lunedì 20 ottobre 2014

Video of the day. "ll Capo” (Excerpt) by Yuri Ancarani

Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani captures the otherworldly landscape of a marble quarry in the Apuan Alps, Northwest Italy, as Il Capo (The Chief) guides his men through the extraction process.
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Romantic ad of the day. Rejoice China "Hugs" #ibelieveinloveagain

Agency: Leo Burnett

It's a sign of the times.
With unprecedented social and economic growth in China, comes an alarming divorce rate, and LB Hong Kong has tapped into that behavioral insight with a new online video for P&G's hair brand Rejoice.
Directed by film veteran David Tsui, the video guides viewers through milestones of a young couple's relationship and impending divorce. With over 40 million views in just four weeks, the video ends the "Smooth Heart Touching Moments" digital campaign on a high note.
Terence Lam, P&G Greater China Haircare Marketing General Manager said of the work: "We believe that no matter how complicated relationships can be, there's always a way to smooth things up. As a brand devoted to smoothness and love, this is a position worth taking, having a strong point of view on this cultural phenomenon."
Marked with the hashtag #ibelieveinloveagain, the greater campaign invited people to share and geo-tag special moments in their relationships to celebrate love. Trivia, info graphics and a key influencer strategy also kept conversation going. The campaign attracted 8.5 million participants with two million moments of love shared and 17 million online interactions to-date.
Lisa Ip, Regional Brand Director for Rejoice Greater China at Leo Burnett Hong Kong said, "This is a big step forward for us in our pursuit to become a truly iconic brand, loved by people."
Watch the film here, with English translation below:
_Opening scene: The husband hands the wife the divorce papers that already has his signature. With tears streaming down her face, the wife says she will agree to sign the papers with one condition. For the remaining days of the month, she requests a hug a day from her husband. The husband reluctantly agrees and carries his things out of the apartment.
Wife: Do you still remember that this is the place where you proposed to me? You went on one knee and gave me this (ring). You said you want to be with me forever. Hug me.
Husband: I am sorry.
Wife: This is where you said you love me.
Husband: Sorry, sorry I am late! Eh, we have been here before right?
Wife: Do you really remember? This is where you first kissed me.
Wife: I have signed the papers.
Husband: Can I hug you tomorrow?
Love, that you can't bear to let go of. Last year, there are over 300,000 divorce cases. More than 10,000 pairs decided to reconcile at the end: #Ibelieveinloveagain.
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Determined-looking ad of the day. Beats by Dre Presents: LeBron James in ‬RE-ESTABLISHED 2014 - Powerbeats2 Wireless‬‬‬

The words “Akron Est. 1984” are inked on LeBron James’ body.

Moving back to Cleveland in 2014 is the re-establishment of his legacy in Northern Ohio. He now embarks on the next and greatest chapter of his career.

This offseason, with Powerbeats2 Wireless, LeBron has re-established his body through intense training. He’s also re-established his legacy and connections to the community in Akron.

Powerbeats2 Wireless combines the emotion of Beats and the power of wireless to allow athletes to be free to test their limits and play as hard as they can. 

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Track: Take Me to Church by Hozier

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Beats by Dre

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Client: Beats by Dre
Agency: R/GA

Testimonial ad of the day. David Beckham's - HAIG CLUB™ directed by filmmaker Guy Ritchie

Haig Club Exclusive - Guy Ritchie’s extended cut of David Beckham in the new Haig Club TV ad.

Haig Club will officially launch on October 17th with the release of a global film, 'Welcome', featuring David Beckham and shot by director Guy Ritichie. The film weaves together a series of epic journeys made between a group of friends through the Highlands, as they head towards a Scottish estate.

The action culminates in an iconic toasting ritual with Haig Club at it's heart, showing our group toasting their friendship and camaraderie in front of the Scottish Loch they have been venturing towards, before revealing the same toasting moment across a number of stunning locations across the globe. 

The film also features the track 'Left Hand Free' from Mercury Music Prize winners Alt-J. Left Hand Free, which also officially launches on 17th October, is a single from the band's Number One album This Is All Yours.

For more details visit the official Haig Club website at:

Interactive video of the day. 'Catch A Break' Superhuman Happiness

Visit the interactive website
"This project is a collaboration between 72Uand Super Human Happiness. Using interactive technology on a web-based platform, the viewer is the visual curator of the music video as they are encouraged to explore and experience a faux public message board embedded with over 150 real human moments: navigating the ups and downs of life, while overcoming and rejoicing in the risks, setbacks, and rewards alike."

Agency: 72andSunny

venerdì 17 ottobre 2014

Funny campaign of the day#2. Here's a potential fail put to good use - Re-born To Be Alive

If you are going to do stupid things, at least become an organ donor. Because as a donor, you can donate up to 8 organs and save up to 8 lives. The brain however cannot be donated. And in some cases that's a good thing.
Become a donor now at

"Duval Guillaume came up with this campaign for Re-born To Be Alive. It wants to make people aware of the fact that one donor can save up to eight lives. The brain however cannot be donated. And in some cases that’s a good thing – as this video shows.

Every year people die waiting for an organ donation. The waiting list is too long. The donor list too short. The Belgian non-profit organisation Re-born To Be Alive wants to raise awareness about organ donation and make the topic more easy to discuss."