martedì 6 dicembre 2016

Digital stuff of the day. #HuntTheHacker Mattessons Fridge Raiders launches the Snacker Hacker

There's a clear digital skills gap in the UK and Fridge Raiders is here to tackle that!

Keeping children engaged while teaching them to code can be challenging but we've solved this issue by creating the Snacker Hacker, an online game challenging children to complete coding-based challenges. Through a series a hacks by an anonymous hacker CTR_LL on six high profile YouTube celebrities, fans tried to catch him through a series of problem solving games… without realising that every challenge completed resulted in gaining a level one coding qualification. Teaching kids to code is invaluable for UK business and we need to do so in a fun way!

For more information and to check out the Snacker Hacker game, visit #HuntTheHacker

Idea of the day. Grandparents - DirecTV

Grandparents from Grey Latam on Vimeo.
more info here

Social media stuff#3. Become our next designer! #MYNEOLABEL

Ever wanted to become a fashion designer? For our next collection, we are asking YOU to help us design it, all on Snapchat! Each week we will release one outfit and a pair of shoes to design, so you have more chances to win.

The steps are easy:
Add us on Snapchat at adidasneo or to get started!

The winners will be sent to the adidas headquarters in Germany for an unforgettable experience with our in-house designers, and after this, you will be sent YOUR design to wear and show off to the world.

Check out for more details including the terms & conditions.

Social media stuff of the day#2. Netflix's Narcos "Episode Leak" Case Study

Social media stuff of the day. Salvation Army - Facebook 360 Video

watch the link of the native post here

Salvation Army - Facebook 360 Video from Grey Canada on Vimeo.
The Salvation Army and GREY Canada have launched a new holiday campaign to drive donations and bring awareness to the issue of hidden poverty just ahead of the holiday season. “Poverty Isn’t Always Easy to See. Especially During the Holidays” is an initiative aimed at showing that poverty exists not just on the streets, but also inside the homes of their fellow Canadians.
The centrepiece of the multi-channel campaign uses Facebook’s new 360-image feature to show seemingly happy families posing for their holiday photos. It’s not until the user explores the rest of the image, via the 360 functionality, that the true plight of these families is revealed.


Visit to get the Christmas Jumper reinvented by BURGER KING® and Rad.
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