sabato 24 marzo 2012

Hot campaign of the past. Virgin Atlantic - Suite and innocent.

Continuing its streak of alternative advertising methods and to promote Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class Suite, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created a ten minute video, called "Suite & Innocent," filled with every conceivable porn double entendre in existence from bad acting to character names like Miles High and Summer Turbulence to cheesy dialog like "seven more inches" of legroom and orgasmic "oh, oh, oh" pronunciations of the number of zeros on million dollar check. 

The video is being distributed, appropriately, on the LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation Adult Desires pay-per-view hotel channel.

Advertising Agency:  CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY, Miami, USA
Executive Creative Director:  Bill Meadows (Agency Music Producer)
Creative Director:  Alex Bogusky (ECD)/Andrew Keller (CD)/Bill Wright
Copywriter:  Bill Wright
Art Director:  Andrew Keller
Agency Producer:  Rupert Samuel (Executive Agency Producer)
Director:  Harry Enfield
Producer:  Nick Sutherland Dodd (Executive Producer)
Lighting Cameraman:  Oliver Curtis
Editor:  David Pride/Chan Hatcher/Jeff Sternberger
Music: Artist/Title:  Beacon Street Studios
Date Of 1st Transmission:  10/05/2004
Entrant Company:  CRISPIN PORTER + BOGUSKY, Miami, USA

Our 60-second trailer, which is only shown at hotels with Lodgenet Pay Per View, is a spoof of adult entertainment whilst showing the audience the many different benefits of traveling on the Upper Class Suite with Virgin Atlantic.

Hot campaign of the week. Amour Porn Channel.

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Amour 'Officer Biggs'

Amour 'Dirty Pool'

Amour 'Special Delivery'

Agency: Dare (Vancouver)
Creative Director: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Copywriter: Bryan Collins
Art Director: Rob Sweetman
Producer: Mike Hasinoff
Account Supervisor: Tamara Bennett
Company: OPC (Toronto), Biscuit Filmworks (LA)
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Shawn Lacy
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
Director: Tim Godsall
D.O.P.: John Guleserian

Edit: Arcade Edit (LA)
Editor: Geoff Hounsell (Dirty Pool & Officer Biggs) & Will Hasell (Special Delivery)
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Deanne Mehling
Producer: Ali Reed
Online/Finishing: Airship Post (LA)
Smoke Artist: Rob Ufer
Motion Graphics Artist: Chris Homel
Colorist: Shane Reed
Producer: Marguerite Olivelle

Music/Sound Design: Grayson Matthews (Toronto)


There are 3 different endings! Can you find them all?! 
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Written & Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine
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Play as Don Draper from Mad Men and help him complete all 3 tasks to save the company! There are 3 different endings based on the order you complete the tasks, we encourage you to play the game multiple times to see all possible endings. The game "knows" which order you picked! Technology at work, enjoy the game!

MOBILE USERS: This game is too complex to play (40+ videos in total), below are links to the beginning of the games, but to experience the full game, please go online from a computer

Written and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)

venerdì 23 marzo 2012

Project Re: Brief - Introduction.

In 2011, Google partnered with four global brands in an advertising experiment. The goal was simple - how can the ideas that defined the advertising industry in its infancy, inspire a whole new generation of creatives and marketers? We re-imagined and remade their most iconic ad campaigns from the 1960's and 1970's with today's technology, led by the creative legends who made these campaigns.

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Art video of the week. unnamed soundsculpture.

Project by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer
The basic idea of the project is built upon the consideration of creating
a moving sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person. For
our work we asked a dancer to visualize a musical piece (Kreukeltape by
Machinenfabriek) as closely as possible by movements of her body. She was
recorded by three depth cameras (Kinect), in which the intersection of the
images was later put together to a three-dimensional volume (3d point cloud),
so we were able to use the collected data throughout the further process.
The three-dimensional image allowed us a completely free handling of the
digital camera, without limitations of the perspective. The camera also reacts
to the sound and supports the physical imitation of the musical piece by the
performer. She moves to a noise field, where a simple modification of the
random seed can consistently create new versions of the video, each offering
a different composition of the recorded performance. The multi-dimensionality
of the sound sculpture is already contained in every movement of the dancer,
as the camera footage allows any imaginable perspective.
The body – constant and indefinite at the same time – “bursts” the space
already with its mere physicality, creating a first distinction between the self
and its environment. Only the body movements create a reference to the
otherwise invisible space, much like the dots bounce on the ground to give it
a physical dimension. Thus, the sound-dance constellation in the video does
not only simulate a purely virtual space. The complex dynamics of the body
movements is also strongly self-referential. With the complex quasi-static,
inconsistent forms the body is “painting”, a new reality space emerges whose
simulated aesthetics goes far beyond numerical codes.
Similar to painting, a single point appears to be still very abstract, but the
more points are connected to each other, the more complex and concrete
the image seems. The more perfect and complex the “alternative worlds” we
project (Vilém Flusser) and the closer together their point elements, the more
tangible they become. A digital body, consisting of 22 000 points, thus seems
so real that it comes to life again.
nominated for the for the MuVi Award:

Social campaign of the week. The COORDOWN project for World Down Syndrome Day - 21 March 2012. Being different is just normal.

The innovative communication project by CoorDown and Saatchi&Saatchi to promote the importance of integration of people with Down Syndrome.

lunedì 19 marzo 2012

Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai. Creativity test.

Wieden + Kennedy in Shanghai approached Shotopop to help out with making a video to entice people to take their online creativity test and ultimately join their team.
The nice peeps from W+K wrote the base for the script, and we worked with them from there on to define the characters, style, and general tone of the video. The video features some swanky jumps, a sexy girl behind a photo-copier, a hungry Dino and an OctoShark!
Visit the Shotopop site for more information