venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

Military ad of the day. Armed Forces Of Ukraine - As One. Invincible. Кожен з нас. Збройні Сили України

"None of us was born for war. But we are all here to protect our freedom."

if you would like to listen to english version, please turn subtitles on at the bottom right corner.   
"Кожен з нас". Національна кампанія на підтримку Збройних сил України.

Жоден з нас не народжений для війни, але всі ми тут зараз, щоб захистити нашу свободу. Проект розповідає про звичайних чоловіків, які щоденно самовіддано виконують свій військовий обов'язок перед Україною. Кожного з них ви могли бачити у парку, зустріти в черзі у магазині або банку, бо не існує людини, яка була б спеціально народженою для війни, та всі ми змушені сьогодні захищати рідну країну.

Номер «гарячої лінії»
для бажаючих вступити до Українського війська
(044) 223-23-61.
Лінія працює щодня з 9.00 до 21.00.

Міністерство оборони України.

Banda Agency
Креативний директор: Павло Клубнікін
Директор зі стратегії: Ярослав Сердюк
Голова арт-департаменту: Єгор Петров

Radioaktive Film
Режисер: Марк Реймонд Вілкінс
Оператор: Дмитро Максименко 
Перший асистент режисера: Деннис Сонін
Виконавчий продюсер: Роман Кіндрачук, Дарко Скульский
Продюсер: Ольга Непоменко
Продакш менеджер: Юрій Галицький
Кастинг директор: Ніка Бондарь
Художник-постановник: Вова Радлінський
Художник по костюмах: Валентин Брень

Режисер монтажу: Олександр Чорний 
VFX: Денис Рева
Кольорокорекція: Артем Стретович
SFX: Propeller studio

Prank of the day. Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

We convinced passengers to get an innocent car wash-and had some of the undead meet the unsuspecting drivers. 

WARNING: Video may cause nightmares and inspire pranks. Happy Halloween! 

Closed course. Do not attempt. 

Special thanks to Erebus for costumes, makeup and special effects and The Work for production. 

The Work: 

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AdLand stuff of the day. Advertising Insider! — Fake advertising news presented by Dissolve

Dissolve presents Advertising Insider! based on Tweets by @adweak

Fake news has become one of America’s most trusted and beloved institutions, from SNL’s Weekend Update, to the Colbert Report, to the Onion News Network.

These shows cover the big issues and events in society today — but where can an industry professional find reliable fake advertising news?

Enter Advertising Insider!, a new web video series by stock footage company Dissolve, based on Tweets by the parody account @adweak. It addresses important issues facing advertising and digital-media workers today, like coping with know-it-all suits and difficult clients, whether to call yourself a “storyteller” or “narrative ninja,” and honing hashtags that really sing. All told through the tried-and-true medium of oversimplified headlines, quick video edits of attractive people, and authoritative-sounding voiceover.

First-world problems? Undoubtedly. Entertaining? We think so. An effective viral marketing strategy with sick ROI? Only time will tell. Check it out at

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Advertising Insider! is a new series based on the Tweets of parody Twitter account @adweak. Covering such breaking issues as know-it-all suits, inflated buzzwords, and even more inflated job titles, Advertising Insider! tells it like it is. Subscribe for more! See and license the clips used:

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Newscaster: Bart Flynn

Their previous video

Slow motion ad of the day. BellaWood

BellaWood (director's cut) from Ruben Latre on Vimeo.
Client: Bellawood
Agency: Big River Advertising
Production Company: Trademarky Films
Executive Producer. .Mark Meyers
Executive Producer Hostage Films. .Melissa Beth
Director - DP. .Ruben Latre
Shot in Richmond, Virginia
September 2014
Technical notes..
cameras. .red epic dragon sensor - Phantom Miro - Blackmagic pocket camera
lenses. Bausch and Lomb Super Baltar Lenses - Panasonic Lumix G Vario 7-14mm f/4.0

Follow up of the day. I am Mumbai - Mumbai Mirror

Hated. Not Ignored. 
When truth is spilled out on breakfast tables, every morning, unabashedly asking uncomfortable questions and raising a voice loud enough to be inappropriate for breakfast conversation, it does become unpalatable for a few. 

And a newspaper that believes in filling its pages with nothing but this stark naked truth, chooses to embrace the hatred that follows, almost with gratitude. Because if being hated by a few means change, it is better than being loved by everyone. 

As Mumbai Mirror would rather be effective than comfortable.

Creative agency- Taproot India
Production house- Ram Deo Productions
Creative Director- Abhinay Deo

The previous commercial - Gold Lion in Film Craft for Directing 2012. More info here

Funny ad of the day. JBL - Epic Fail

via agencyspy

Creative Agency : Doner
Chief Creative Officer : Rob Strasberg

Wherever your music takes you, it should never hold you back. JBL Synchros ReflectBT sport headphones offer five hours of Bluetooth® enabled heartpumping JBL sound in ergonomic, stay-put ear-buds. Finally, you can get lost in your workout without getting lost in your wires. Learn more at 

Music: “Gonna Fly Now”, Bill Conti

Client – Harman International / JBL
EVP, Chief Marketing Officer - Ralph Santana
VP, Global Marketing - Sean Kapoor 
Agency – Doner 
co-CEO & Chief Creative Officer - Rob Strasberg 
EVP, Executive Creative Director - 
Brad Emmett 
SVP, Brand Creative Director - 
Sam Sefton 
Art Director - Michelle Musallam
Copywriters - Jessye HandAlicia Liken
Executive Producer - Michelle McAuliffe
EVP, Brand Leader - Kevin Weinman
SVP, Brand Leader - Jim Vassallo

Production Company - Pytka
Director - Joe Pytka
Executive Producer - Tara Fitzpatrick
Producer - Grechen Siss
Editorial - Homestead
Editor – Charley Bender