sabato 9 marzo 2013

Expensive ad of the day. Heineken | Déjà Vu.

Follow one man's legendary journey to exotic nightclubs around the world before he finally arrives in New York City. #arriveBIG

Executive Creative Directors Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone
Creative Directors Matt Even and Noah Phillips
Copywriter Noah Phillips
Art Director Matt Even
Head of Content Production Lora Schulson
Executive Producer Nick Setounski
Assistant Producer Kristen Johnson
Brand Strategist Lee Sunga
Account Team Patrick Cahill, Samantha Wagner
Project Manager Amanda Nelson
Business Affairs Director Sara Jagielski
Business Affairs Manager Quentin Perry
Broadcast Traffic Supervisor Sonia Bisono
Production Company MJZ
Director Rupert Sanders
President David Zander
Executive Producer Kate Leahy
Producer Laurie Boccaccio
Director of Photography Jess Hall
Editorial Company Work Editorial
Editor Neil Smith
Editorial Assistant Healy Snow, Hayley Mann
Executive Producer Erica Thompson
VFX Company The Mill, Los Angeles
Executive Producer Sue Troyanglori
Producer Enca Kaul
Production Coordinator Benjamin Sposato
Shoot Supervisor Glyn Tebutt
2D Lead Artists Glyn Tebutt and Gareth Parr
2D Artist Nathan Hurlburt
2D Assistant Robert Murdock
Telecine Company MPC, Los Angeles
Colorist Mark Gethin
Colorist assistant Derek Hansen
Telecine Producer Amanda Ornelas
Mix Company Heard City
Mixer Phil Loeb, Eric Warzecha
Executive Producer Gloria Pitagorsky
Producer Sasha Awn
Song "Dance Music 1",  from "Hare Rama Hare Krishna" (1971)
Artist Rahul Dev Burman (RD Burman)
Graphics Company Joint, New York
Motion Graphics Director Yui Uchida
Assistant Editor Eric Schoenbrunn
Senior Producer Michelle Carman
Producer Lara Gallagher

Viral of the day#2. Speedrun: Matrix in 60 seconds.

"Put machines, dreams, Neo, dystopia, and more machines into a blender and chug it really fast - that's the taste of this condensed version of the 1999 hit movie.

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Viral of the day. How Guys Will Use Google Glass.

"The future is coming, ladies. Sorry about that.

For more ways men will use Google Glass, see:

Special thanks to Mike Murphy for his livestream.

Music: "Backed Vibes" by Kevin MacLeod, used with permission."

mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

German ad of the day. REBIRTH - Album Release Film for POCKET SYMPHONIES by Sven Helbig.

This is a 1-minute-short film promoting Sven Helbig´s POCKET SYMPHONIES released on Feb 22 (Deutsche Grammophon)

Executive Creative Director: Sascha Hanke
Creative Director: Matthias Erb

Copywriter: Sascha Hanke

Producer: Jankel Huppertz

Production Company: CZAR, Berlin

Director: Kai Schonrath

DoP: Jan Prahl

Managing Director: Jan Fincke
Producer: Birke Birkner

Post Supervisor: Dennis Vocke

Production Coordinator: Simon Rühlemann

Make-up: Nina Düffort for CISEL + T.I.N.S.L.E.Y, California

Styling: Diana Dean
Cast Conductor: Gundi-Anna Schick

Cast Pregnant Woman: Alexa Wilzek

Animal Spot of the day#2. Whiskas Big Cat Little Cat.

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.


Controversial ad of the day. Parkinson Vereniging NL: Worst Harlem Shake Ever.

"In the clip, society chairman Eric Roos shakes out of control in an office kitchen because of a lack of medication while the song Harlem Shake by Baauer plays." Read more about the campaign here
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Maarten DobbelaarRick Coolegem
Art Directors: Maarten DobbelaarTim ten Dam
Copywriters: Rick CoolegemJan Bosch
Photographer: Byven Molenaar
Camera: Bycen Molenaar
Production: DPPLR

Animal Spot of the day. Friskies - Henri - "On Cat Food Boredom".

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

Henri has been commissioned by Friskies to explore the phenomenon of cat food boredom, for the benefit of all catkind. This disappointment will not stand. Look out for Part 2, coming very soon.

All Henri info and videos can be found here:

Music for this video is "Disappointment" by the thieving filmmaker (Will Braden)

More info about the campaign here.

Watch also this post about Henri at My Predictions.

Social ad of the day. League Against Cancer: Jaws.

