venerdì 17 maggio 2019

Ad of the day. Canal+ Mission: Really Impossible

Canal + Mission: Really Impossible 1" from A Productions on Vimeo.
Dirigido por STEVE ROGERS
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Creative director: Stephane Xiberras
Creative director: Eric Astorgue 
Art director: Romain Ducos
Designer copywriter: Chrystel Jung
TV producer: Isabelle Ménard
EP: Jerome Denis 
EP: Patricia Lucas
LP: Eric Lipchitz
1st AD: Didier Mallet
A Productions:
EP: Agustin Gonzalez
International Producer: Suzy Walker
LP: Lionel Frid
1st AD: Matthew Launay 
2nd AD: Daniel Tornero
PM: Javier Lara 
Prod. Coordinator: Maria Revenga Santisteban
Prod. Designer: Isabel Peinado Rodriguez
Unit Manager: Patricia Morán

martedì 14 maggio 2019

Animal Spot of the day. Petz created Pet-Commerce

Petz launches breakthrough e-commerce tool to allow dogs to make their own shopping choices. Artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies help read dogs' preferences for a particular product out of their behavioral reactions; aim is to enhance interaction between pets and tutors and boost online sales. Campaign was created by Ogilvy Brazil.

lunedì 13 maggio 2019

Promo idea of the day. E-Moving Steep Discount

"E-Moving created a website tool that generated discounts for potential customers based on the steep inclines they have to overcome on their journeys to and from work." via

Idea of the day. Burger King Mexico - “The Traffic Jam Whopper”

Burger King Mexico - "The Traffic Jam Whopper" from We Believers on Vimeo.

Burger King is aiming to make commutes around the world a little less hellish. For the first time, those stuck in a traffic jam are able to order a Whopper via the Burger King Mexico app and have it delivered right to their vehicle while they slog through traffic.

Burger King fans in Mexico City, which consistently ranks as the most congested city in the world according to TomTom’s Global Traffic Index, can spend up to 5 hours every day stuck in traffic-- making this metropolis the perfect place to test BK’s new hunger-prevention online delivery service.

Creative agency: We Believers New York