mercoledì 8 marzo 2017

Nice ad of the day. #TasteTheFeeling | Coca-Cola | Pool Boy

Nothing refreshes like an ice cold Coca-Cola on a hot day. This is especially the case for this story, which features a wild race between two sibling to offer the household Pool Boy a Coca-Cola and quench his thirst. To their surprise, someone else may just get there first.#TasteTheFeeling
“Pool Boy”
Agency: SANTO
Creative Directors: Sebastian Wilhelm, Maxi Anselmo & Pablo Minces
Art Director: Maxi Anselmo
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia
Production House: Landia
Director: Andy Fogwill
Agency: McCann Madrid
Creative Directors: Monica Moro (ECD), Raquel Martinez, Victor Gomez, Pedro Rego
Production house: Landia
Director: Andy Fogwill
Director of Photography: Jose Luis Garcia
Agency: McCann Madrid
Creative Directors: Monica Moro (ECD), Raquel Martinez, Adolfo Vallejo, Oscar Martinez
Production House: Argentina Cine
Directors: Augusto G. Zapiola & Martin Romanella
Director of Photography: Christos Voudouris
“Eyes Closed”
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mexico City
Creative directors: Cesar Agost Carreno (ECD), Alejandro Gama
Production house: Agosto (Spain)
Director: Belén Gayán
Director of Photography: Carl Nilsson

martedì 7 marzo 2017

Animation of the day. SPLIT from cento lodigiani

SPLIT from cento lodigiani on Vimeo.
Throughout our lives, we often inspire undue stress and anxiety by viewing our existence with a “dualistic mind.” We create a world of private duality, a world that is limited to fixed or black and white thinking. We do this because it gives us a (false) sense of security and control over life’s uncertainties. The dualistic mind tricks us into thinking we have this “life” thing figured out, and we don’t have to struggle and search anymore.
Music by Wesley Slover

Idea of the day. “The Fearless Girl”

Client: State Street Global Advisors
Agency: McCann NY
Eric Silver: North American Chief Creative Officer
Joyce King Thomas: Chief Creative Officer
Devika Bulchandani: Managing Director
Tom Murphy: Co-Chief Creative Officer
Sean Bryan: Co-Chief Creative Officer
Lizzie Wilson: Sr. Art Director
Tali Gumbiner: Sr. Copywriter
Nathy Aviram: Chief Production Officer
Christine Lane: Exec Integrated Producer
Deb Archambault: Senior Integrated Producer
Doug Harrison: Junior Producer
Eric Johnson: Executive Music Producer
Dan Gross: Music Producer
Nathan Troester: Senior Editor
Kevin Kim: Strategy Director
Peter Bracegirdle: Executive Account Director
Molly Vossler: Account Supervisor
Steven Marchione: Senior Project Manager
Brett Berman: Content Creator
Eric Perini: Content Creator
Kristen Visbal: Visbal Sculpture, Inc.
Production Company
Brian Roberts: Owner, Traction Creative
Stuart Weissman: Owner, SWP
Federica Valabrega: Photographer
Jack Shanahan: DP
Jeff Clanet: AC
Kris Chu: Retoucher

Apocalyptic ad of the day. Jose Cuervo: Last Days

A group of fearless bargoers enjoy their last moments together, as civilization crumbles around them. As the impending doom worsens outside, inside they are doubling down on the Cuervo (and the Elvis), as for these brave souls #TomorrowIsOverrated

Learn more at

Client: Jose Cuervo
Campaign Title: “Tomorrow is Overrated”
Ad Agency: CP+B LA
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Jones
Creative Director: Paddy Fraser
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jeff Dryer
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Andrew Jasperson
Production Company: Rattling Stick, Santa Monica
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Director of Photography: Adam Arkapaw
Line Producer: Greg Haggart
Executive Producers: Joe Biggins and Jeff Shupe
Head of Production: Richard McIntosh
Editorial Company & City: Work Editorial, Culver City
Editor: Rich Orrik
Assistant Editor: Ben Foushée
Editorial Producer: Brandee Probasco
Editorial Executive Producer: Marlo Baird
Post FX Company & City: Electric Theatre Collective (ETC), Santa Monica
Post Senior Producer: Louisa Cartwright
Post Line Producer: Therese Mayer
Post Creative Director/TD: Daniel Marum
Shoot Supervisors: James Sindle, Remi Dessinges, Tommy Smith
Post Concept/DMPs: Jamie O’Hara and Mark Sullivan
2D Lead: Tommy Smith
Flame Artists: Adam Watson, Fefo De Souza, Gretchen Capatan
Nuke Artists: Kevin Jones, Dave Damant, Brendan Smith, Joseph Zaki, Krystal Chinn
CG Leads: Remi Dessignes, Corinne DeOrsay
CG Team: Steve Beck, Nate Lapinski, Arrev Chantikian, Katie Schiffer, Jared Broddle, Huisoo Lee, Ali Rizvi, Charlie Deogracias
Post Intern: Christian Olan-Geddes
Mix Company & City: Lime Studios, Santa Monica
Audio Engineer: Mark Meyuhas
Audio Assistant Engineer: Peter Lapinski
Music Company & City: Beacon Street Studios, LA
Telecine Company & City: Company 3, New York
Colorist: Tom Poole
Telecine Producer: Claire Movshon

domenica 5 marzo 2017

Ad of the day. SJ – Paul’s Journey

SJ – Paul's Journey from TBWA\Stockholm on Vimeo.
Agency team: Johannes Ivarsson, Alexander Fredlund, Per Olholt, Pernille Nylen-Janze, Kalle Widgren
Production company: B-Reel Films Stockholm
Director: Anders Hallberg

Cause of the day. P&G: #WeSeeEqual

Agency: Badger & Winters

A gender equal world is a better world for all. Through our actions and the conversations that we spark, we aspire to build a better world for all of us — inside and outside of P&G — free from gender bias and with equal representation and an equal voice for women and men. A world where everyone sees equal.

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