venerdì 30 agosto 2013

Art video of the day#2. Javier Pérez - EN PUNTAS (extracts).

Javier Pérez - EN PUNTAS (extracts) from Javier Pérez on Vimeo.
Dancer: Amelie Segarra
A ballerina, whose pointe shoes are extended by a set of sharp kitchen knives, dances and twirls insistently until reaching exhaustion, fighting to maintain balance on the lid of a grand piano set on a stage. The theatre with its red velvet warm lighting, resembles an oversized music box. The camera turns around the dancer revealing the opposite side of the room: an empty and painfully bare theatre.

The ballerina appears as an eerie figure expressing effort, sacrifice and pain in her strive for perfection. Both fragile and cruel. Initially shy and hesitant, her steps become more and more emphatic, menacing and not exempt of violence, scraping and cutting into the delicate surface of the piano with her sharp pointe shoes.

Through this work, Javier Perez investigates and reflects once again upon the human condition. Using a strongly metaphorical language rich in powerful symbolism, he reveals the weaknesses that become the boundaries between seemingly irreconcilable concepts such as: beauty and cruelty, fragility and violence, culture and nature or life and death.

Stop-motion ad of the day. John Lewis Home Insurance Advert 2013 - Things Matter.


adam&eveDDB, London
director Dougal Wilson
Blink Productions
More info here

Music video of the day. Lady Gaga - Applause (Official)

ARTPOP out 11.11, pre-order now!!
Special fan offer here

Lady Gaga performing Applause. © 2013 Interscope 
Directors: Inez and Vinoodh
Producer: Gabe Hill
Production Company: GE Projects and theCollectiveShift

Art video of the day. Fingered.

Fingered from Dave Razor on Vimeo.
Fingered is a short film about fingers with a rather unexpected ending.
Shot on a Nikon D7000 on a green screen in my spare room, edited in After Effects, sound design in Ableton Live.
Check out for some more tomfoolery.
If you dig it feel free to toss some change in the tip jar.

Animated ad of the day. Orange Ultranet - There are moments in life...

BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

Poetic ad of the day. Rubio's: To The Ocean.


For the last 30 years, the ocean has been a source of inspiration since we first served the Original Fish Taco. Our new 'To The Ocean' video reflects our deep commitment to the ocean and celebrates this cherished natural resource. 

Over the past few years, our menu has evolved to celebrate the ocean more than ever. We've introduced new coastal dishes featuring grilled-to-order sustainable seafood and unique flavors found only at Rubio's. Thanks for being part of our ongoing story.

To the Ocean,
Ralph Rubio

Client: Rubio's
Spot: "To the Ocean"
Agency: barrettSF, San Francisco
Creative Directors: Pete Harvey, Jamie Barrett
Copywriter: Pete Harvey
Art Director: Nik Daum
Executive Producer: Kacey Hart
Managing Partner: Patrick Kelly
Account Director: Molly Warner
Senior Proofreeder: Saul Sabarr
Production Company: Academy Films
Director: Marcus Söderlund
Director of Photography: Allan Wilson
Head of Content, Producer: James Cunningham
Editorial Company: Cut + Run, London
Editor: Ben Campbell
Producer: Annabelle Dunbar-Whittaker
Postproduction: Finish, London
Colorist: Paul Harrison
Audio Mix, Sound Design: 740 Sound
Mixer, Sound Designer: Rommel Molina
Music: "Labor" by Small Sur

Sport ad of the day. Qatar Airways -- The Land of FCB.


Qatar Airways welcomes you to the Land of FC Barcelona. An island that unites the fans, players and legends of FC Barcelona from all across the world. Join our Qatar Airways cabin attendant as she travels through the island, meeting FC Barcelona players past and present, before reaching her final destination: Camp Nou. And discover why Qatar Airways & FC Barcelona are a team that unites the world.

Learn more about the Land of FC Barcelona at

Somesuch & CoProduction Co Credits
DirectorNick Gordon
Executive ProducerTim Nash
ProducerDougal Meese
Production ManagerSamantha Chitty
Director of PhotographyJulian Hohndorf
180 AmsterdamAgency Credits
President & CCOAl Moseley
Creative DirectorMartin Terhart
Creative DirectorGraeme Hall
CopywriterWill Lowe
Art DirectorVictor Monclus
Executive ProducerSusan Cook
Line ProducerYago Carvajal
Managing DirectorStephen Corlett
Global Account DirectorPiers Bebbington
Account ManagerJim O’Regan
Business Affairs DirectorNora Adams
Planning DirectorEmma Wiseman

Hagon TVOffline Editorial
EditorJono Griffith
EditorJoce Hockings
Offline ProducerZoe Hockings
MPCVisual Effects
VFX ProducerJulie Evans
VFX SupervisorsDan Sanders and Carsten Keller
ColouristGeorge K
Wave AmsterdamSound Design
Sound DesignerAlex Nichols-Lee
SoundtreeMusic Supervision
Music SupervisorJay James
Music Track(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher/ Jackie Wilson

giovedì 29 agosto 2013

Short of the day. "Record" from The Lincoln Motor Company.

