mercoledì 13 giugno 2018

Sport ad of the day. Nike Futebol Apresenta: Brasileiragem

Brasileiragem é nossa ginga no pé. É um pouco de louco e só entende quem é. Saiba mais em:
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Director: Urso Morto / Daniel Levenhagem
Director of Photography: Urso Morto, Daniel Levenhagem, Gabriel Bianchini, Marco P. Grilo, Ariel Schvartzman
Producer: Julia Maury, Ana Mendes
Editor: Marcelo Vogelaar
Motion Graphics: Guilherme Carneiro
Sound: Audio Facility Loud

martedì 12 giugno 2018

Touching ad of the day. DERMODEX | The Unphotographed Album

BETC São Paulo

Late adoption in Brazil is still a rare gesture, which runs up against various myths and prejudices. Today, 92% of children who are waiting for adoption are over 7 years old. However, of the 37,000 parents who want to adopt, only 9% welcome children of that age or older, according to data from the National Justice Council. To raise awareness to this cause, Dermodex brand, a specialist in diapers, created an experiment carried out with three Brazilian families, which allowed late-adoption parents to see themselves, for the first time, with their children in special moments since their birthday.

    lunedì 11 giugno 2018

    Automotive ad of the day. Mercedes Benz Film - Return to Chapman’s Peak

    Advertising Agency: Net#work BBDO, Johannesburg, South Africa Creative Director: Brad Reilly Creative Director / Copywriter: Tim Beckerling Art Director: Steven Tyler Director: Lourens van Rensburg Production House: 7 Films Editor: James O’Sullivan

    giovedì 31 maggio 2018

    Nice idea of the day. Google Cloud - The Biography of Tomorrow

    Agency: Herezie


    Agency: Herezie Group, Paris (France)
    CEO: Andrea Stillacci
    COO: Pierre Callegari
    Managing Partner: Arno Pons
    Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet
    Creative: Joseph Dubruque
    Creative: Axel Didon
    Creative: Raphael Stein
    Head of Social Media: Paul Marty
    TV Producer: Elodie Poupeau
    TV Producer: Barbara Vaira
    Production Company: The CABS
    Director: The CABS
    Post-Production: The CABS
    Post-Production : Cyril Haoual
    Account Manager: Diane Darricau


    Publishing Company: Le Cherche Midi
    Book Editor: Maria Felix Frazao
    Copy Editor: Fabienne Waks
    Production Editor: Brigitte Trichet
    Printer: Editis


    Client: Google Cloud France
    Head of Marketing: Salime Nassur
    Head of Enterprise Marketing: Jonathan Hadida
    Marketing Content Manager: Shanika Weligama

    Marketing Campaign Manager: Maxime Gilloteaux

    Google Cloud wanted to reach out directly to the most unreachable top executives in France. They wanted them to know about the power of Google Cloud Solutions. With the help of writers, we transformed extremely accurate and predictive data on markets, collected with Google Cloud tools, into a brand new genre of books: biographies of anticipation, telling the plausible future life stories of 10 top executives, based on data analysis of their markets. These executives were able to own the most personalized and confidential book ever, prefaced by the world-famous economist Jacques Attali.

    giovedì 24 maggio 2018

    Sport ad of the day. Fifa World Cup 2018 launch trailer - BBC Sport

    Music: Oche Cheryne. Performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra featuring Sir John Tomlinson. Arranged by Alex Baranowski. BBC Sport: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

    Portfolio Head of Marketing James Parry
    Marketing Manager John Sprott
    Marketing Executive Helen Worsey
    Campaign Planner David Wheadon
    Media Portfolio Lead Marc Jones
    Executive Creative Director Aidan McClure
    Exec Creative Director Laurent Simon
    Creative Director Tim Jones
    Creative Director James Cross
    Creative Edward Usher
    Creative Xander Hart
    Producer Liz Dolan
    Project Manager Loretta Ramkissoon
    Production Coordinator Emma Hamilton
    Head of Planning Mike Lean
    Director Nicos Livesey
    Producer Alex Halley
    Executive Producer Bart Yates
    Designer Luke Carpenter
    BBC Creative Head of Design Laurence Honderick
    Composer Alex Baranowski
    Vocals Sir John Tomlinson
    Sound Design & Mix: Mark Hills & Anthony Moore
    Audio Producer: Lucy Spong

    giovedì 17 maggio 2018

    Social media campaign of the day. Burger King Stories Ordering

    "We launched 9 stories on instagram, one with each of the Whopper's famous ingredients. Inviting people to customize their Whopper, stories after stories. Each set of polls generated a unique coupon (that we send through a DM) for people to redeem their unique Whopper for free. But then, we put all the data on the grill to create the most popular Whopper for Spaniards: the Insta Whopper, available all across Spain for a limited period of time."
    LOLA MullenLowe