giovedì 2 aprile 2015

Extraordinary world of the day. Pauls Dairy

Pauls Dairy - Behind The Scenes from PHOTOPLAY FILMS on Vimeo.
Pauls Dairy 'Maurice' from PHOTOPLAY FILMS on Vimeo.
Pauls Dairy 'Twins' from PHOTOPLAY FILMS on Vimeo.
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Prod: Photoplay Films 
Agency: The Monkeys

Funny ad of the day. The Battle - Canalsat




TV PRODUCER: David Green, David Brakha



COPYWRITER: Jean-Christophe Royer

ART DIRECTOR: Eric Astorgue

ACCOUNT DIRECTOR: Christophe Neyret, Mathieu Laugier, Mathidle Lancon







DIRECTOR: Thierry Poiraud

Funny ad of the day. T&B - LE SAUVEUR

Client: Mondelez (Tassimo/Belvita)
Agency: Buzzman
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed-Chérif
Head of TV: Vanessa Barbel
Agency Producer: Elodie Poupeau
Creative: Stéphane List
Creative: Antoine Moittié
Director: Remy Cayuela
Producer: Capucine Charbonnier @ Frenzy Paris
Producer: Julie Mathieu @ Frenzy Paris
Producer: Courtney Davies @ Doomsday Entertainment
Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde @ Doomsday Entertainment
DOP: Jeff Bierman
Production Designer: Susie Francis
Editor: Gopal Puntos
Colorist: Cedrick Lacour
1st AD: Allen Scudder
Production Manager: Bretanya Dubin
1st AC: Lenny Walsh
Gaffer: Brice Bradley
Key Grip: Sergio Silva
Steadicam: Neal Bryan
Makeup/Hair: Erika Frank
Stylist: Chris Velasco
Stunt Coordinator: Mindy Kelly
Postproduction: Firm Studio
Sound Postproduction: Benzene

mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

Social ad of the day. The homeless read mean tweets. #HumansForHumans

via adfreak Watch as people living with homelessness read mean tweets about homelessness. Their reactions will remind you the conversation around the issue needs to change. All humans should work together. Raising the Roof #HumansForHumans

Trailer of the day. LES BOSQUETS - JR

The film Les Bosquets brings the audience in a place where art and the power of image interweave. Based on the story of Ladj Ly and the performance of the ballet Les Bosquets of New York City Ballet (2014) inspired by the riots in the French suburbs in 2005, JR reveals its experience in the ghetto of Montfermeil where he created his first project, Portrait of a Generation. This film is a continuation of this 10 years project, for which he uses various means of expression and narration : video archives, choreography and testimony. This short film will be presented exclusively in galleries and museum shows.

Funny ad of the day. Unsere ganze Größe ganz für Sie – Die neue EURONICS Kampagne 2015.

Jung Von Matt 

Game ad of the day. Mortal Kombat X: Official TV Spot / Fight

Agency: Battery
Chief Creative Officer: Philip Khosid
Creative Director/Art Director: Bernie O’Dowd
Creative Director/Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Director of Strategy: Philip Ser
Head of Production: Chris Hepburn
Executive Producer:Judy Gotten
Additional credits: MJZ, Beast, 740 Sound, Company 3, Method

Sexy ad of the day. Swordplay by Wilkinson Sword – Extended

Featuring a love story with a little bit of foreplay and a lot action, Wilkinson Sword presents a new cinematic film: Swordplay.

Back in 1772 Wilkinson Sword manufactured swords for the British Army, and this craftsmanship and precision is now applied across all their razors. This rich heritage is played up in this film in a playful sword duel, acting as a metaphor for what Wilkinson Sword razors do: ‘free your skin’.
Join in the conversation using #ReadyToDuel

Agency: JWT New York

Senior Producer: George Roca

Producer: (Music) Dan Burt

Music Supervisor: Paul Greco

Head of TV / Production: Lisa Setten

Executive Creative Director: Sarah Barclay

Creative Director: Billy Faraut

Creative Agency: JWT New York

Copywriter: Ludo Marrocco

Chief Creative Officer: Adam Kerj

Account Managers: Ariel Stern, Erik Wagner, Amy Achenbaum

Account Manager: Kate Callaghan, Angela Gonzalez

Media Agency

Media Agency: MEC

Music and Sound

Music Production: JSM


Editor: Manu Van Hove

Edit Company: Het Digitaal Geweld

Production Company

Production Company: ALLDAYEVERYDAY

Director: Lieven Van Baelen

Teaser of the day. TIDAL | #TIDALforALL

Welcome to a new era of music. Join us via live stream TONIGHT at 5PM ET on #TIDALforALL

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French ad of the day. #SnackHolidays - Transavia

Les Gaulois

Italian ad of the day. Saving Aslan | Fixodent, Kukident, Blend-a-dent

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Aslan is a white lion that lost two of his vital canine a year ago, and being a lion has been a challenge ever since. This is the story of how we helped him get his bite back and return to his life as king of the savannah. Through Kevin Richardson, a.k.a. ‘The Lion Whisperer’, Fixodent came to understand that when lions lose their teeth, their journey mirrors that of humans who experience tooth loss.

Aslan’s story raises awareness around the often difficult emotional transition following tooth loss.
By fixing his problem and filming the journey, Fixodent hope to show how there is a solution to even the most complex problems, and that, in the face of change when sometimes we feel like we are losing our identity, Fixodent can help people begin a new chapter and ‘Never Stop Biting Life’


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Learn more about how we can help you with your dentures and partial plates:

Never stop biting life.

Warning: this video contains graphic footage of a surgical procedure

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi - Italy Regional Creative Director: John Pallant Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana Creative Director: Manuel Musilli, Salvatore Tarallo Art Director: Alessio Bianconi, Manuel Musilli Copywriter: Alice Scornajenghi TV Producer: Lavinia Confortini Account Director: Simona Boracchia Planning Director: Stephen Rothman Digital Director: Saint Lewis Digital Strategist: Philip Mattei Account Manager: Elena Kalogeropoulos Head of Digital Production: Silvio Coco Digital Art Director: Alessio Bianconi Digital Copywriter: Alice Scornajenghi Project Manager: Sebastiano Quaranta Web Developer: Dario Cataldi Production Company: Golden Planes Executive producer: Herman Le Roux Director: Sven Harding DOP: Wayne De Lange Music: Pressure Cooker Studios, Dustin O'Halloran Post Production Company: Golden Planes, Silver Bullet Productions Media Agency: Starcom UK PR Agency: MSL UK

3D stuff of the day. SUNTORY WHISKY 3D on the Rocks

3D on the Rocks by Suntory is an innovative way to enjoy whisky.
Savors your whisky with a beautiful ice creation in your favorite shape, forged with the latest 3D technology.
Whisky produced with the finest craftsmanship together with ice made with fresh spring water. 
Come, delight yourself in the art of Japanese Whisky.

Client: Suntory
Campaign: "3D on the Rocks"
Executive Creative Director+Creative Director+Planner: Kazoo Sato
Copywriter +Planner: Takahiro Hosoda, Nobuhiro Arai
Art Director+Designer: Yo Kimura, Yuki Tokuno
Creative Technologist: Masashi Matsukura
Producer: Kaoru Otani
Assistant Producer: Fusae Yoshikawa
PR: Kayoko Asano, Miwako Fujiwara
Production: TOKYO+mount inc.+amana
Director: Eiji Tanigawa(TOKYO)
Camera: Senzo Ueno(TOKYO)
Light: Masachio Nishida
Art: Midoriko Nemoto(TAIYO KIKAKU)
Ice: Motoharu Kato(Yamane Ice)
Sizzle: Noriko Saotome(GRAND)
Video Engenner: Satoshi Igarashi
Producer: Toshiyuki Takei(TOKYO)
Assistant Producer: Masayoshi Takayanagi(TOKYO)
Production Manager: Makoto Takahashi(TOKYO)
Production Manager Assistant: Rintaro Kozasa(TAIYO KIKAKU) 
OFFLINE Editor: Ryuichi Hasegawa(puzzle)
ONLINE Editor: Akira Nishibu(IMAGE STUDIO109)
Multi Audio: Yuta Sato(IMAGE STUDIO109)
Sound Effects: Norio Kobayashi(ONPa)
Executive Producer: Audioforce
Producer: DANIC
Composer: Steve Sidwell
Planner: Im Jeong-ho, Takeshiro Umetsu(mount inc.)
Planner +Art Director+Technical Director+Director: Hidekazu Hayashi(mount inc.)
Director: Hiroka Hasegawa, Hideki Yoshidatsu(mount inc.)
HTML coding: Hideki Yoshidatsu(mount inc.)
3DCG: Takeo Saito, Mika Nariya(FULVIS K.K.)
Production Manager: Ko Yoshida(mount inc.)
Photographer: Keisuke Minoda(acube)
Retoucher: Masahiko Furuta(RIZING)
Photo producer: Shinya Omi(amana)

martedì 31 marzo 2015

Automotive ad of the day. Pennzoil Airlift Drift

Pennzoil is taking synthetic motor oil performance to a whole new level. See how we take a 707hp Dodge Hellcat Challenger to new heights in a one-of-a-kind Airlift Drift performance. And learn why our best natural gas synthetics are causing industry experts and OEMs like Dodge to make the switch.

See the performance:
Join the conversation: #AirliftDrift

Client: Pennzoil
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
Perry Fair: Chief Creative Officer
Jeremy Jones: Executive Creative Director
Dustin Tamilio: Group Creative Director
John Huddleston: Copywriter
Erin Fillingam: Art Director
Daryll Merchant: Producer
Erin McGivney: Account Director
James Robbins: Senior Planner
Production Company: The Embassy, Vancouver
Director: Ozan Biron
Executive Producer: Trevor Cawood
Editor: Ozan Biron
Assistant Editor / Conformist: Brendan Woollard  (Cycle Media)
Director of Photography: Manoel Ferreira
Visual Effects: Imagine Engine
Visual FX Supervisor - Bernhard Kimbacher
Onset Supervisor  - Neil Impey
Precision Driver: Rhys Millen
Content Production Company: Lemonade Films
Executive Producer: Ted Herman
Production Supervisor: Philip Fyfe
South African Service Company: Uncle Morris Films
Line Producer - Steven St Arnaud
Production Manager - Herman Warnich
Prod Coordinator - Andrea Scott
Colorist: Dave Hussey, Company 3
Sound Design: Charles Deenen, Source Sound LA