Record from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.
A short film that explores how different people respond to the same piece of music, all captured from the point of view of a vinyl spinning on a record player. The film was created for “Hello, Again,” an initiative by The Lincoln Motor Company that asks filmmakers to reimagine the familiar into something fresh and new.
Watch the "Record" behind-the-scenes film at
Directors: Wriggles & Robins
Music: ‘Be Happy’ by Amateur Best
Producers: Tom Allen, Will Teddy
Online Producer: Alannah Currie
DP: Luke Palmer
Camera Assist: Simon Lakos, Laurence Halstead
1st AD: Nick Marles
Art Director: Tim Gibson
Grade: Richard Fearon at MPC
Flame: Jonathan Box at MPC
Sound: Toolshed Music
Production Company: Agile Films
Produced by The Lincoln Motor Company
Special thanks to Mooge, Sandoz, MPC and the Vimeo team.

Eco ad of the day. Greenpeace - The video Shell doesn't want you to see.

"Oil brand Shell really needs no help embarrassing itself. Their 2012 Arctic drilling program was so inept (including a rig grounding and a ship fire) that even the U.S. government said they screwed up. But Greenpeace decided to go ahead and give them a hand anyway.
Following their disastrous Alaskan campaign, Shell packed up and moved their Arctic drilling program to Russia, in a joint venture with state owned energy company, Gazprom. Greenpeace wanted to get the word out that Shell’s assault on the Arctic was far from over. What better place to do that than at Sunday’s F1 Shell Belgium Grand Prix, Shell’s biggest PR blitz of the year?" read more at
The video Shell doesn't want you to see from Greenpeace on Vimeo.
Shell's priceless Grand Prix moment
BREAKING: Our @Shell Grand Prix ceremony video has been banned from YouTube. So, we put it back up
Grab it while you can. And reupload it. Tell Shell what we think of #censorship"
Join the movement to

Social ad of the day. Peruvian Cancer Foundation: Searching for Hearts.

"From Mayo Draftcb Peru, the agency behind the amazing water generating billboard for UTEC, comes a truly awe-inspiring campaign for the Peruvian Cancer Foundation." Read more at
Client: Peruvian Cancer Foundation
ECD: Humberto Polar
CD: Víctor Vélez /Julio Oshiro
Copywriter: Víctor Vélez
Art Director: Julio Oshiro
Account Director: Ricardo Ortiz
Production Company: Tunche Films
Director: José Zelada
Music: La Sonora/Daniel Sacroisky
Client Supervisor: Susana De Los Ríos

Expensive ad of the day. La Légende de Shalimar : le film - GUERLAIN.

Director: Bruno Aveillan

Découvrez le film "La légende de Shalimar" en version longue, réalisé par Bruno Aveillan et mettant en scène Natalia Vodianova.

Il était une fois, en Inde, une histoire d'amour entre un empereur moghol et son épouse adorée. Au 17ème siècle, les troubadours immortalisaient sur leurs sitars les amours du Shah Jahan et de Mumtaz Mahal. Une histoire vraie, devenue légende, exaltée et magnifiée. Cet empereur tout puissant, cultivait dans le secret de son cœur, une passion indicible pour sa divine épouse. Afin de protéger leur amour, Mumtaz résidait dans un palais loin du tumulte et du chaos du monde, cerné par des jardins magnifiques, appelés Shalimar.
Pour la rejoindre Shah Jahan devait traverser des steppes arides entourées de montagnes bleues. Quand il fermait les yeux, il l'imaginait se préparer telle une odalisque. lI devinait les tapis de soie précieux, les coussins de brocarts, ses servantes jetant des brassées de fleurs dans son bain. Il voyait ses cheveux d'or, pouvait caresser délicatement le grain de sa peau et sentir son parfum. Des images d'Elle surgissaient. Un sein. Une cheville. La nuque. Plus rien que le lobe de l'oreille, l'épaule, sa bouche toujours. Plus vite, plus vite, la retrouver. Soudain des conques mugirent dans l'air vibrant, réduisant au silence le cri aigu des paons, il atteignait le but de son périple ... les Jardins de Shalimar.
C'est alors qu'il l'aperçut déesse parmi les déesses au milieu des flamboyants. Il entendait le cliquetis de ses bracelets. Son sari brodé d'or bruissait sur sa silhouette fine et souple. Enfin, il vit son visage et, comme si tant de beauté et d'émotion le terrassaient, baissa les paupières. Elle se tenait devant lui, sans parler. Il prit tout son temps pour détailler, savourer le collier orné de perles long et loin dans le creux des seins, deviner le secret de son sillage voluptueux. Cet amour qu'ils vivaient comme une fête perpétuelle les plongeait dans un ailleurs où seul comptait l'instant. Cet instant amoureux que Shah Jahan, voulait immortaliser... Il l'entraina vers les rives du lac.
Pas une aigrette en vol, pas un mouvement dans l'eau quand elle monta à bord d'une légère embarcation à fond plat. L'univers entier semblait retenir son souffle, quand devant leurs yeux, l'eau s'écarta et quatre pointes percèrent la surface. Elles montèrent lentement vers le ciel laissant apparaitre quatre coupoles de marbre blanc, juchées sur des minarets ruisselants d'eau cristalline qui encadraient un gigantesque dôme de marbre immaculé. Des façades ajourées comme brodées dans la pierre, des galeries aux arcades élégantes des portes, des balustrades incrustées de pierres semi précieuses ... un palais entier jaillit des eaux. Un présent extraordinaire. Le Taj Mahal se moquera du Temps et deviendra une « merveille » admirée par le monde entier.

