venerdì 15 febbraio 2013

Music video/ad of the day. Lana Del Rey - Burning Desire Official Music Video, featuring the Jaguar F-TYPE.

More info about the video at

"Jaguar is proud to present the music video for 'Burning Desire' by Brit Award nominee Lana Del Rey, featuring the all-new Jaguar F-TYPE. 

Join the conversation around Lana Del Rey's partnership with Jaguar's F-TYPE using #FTYPEdesire on Twitter."

Animal Spot of the day#2. 'Runway Reversal': Take off Your Fur, Put on Your Humanity.

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

A provocative new PETA ad highlights how truly bizarre -- and cruel -- it is to wear the skin of a murdered animal.

Animal Spot of the day. ASICS GEL-Kayano - Pigeon Workout.

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

The 19th iteration of the iconic ASICS GEL-Kayano® is here. This generation features a massive amount of our GEL® Cushioning material, its lightest construction ever, and an amazing fit -- offering plenty of performance, comfort, and fun for runners of all levels.
Agency: VITRO

mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013

Idea of the day#2. NIVEA Deo: Stresstest.

Agency: Felix & Lamberti, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director, Copywriter: Felix Schulz
Art Director: Johannes Widmer
Production Companies: JOTZ!, Wefilm

Animal Spot of the day. Litter Genie: Me Luvz Mahselfz.

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

Client: Litter Genie
Spot: "Me Luvz Mahselfz"
Agency: JWT New York
Director: Keith Schofield
Production Company: Caviar, LA
Post-Production: Final Cut, NY & The Mill, NY.
Editing House: Final Cut, NY.
Music House: Amber Music
Media Agency: MEC

Sit back & enjoy the purring percussion of Walter and the Lap Cats' new music video, "Me Luvz Mahselfz" brought to you by Litter Genie® brand. Are you loving the words Walter weaves? Tweet him @LitterGenieCat and he'll rap with you.

Your night just got better.
I'm a four-legged love letter.

Go on, look at me.
The first glance is free.

I love a cat that dances.
(Go kitty, go kitty)
You love my big finances. 
(Yeah, you like that, huh) 

Yeah, I'm on the YouTubessss.
Getting all kinds of viewssss.
Cause people can't smell my poos.

Litter Genie you give me back my time.
It's so easy, so easy it's a crime.

I hear you say:

Scoop me up.
Drop me down.
Close me tight.
Pull me that's right.

Don't need fresh water. I drink fish water.
And my fur, it literally makes me hotter.

Refilling you with five layer bags.
Blocking odor so no one gags.

Only one trash trip in 14 days.
No hassle. No poop. I'm amazed.

Kitties be ballin'. Later, players.

Automotive ad of the day#2. Citroën DS3 Cabrio - Baby.

Client: Citroën DS3 Cabrio
Head of Marketing Worldwide: Jean Marc Savigne

Spot: "Baby"

Agency: H Paris 

Worldwide Creative Director: Gilbert Scher 

Creative Directors: Marco Venturelli, Luca Cinquepalmi 

Art Director: Luca Cinquepalmi 

Copywriter: Marco Venturelli 

Head of TV: Chritopher Thierry 

Agency Producer: Sarah Bouadjera 

Account Director: Hugues Reboul 

Production Company: MJZ 

Production Company: Smile Unlimited 

Director: Tom Kuntz 

Director of Photography: Chris Soos 

Editing: MacKenzie Cutler, New York

Postproduction: Eight VFX, Los Angeles 

Sound Design: Kouz Production, Paris

Automotive ad of the day. All-New Volkswagen Beetle Convertible | Mask.

Now every day is a top down day in the all-new Beetle Convertible.

Find out more at and try the Spin-O-Scope; it's a whole new way to see the Beetle.

Deutsch Creative Credits
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter
Group Creative Director: Michael Kadin
Group Creative Director: Matt Ian
Senior Art Director: Paul Oberlin
Senior Copywriter: Matt Sherman
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Director of Content Production: Victoria Guenier
Executive Integrated Producer: Jim Haight

Funny campaign of the day. Cassies.

Cassies – Ex Wife

Cassies – Cop

Cassies – Teenager

Agency:  john st.

Funny video of the day. Unpretentiousil Medicine Commercial To Heal Hipster.


Sexist ad of the week. Bottom percussion PATAX.

Patax in facebook:
Percussionist Jorge Perez plays some percussion on peculiar instruments.
Patax´s philosophy: music is everywhere.

Self-promo of the past. Pink Ponies: A Case Study.


In 2010 john st. took on its toughest challenge yet. Make Chelsea Bedano¹s
birthday party a success in an already cluttered birthday market. The
results were astounding.

Agency: john st.
Creative Director: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Art Director: Andrew Livingston
Copywriter: Simon Bruyn
Agency Producer: Michelle Orlando
Production House: Sons and Daughters
Executive Producer: Dan Ford
Line Producer: Belinda Struminger
Director: Andrew Livingston and Simon Bruyn
Director of Photography: Pete Sweeney
Audio House: Vapor Music Group
Audio director: Joey Serlin
Audio engineer: Julian Rudd
Edit house: relish
Editor: Chris Murphy

Idea of the day. How to launch a single... literally.

We decided to launch our new single... literally. Check out what happens next! We are and our new single is available on iTunes: