giovedì 17 giugno 2010

Ads of the week. Dodge - Wicked - Amnesty International - SportChek - Greenpeace - Centraal Beheer - Honda - Olympus - Tango - Ad Bands.

Dodge: Freedom

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Agency Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Creative Director: Aaron Allen; Mark Fitzloff; Susan Hoffman; Joe Staples
Creative: Jimm Lasser; Greg Rutter
Director: Steve Rogers
Production: Biscuit Filmworks
Producer: Juliet Batter; Jack Caitlin; Ceinwyn Clark; Rick Jarjoura; Shawn Lacy; Jennifer Sofio; Jessica Staples; James Taylor; Holly Vega; Carol Lynn Weaver
Director of Photography: Mandy Walker
Post Production: A52; stimmüng
Editor: Adam Pertofsky

Wicked: Energy Drink

Agency: 7,9,11
Agency Country: Australia
Director: Tim Dyroff
Production: Resolution Design
Producer: Will Alexander
Brand: Wicked

Amnesty International: Death Penalty

Agency: TBWA, Paris
Client: Amnesty International
Director: Pleix
Production Company: warm&fuzzy
Post Production Company: Digital District

SportChek: Shoes

Agency: Bos Advertising
Agency Country: Canada
Agency Producer: Maddie Gauthier
Creative Director: Chad Borlase; Gary Watson
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Production: OPC
Producer: Merrie Wasson; Harland Weiss
Director of Photography: Tico Poulakakis
Editor: Ryan Hunt (School Editing); Brian Wells (School Editing)

Greenpeace: Support The Forests

Centraal Beheer: Steering Lock

Amnesty International: Russian Dolls

Agency: La Chose, Paris
Client: Amnesty International
Director: Bif
Production Company: Rods

Honda: RGB

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, London
Director: Frank Budgen
Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises
Production Company: Gorgeous
Director: Frank Budgen

Olympus: Amazing

Agency: Mullen, Boston

Tango: Praiserama

Agency: BBH, London
Creative Director: Rosie Alvares
Creative: Ed Cole
Creative: Lewis Mooney
Agency Producer: Angela Zabala
Editor: Julian Tranquille
Post: The Mill
Audio: Jungle
Music: Lomax
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Brian Billow
Producer: Matt Jones
Executive Producer: Matt Buels
Director of Photography: Luke Scott

Ad Bands: Rockstar Curse

Agency: john st.
Agency Country: Canada
Agency Producer: Michelle Orlando
Creative Director: Stephen Jurisic; Angus Tucker
Creative: Simon Bruyn; Andrew Livingston
Director: Craig Brownrigg
Production: Radke Film Group
Producer: Gillian Marr
Director of Photography: Brett van Dyke
Editor: Steven McGregor (Posterboy); Brian Williams (Posterboy)
Music: Eluvium