Version: Film version longue 5min45

Production Company: QUAD Director: Bruno AVEILLAN Executive Producer: Martin COULAIS Line producer: Claudia TRAEGER DOP: Patrick DUROUX 1st AD: Bettina GODI SFX Supervisor on-set: Jean Pierre GRANDET Production assistant: Clémence LHUILIER   Production Service: ADFILM-VALAS Producer: Kunal KAPOR Line producer: Shetty PRABHAKAR                         Post Production: DIGITAL DISTRICT Post producer : Nataly AVEILLAN Color grading: Jean-Clément SORET (MPC London)   GUERLAIN President: Laurent Boillot Artistic Director: Benjamin DE LAPPARENT International Marketing Director: Margerie Barbès-Petit Fragrance Marketing Director: Ann-Caroline Prazan Advertising Production Director: Jeannine Burglé - See more at:

mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

Viral of the past. Go Beyond The Cover.

"Zombie Boy rises again!
L'Oréal's Dermablend cosmetics brand got 13 million YouTube views for its 2011 "Go Beyond the Cover" video starring the über-tattooed Rick Genest. So, it's no surprise they've reunited, this time for an iOS app that tells the story behind the Canadian artist and model's body illustrations while touting Dermablend products." Read more at

Tech stuff of the day. Samsung NFC Ad Campaign - Cemusa NYC Bus Shelters.


Samsung's NFC (near field communication) campaign running on Cemusa's NYC Bus Shelters. Each bus shelter poster has a NFC chip attached which allows the user to interact with the advertisement in quick and unique way. Just turn on your NFC and tap your phone to the glass and receive an mp3 instantly!

Music video of the day. Placebo // Too Many Friends (with Bret Easton Ellis).

Placebo // Too Many Friends (with Bret Easton Ellis) from Saman Kesh on Vimeo.
Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh / @ghibli303
Narrated by: Bret Easton Ellis / @BretEastonEllis
Co-Writer: Nate Eggert
Producer: Sarah Park
Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Art Director: Jason Kisvarday
Wardrobe: Michelle Thompson
Editors: Mandy Brown & Saman Kesh
Makeup: Karina Moore
Graphics: Sean Chang
Visual FX: Chad Goei (Glow Gun)
Colorist: Derek Hansen (MPC)
Assistant Director: Howard Butler
Executive Producer: Ross Levine
Additional Graphics: Mindy Benner
Commissioner: John Moule
Rep: Joceline Gabriel
Label: Universal Music Group
1st AC: Erin Douglas
2nd AC: Rachel Fox
Phantom Tech: Drew Lauer
Set Decorator: Kelsi Ephraim
Set Dresser: Ali Rubinfeld
Wardrobe Asst: Mikes Gamms, Eryn Branch
Makeup Asst: Celeste Antione
Band Stylist: Corban Poorboy
Stylist Asst: Caroline MacAllister
Band Groomer: Candice Birns
Band Makeup Asst: Bethany McCarty
Special Thanks: Skunk US, Ben Barrett, Cosimo Galluzzi, Patrick Horne, Jake Lehman, Michael Gray, Brandon Woodruff, Sam Sascha Keshavarz and Nate Tam.

martedì 27 agosto 2013

Digital stuff of the day. El este y la esta

Tribal DDB, Santiago
El este y la esta WEB from piezascreativas on Vimeo.
"Chileans get book recommendations based on their Twitter vocabulary.
The Chilean Chamber of Books has taken to Twitter to encourage people to read more by highlighting their poor vocabulary. 

The non-profit trade association of publishers, book distributors and bookstores launched a campaign that analyses people's tweets. The organisation partnered withDiego Portales University and the Santiago Council to spread the message that if people don't read their vocabulary suffers. 

The campaign was called El Este y La Esta (This and That), a common expression in Chile when people don't know the proper word to use. People could log into the web app with their Twitter account to see how many of the 95,000 words in the Spanish dictionary they regularly used. " Read more at

Animal Spot of the day. 2014 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial (Lady Gaga "Applause" Official Song).

It's sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated than ever. And we're not just talking about the 2014 Kia Soul. The formerly frumpy Kia Hamsters have totally transformed themselves into lean, mean, head-turning machines, much like the all-new Soul. Watch as they hit the gym and shed their furry folds to the tune of the latest and greatest anthem from Lady Gaga, "Applause."

Time to flex your social media muscle:

More rad stuff: (Yes, the hamsters have their own clothing line.)

David&Goliath Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer:
David Angelo
Executive Creative Director:
Colin Jeffery
Gary DuToit
CD/Art Director:
Eron Broughton
Greg Buri
ACD/Art Director:
Basil Cowieson
ACD/Art Director:
Kriss Grove
Executive Producer/Managing Director:
Carol Lombard
Executive Producer:
Paul Albanese
Associate Strategic Planning Director:
Steven Garcia
Senior Planner:
Armando Potter
Production Company:
Executive Producer:
Frank Scherma
Director of Photography:
Toby Irwin
Kathy Rhodes
Production Designer:
Brock Houghton
Wardrobe Stylist:
Christina Blackaller
Special Effects:
Legacy Effects
VFX Supervisor/3D Lead Artist:
Andy Boyd
Compositing Supervisor:
Jake Montgomery
Animation Lead:
Stew Burris
Ian Wilson
Jean-Dominique Fievet
Record Label:
Lady Gaga
Sound Design:
Hammers Project
Sound Designer:
Johannes Hammers
Music Editing:
Massive Music
Audio Mix:
Margarita Mix
Nathan Dubin

Emotional ad of the day. Wrigley Gum - Origami.


BBDO Chicago

Animated ad of the day. NZI 'The Devil's Chair'.

NZI 'The Devil's Chair' from Assembly on Vimeo.
Draft FCB
Damon Duncan
Amanda Chambers
Rhys Dippie
Craig Speakman
Geoff Kirk Smith
Josh Fourt-Wells
Gary Sullivan
Alex Scollay
Mark Williams
Rhys Dippie
Damon Duncan
Joe Helmore
Craig Baxter
Pritish Dogra
Jonathan Hamer
Amber Kell
Patrick Blades
Eugene Tay
Kyle Dey
Josh Kell
Tony Clewett
Hywel James
Kelly Lovelock
Pip Mayne
Toby Sellers
Michelle Koome
Karl Armstrong
Donna Williams
Amanda Watts

lunedì 26 agosto 2013

Spoof ad of the day. Mercedes-Benz Werbung 2013 / Non-authorized spot. Adolf Hitler Killed as a Boy.

"If you were a car, and you could travel back in time and kill Hitler when he was a boy, would you do it?" Read more at

Viral of the day. I Forgot My Phone.

Funny ad of the day. Meet the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020. The recital.

Watch also "wedding"

A kids's play is one of those times when you want to get the perfect shot. But most phones aren't capable of capturing quality photos at a distance. Even if it's just a few rows back. With the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 1020 you get 41 megapixels so every seat is the best seat in the house.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Executive Creative Director:
Dan Donovan
Associate Creative Director:
Paul Sincoff
Associate Creative Director:
Kyle Jones
Creative Director:
Dave Swartz
Creative Director:
Dave Steinke
Art Director:
Jeff Hunter
Aaron Cathey
Integrated Head of Video:
Chad Hopenwasser
Executive Producer:
Chad Hopenwasser
Agency Producer:
Sloan Schroeder
Agency Producer:
Laura Keseric
Roman Coppola
Production Company:
The Directors Bureau
Executive Producer:
Lisa Margulis
Executive Producer:
Elizabeth Minzes
Francie Moore
Director of Photography:
Chris Soos
Visual Effects:
Executive Producer:
Robert Owens
Ananda Reavis
Jason McDonald
Jr. Music Producer:
Chip Herter
Joel Simon
Doug Katsaros
Sound Design:
Henry Boy
Sound Designer:
Matthew Hedge