Ad Agency Y&R Peru

martedì 5 marzo 2013

Michel Gondry: A Cinephile's Labyrinth.

Michel Gondry: A Cinephile's Labyrinth


The Acclaimed Director Gives Us an Insider's Glimpse of His Favorite Video Store

Michel Gondry takes us on a tour of his local Parisian haunt in A Cinephile’s Labyrinth, a new work directed by Larry Clark alumna, actress and filmmaker Tiffany Limos. The Academy Award-winning director reminisces on time spent wandering the aisles of La Butte Video Club, the small VHS and DVD store to which he has made pilgrimages over the years. “I watched all the early Wim Wenders films from La Butte when I was preparing for The Science of Sleep,” says Gondry of this old school answer to Netflix. In his forthcoming L’Écume des Jours (Mood Indigo), the French auteur adapts Boris Vian’s 1947 cult novel of the same name—a satirical story of young love set in jazz-infused Paris. “I tried to avoid ‘Rive Gauche’ clichés,” he says of the upcoming feature, “but I used the music of Duke Ellington.” Similarly, La Butte is a relic of Paris’ past and one that continues to inspire—not just during the making of 2008’s homage to video, Be Kind Rewind, but in providing the director with regular interaction with other film lovers. “Out of all the directors I work with, Michel is the most fun,” muses Limos. “He makes me laugh out loud constantly.” Here Gondry reveals just how important his encounters in the video aisle have been to his acclaimed oeuvre. 
Was the video store a big part of your early experience with film?Michel Gondry: We had a video player at home since the early 80s so the video process was part of my adolescence. I used to shoot little sketches with my brothers and our friends. Sadly, I don’t think there are many places like La Butte left where I live in Brooklyn.
Do you ever think about whether your film will end up on the shelves of somewhere like La Butte when you are making it?
MG: Yes. In fact it’s one of the reasons why we as filmmakers have to define the genre that we want our film to belong to. We know that people will put them on specific shelves. It doesn’t make things easy when your genre is not well defined. 
Have these films also influenced your collaborations with other artists, such as the musicians for whom you’ve made music videos?  
MG: Yes, sure. I remember the first time I collaborated with Björk—we discussed all our favorite movies. We discovered that we had lots of favorite films in common. Like The Night of the Hunter (1955) for instance, which became an inspiration for the video for [her 1993 single] “Human Behaviour.”
Do you still watch films as much as you used to before you began making them?
MG: I don’t see them the same way. Unfortunately, I can’t take myself out of the equation. Most of the time I’m watching a movie, I’m thinking, “I could never achieve this!”
Your latest adaptation takes on a work of satire. Is it important to have a sense of humor in filmmaking today?
MG: Humor helps to swallow the harshness of life.

Animation of the day. The Me Bird.

The Me Bird from 18bis on Vimeo.

The short film "The Me Bird" is a free interpretation of the homonym poem by Pablo Neruda. The inspiration in the strata stencil technique helps conceptualize the repetition of layers as the past of our movements and actions. The frames depicted as jail and the past as a burden serve as the background for the story of a ballerina on a journey towards freedom. A diversified artistic experimentation recreates the tempest that connects bird and dancer.
O curta The Me Bird é uma livre interpretação do poema homônimo de Pablo Neruda. A inspiração na técnica strata stencil ajuda a conceituar a repetição de camadas como o passado de nossos movimentos e ações. As molduras como jaula e o passado como fardo servem de pano de fundo para a história de uma bailarina em sua jornada rumo à liberdade. Através de variada experimentação artística, recria-se a tormenta que conecta pássaro e dançarina.
I am the Pablo Bird,
bird of a single feather,
a flier in the clear shadow
and obscure clarity,
my wings are unseen,
my ears resound
when I walk among the trees
or beneath the tombstones
like an unlucky umbrella
or a naked sword,
stretched like a bow
or round like a grape,
I fly on and on not knowing,
wounded in the dark night,
who is waiting for me,
who does not want my song,
who desires my death,
who will not know I'm arriving
and will not come to subdue me,
to bleed me, to twist me,
or to kiss my clothes,
torn by the shrieking wind.
That's why I come and go,
fly and don't fly but sing:
I am the furious bird
of the calm storm.
Pablo Neruda

Animal Spot of the day. Three - The Pony.

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

Never underestimate the power of a plucky little pony.
Make someone's day with your own pony mashup at #DancePonyDance

Wieden + Kennedy, London
More info about the campaign here.