torres

venerdì 21 aprile 2017

Smart campaign of the day. Dove - Image_Hack Case Study

Image_Hack Case Study from Awesome pomegranate on Vimeo.
Client: Dove
Agency: Mindshare, Denmark
Creative Director: Kenneth Kaadtmann
Client Director: Michael Hansen
Strategy: Mette Bierbum Bacher
Copywriter: Kenneth Kaadtmann
Copywriter: Anne Ingevold
Art Director: Sune Overby Sørensen
Digital Designer: Andreas Berglund
Media Buyer: Henrik Welling