giovedì 9 agosto 2018

Idea of the day. The FOOTBALLPEN

"A digital radio platform fitted a Bluetooth-connected pen with bone-conduction technology, so Germans could secretly listen to World Cup games at work." Read more at

Turning business days into match days! The smart solution to experience the world cup in all business situations. Choose your favorite radio station in the app, connect the FOOTBALLPEN and bite on the end. The bone conduction is handling the rest. For more info and your chance to win a FOOTBALLPEN go to: The site is also available in these languages: Deutsch Français Español

Campaign of the day. Dove + Cartoon Network | “I’m Fine”

Dove and Cartoon Network have partnered to help build girl’s self-esteem through cartoons, for the first time ever. This video from the series shows how girls everywhere deal with pressures at school and online Dove’s self-esteem project has been working to build young people’s self-esteem for 14 years. Now, with Cartoon Network, they plan to help 20 million more young people improve their self-confidence and their ability to talk about self-esteem issues in a series of six cartoon short films, directed by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar. What children watch can play a big part in how they perceive themselves, so why not use screen time to help inspire them and grow their body confidence? This video explores the feelings of a young girl who comes home from school after a tough day. Common social pressures, such as teasing or bullying at school, and looking at celebrities on social media, have left her feeling isolated. Trying to ‘fit in’ can leave girls feeling like they’re afraid to express themselves; talking to parents or friends about self-confidence issues or social media anxiety can be tough. It might seem like it’s easier to say ‘I’m fine’ when someone asks, but not sharing problems or negative thoughts can end up making things harder. Through six new Steven Universe cartoons, full of themes of body positivity and self-confidence, Dove and Cartoon Network are here to help young girls understand that being themselves feels better than trying to fit in. Being more confident and building self-esteem takes time, but an inclusive media landscape for young people provides positive inspiration. Join our mission and help a young girl you know grow up feeling confident. Download our free educational resources and spend an #HourWithHer to improve a girl’s self-esteem and body confidence for a lifetime.
Client Brand Team: Sophie Galvani, Dinara Bekmansurova, Hannah Burns
Agency: Ogilvy UK
Executive Creative Directors: Andre Laurentino and Gerald Lewis
Creative Team: Matt Nankivell, Vik Kanyo, Ollie Jarrott
TV producer: Lora Jane Brisland
Print producer: Chloe Jahanshahi
Account Team: Cathy Sadiner, Sam Pierce, Georgie Howard, Carmen Vicente Soto
Strategy Team: Sandy Thompson, Joshua Crost

TV Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Andrew Lang
Producer: Justin Edmund-White
Animation Director: Frankie Swan @ Picasso
Animation Producer: Melissa Venet
DOP: Ula Pontikos
Editor: Gary Forrester @ The Quarry
Colourist: Oisin O'Driscoll @ The Mill
Post Producer: Jake Saunders @ Unit
Sound Design: Jamie Thomas @ Unit
Composers: Huntsmen Music
Photographer: Kitty Gale, represented by Gill Turner