sabato 13 giugno 2015

Ad of the day. FINLANDIA presents: 1000 YEARS of less ordinary wisdom

Finlandia vodka has scoured the globe to find less ordinary people, and is using their wisdom to inspire others to live a life less ordinary. Find out more about the cast of the film:

1000 Years is the first installment in the latest campaign from Finlandia Vodka. This film features less ordinary stars: Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson (strongman), Iris Apfel (fashion icon) and Theo Jansen (Strandbeest artist).

Find inspiration in the less ordinary wisdom of Cassandro (drag wrestler), Sulo Karjalainen (Bearman) and Tobba (volcanologist) in the inspiring video, 1000 Years.

Client: Finlandia
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London
Creative directors: Scott Dungate, Graeme Douglas
Copywriter: Paddy Treacy
Art director: Mark Shanley
Executive creative directors: Tony Davidson, Iain Tait
Executive producer: Danielle Stewart
Group account director: Paulo Salomao
Account director: Matt Owen
Account manager: Sophie Lake
Head of planning: Beth Bentley
Planning director: Martin Beverley
TV producer: Michelle Brough
Production company: Knucklehead
Director: Siri Bunford
Executive producer: Matthew Brown
Director of photography: Ben Smithard
Editorial companies: Lucky Cat, Whitehouse Post
Editors: Xavier Perkins, Lucky Cat; Adam Marshall, Whitehouse Post
Post producer: Anandi Peiris
VFX company: MPC
VFX supervisor: Bill McNamara
Flame artist: Bill McNamara
VFX producer: Anandi Peiris
Grade: MPC
Colorist: Matthieu Toullet
Titles/graphics: Ryan Teixeira
Music/sound company: Factory
Sound designers: Anthony Moore, Phil Bollard
Song: Undeniable, Richie Sosa
Interactive producer: Dom Felton
Director of relations: Marta Bobic
PR manager: Charlotte Corbett

giovedì 11 giugno 2015

Delicious stuff of the day. Tramontina Signature Iron

via agencyspy

JWT Brazil 

Idea of the day. Thalys Trains: Sounds of the City

To encourage people to use the train to go and explore nearby cities, Thalys created three interactive billboards. Each billboard represented a city, and each was host to more than 1000 unique sounds from that city. Pedestrians were invited to plug in with their personal headphones and start exploring. Headphones are often used to block out a city. With Thalys Sounds of the City, they were an opportunity to rediscover one.
Advertising Agency: Rosapark, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Mark ForganJamie Standen
Art Director: Olivier Lafaysse
Copywriter: Lucile Briotet
Co-Founders: Jean François Sacco, Jean Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg
Managing Director: Delphine Drutel
Account Manager: Camille Hemet
Sound Producer: Matthieu Sibony / Schmooze
Sound Mixing: Sylvain Rety / Schmooze
Case Director: Vincent Rodella
Production Company: Birth
Producer: Hugo Birth

Funny ad of the day. Mean Streets – Holding Cell

Journey of the day. HSBC - Lift

HSBC - Lift from Grey London on Vimeo.
Running a business is about more than just the numbers — it’s about people and human ambition. To encapsulate this, Grey London has created a film depicting one man’s journey, from the launch of his company in 1974 up until the present day, and tells the story of everything he’s experienced in between: the up-and-down, four-decade journey of a business, from start-up to multinational corporation.
The twist? It’s set entirely in a lift.
“The lift film is really a metaphor for the journey of a business and the people that run it. It takes us through time, and you get to see and feel events in the lifecycle of a business. Yes, it’s a lift journey but it’s the most extraordinary lift journey in the world”, says Nick Rowland, Creative Director at Grey London.
As the lift — and the business — progresses upwards, a multitude of storylines play out within nine square feet: shaking hands on that first deal, watching the number of employees swell and an office romance blossom, office politics and arguments, the bad times — and the anger and frustration they can bring, the crucial deal with foreign investors…
Given the intimate and up-close nature of the location, the shoot was a considerable undertaking in attention to detail — from wardrobe, makeup and hairstyling to prosthetics and props. Not only did the actor have to look 40 years older by the end of the film, everything in the lift had to represent the style of the era being portrayed. The end result is as much a mesmerising portrait of four decades as it is the life of a business. It was directed by Gary Freedman of The Glue Society through Independent films.
Gary Freedman of The Glue Society says: “This is about the journey of a business but at its core, it is a human story and very much centred around a main character, covering all the emotional ups and downs of his life. Telling such an expansive story within the confines of a lift was a very interesting challenge, but that restriction allowed us to really develop creative, often unexpected, ideas.”
“It’s a simple idea and it allows a really good story to be told”, adds Rowland.
The film, which will air globally (including in the UK and Hong Kong) on TV and inflight media, is part of HSBC’s It’s Never Just Business campaign, which launched last year with press, outdoor, digital and airport executions.
Project name: Lift
Client: Sarah Threadgould, Head of Marketing Communications and Campaign Strategy, Global Commercial Bank, HSBC
Creative agency: Grey London
Creative Director: Nick Rowland
Copywriter: Jamie Starbuck
Copywriter: Theo Bayani
Art director: Miguel Gonzales
Account team: Barbara Waite, Alex Clarke
Agency producer: Harriette Larder
Planner: Matthew Gladstone
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Edward Fall
Production company: Independent Films
Director: Gary Freedman, The Glue Society
Executive Producer: Jani Guest
Producer: Jason Kemp
DOP: Stephane Fontaine
Editor: Adam Spivey
Post-production: Tom Johnson @ The Mill
Soundtrack composer: Yann Tiersen
Audio post-production: Sam Robson @ 750mph

Random stuff of the day. The Board of Peace. By Fiorucci.

The last slice of Salami can make us fight like enemies to decide who gets it. 
The world has had enough conflicts. 
That's why Fiorucci introduces The board of Peace: a smart cutting board that randomly decides who is going to get the last slice.


L'ultima fetta di salame può trasformarci in nemici disposti a tutto per averla. Ma nel mondo ci sono già abbastanza conflitti. 
Per questo Fiorucci presenta il Tagliere della Pace: il tagliere che decide casualmente a chi spetta l'ultima fetta. Portando pace e giustizia.

Premi il bottone "Sottotitoli" per la versione in italiano.

ADVERTISER: Fiorucci /Campofrío CREATIVE AGENCY McCann Milan ART DIRECTOR: Eoin Sherry CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER: Alessandro Sabini COPYWRITER: Curro Piqueras CREATIVE AGENCY: McCann Worldgroup CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Gaetano Del Pizzo, Gastón Guetmonovitch & Alessandro Sciortino PRODUCER: Michele Virgilio OFFLINE EDITOR: Paolo Forestale PRODUCTION COMPANY PRODUCTION COMPANY: Movie Magic PRODUCER: Alessia Sala EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Devora Magnavaca DOP: Marco Graziaplena DIRECTOR: Gigi Casano

Experiment of the day. L'Oréal - The Waterproof Experience

McCann Mexico invited 100 women to see a moving film to demonstrate the waterproof resistance of L´Oréal Mascaras by taking pictures of them before and after the screening.

Client: L'Oréal
Agency: McCann México
Creative VP: Javi Carro
Creative Account Group Director: Joanna López
Associate Creative Director: Roberto Martínez
Senior Copywriter: Adria Jáuregui
Art Director: Myriam Barrios
Account Director: Audrey Amselli
Production Company: Unidad 59
Director: David "Leche" Ruiz
Production director: Juan González
Production: Rafael López

Italian ad of the day. Studio Universal - Wardrobe

Director Igor Borghi
Stuntman-actor Mauro Aversano 
Stuntcoordinator Franco Maria Salamon
Stunt F.benvenuti
actor mariagrazia toccaceli
think cattleya

Nice ad of the day. Heineken | The Insider

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"The spot follows a young local as he hijacks a city tour, giving tourists an insider’s look at the city rather than the bland boat trip they signed up for."

Agency: W+K
Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath & Eric Quennoy
Creative Director Thierry Albert & Faustin Claverie
Art Director Kia Heinnen
Copywriter Zoe Hawkins
Head of Broadcast Production Joe Togneri
Broadcast Producer Elissa Singstock
Planner Nick Docherty
Group Account Director Jordi Pont
Account Manager Amber Martin
Project Manager Stacey Prudden
Business Affairs Emilie Douque
Director Dante Ariola
Director of Photography Philippe Le Sourd
Producer Natalie Hill
Executive Producer Debbie Turner
Editor Andrea MacArthur
Sound Designer/Mixer Raja Sehgal
Artist / Title Feu Chatterton/ J’aime regarder les filles
Music Company Schmooze
Flame Tom McCullough
3D Rick Walia
Telecine Stefan Sonnenfeld (Co.3)
Producer Matthew Engel (Method NY) / Rhubie Jovanov (Co.3)

mercoledì 10 giugno 2015

Nice ad of the day. Apple Music - History of Sound

Every great innovation inspires the next. 127 years of sound led to our next great leap in listening: Apple Music.

Sport ad of the day. Nike Soccer: "American Woman"

Strong alone. Unstoppable together. 

Train like the #uswnt with the right Women’s soccer gear, training apps and inspiration for on and off the field. Find everything you need to own the game: #NoMaybes

Agency Thousands Creative

Automotive ads of the day. The All-New 2016 Honda HR-V - "Give and Take" / The 2016 Honda HR-V - "Great Thinking Inside"

Client: American Honda Motor
HR-V Campaign Credits
Spots: "Great Thinking Inside," :60; "Give and Take," :50
Agency: RPA
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer: Joe Baratelli
Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Vice President, Creative Director, Copywriter: Ken Pappanduros
Vice President, Creative Director, Art Director: Chuck Blackwell
Senior Copywriter: Paul Fung
Senior Art Director: Marcella Coad
Senior Copywriters (for "Great Thinking Inside"): Audrey Attal, Forrest Boleyn
Copywriter ("Give and Take"): Adam Gothelf
Art Director ("Give and Take"): Michael Enriquez
Senior Vice President, Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
Vice President, Executive Producer: Isadora Chesler
Producer: Matthew Magsaysay
Vice President, Director of Business Affairs: Maria Del Homme
Executive Vice President, Management Account Director: Brett Bender
Vice President, Account Director, National/Corporate Advertising: Jeff Moohr
Vice President, Management Supervisor: Cathy O'Gorman
Management Supervisor: Rose McRitchie
Account Supervisor: Patty Mira
Production Company: Nexus
Directors: Smith & Foulkes
Executive Producer: Tracey Cooper
Executive Producer ("Give and Take"): Jeremy Smith
Line Producer ("Give and Take"): Max Fink
Production Manager ("Great Thinking Inside"): Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Postproduction ("Great Thinking Inside"): Time Based Arts
Animators: Chris Wood, Sam Osbourne
Flame Artists: Mike Skrgatic, James Allen, Sheldon Gardner
3-D Artists: Ben Cantor, Mike Battcock, Kristoffer Andersson, Poul Resen Steenstrup, Eva Kuehlmann, Simon Goodchild
Additional Grade: Simone Grattarola
Postproduction ("Give and Take"): MPC
Visual Effects Supervisor, Lead Flame: Benoit Mannequin
Flame: Vincent Blin
Computer Graphics Lead, Lighting: Dameon O'Boyle
Computer Graphics Lighter: Tim Kafta
Computer Graphics Artist: Clement Renaudin
Offline Editor: Billy Sacdalan
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Senior Producer: Juliet Tierney
Producer: Jake Fenkse
Vehicle Scanning, Modeling: Acme Digital Content
Kevin Malling, Brandon Acree, Tyson Hill, John Wang
Music Supervision, Composition ("Great Thinking Inside," "Give and Take"): Squeak E Clean Productions
Licensed Music Track ("Great Thinking Inside"): "Gonna Build a Mountain"
Composers: Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley
Performed by: Sammy Davis Jr.
Label: Rhino Entertainment, Warner Music Group Company
Sound Design: Factory
Sound Designer: Anthony Moore
Music for "Great Thinking Inside" :15s: Antfood
Mixing, Sound Design: Lime Studios
Engineer: Mark Meyuhas
Assistant: Matt Miller
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
—Digital Credits
Client: American Honda
Launch Date: 6/8/15
Agency: RPA
Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Vice President, Digital Design Director: Michael Takeshita
Vice Presidents, Creative Directors: Ken Pappanduros, Chuck Blackwell
Associate Creative Director: Jesse Golden
Senior Art Director: Jason Ringgold
Junior Copywriter: Caleb Nyberg
Digital Production Artist: Martin Odisho
Senior Production Artist: Chris Gomez
Senior Vice President, Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
Vice President, Director of Digital Production: Dave Brezinski
Executive Digital Producer: Linda Kim
Digital Producer: Annie Hough
Executive Vice President, Management Account Director: Brett Bender
Vice President, Group Account Director: Jeff Moohr
Management Supervisor: Rose McRitchie
Account Supervisor: Patty Mira
Account Executive: Paul Sulzer
Account Assistant: Nicole Hansen
Production Partner: Time Based Arts
—Print Credits
First Insertion Date: 6/8/15
Agency: RPA
Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli
Senior Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Jason Sperling
Creative Directors: Ken Pappanduros, Chuck Blackwell
Senior Art Director: Jesse Echon
Copywriter: Josh Hepburn
Digital Artist: Digital Giant
Typographer: Lisa Jay
Art Producer: Sari Rowe
Production Manager: Susan Cockrell

Digital stuff of the day. Tinnyvision

Tinnyvision from Erik Hay on Vimeo.
Stoners don’t want to hear marijuana slows reactions and makes driving dangerous. The NZTA needed an authentic, targeted way to deliver the message.
Tinnyvision: a group of guys sharing their stoner sessions on Snapchat. Add them. Get snaps. Watch them and they disappear. No incriminating evidence. Throughout the day, our target audience was entertained by snaps of the guys getting stoned and slow.
11 snaps later, they go for a drive. A girl steps out. The driver is slow to react. She hits the windscreen.
A minute later, viewers receive one final snap: ‘Stoned drivers are slower to react’.

Smart ad of the day. MAGNUM Be True To Your Pleasure

Agency: Lola Madrid

Magnum believes that everyone should indulge in their personal pleasure. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you take pleasure in; Magnum wish to inspire all Pleasure Seekers to seize it.

Be True To Your Pleasure Film, launched at the Cannes Film Festival on Fri 15 May 2015, celebrates spontaneity and the joy of letting go. It means turning off that little voice inside our head that compels us to live up to social expectations and say no to pleasure. It’s about saying yes.

A day without pleasure is a day lost. Be true to your pleasure. #BeTrueToYourPleasure

Watch the full interviews

“Umbrella” performed by Mechanical Bride
Available from:

Follow Magnum:

Animal Spot of the day. Land Rover 'Non-genuine Animals: Lion'


Agency Y&R South Africa Country South Africa Uploaded 3 June, 2015 Credits graham lang Chief Creative Officer Chief Creative Officer graham lang Graham KrigeCopywriter Copywriter Graham Krige Rowan FoxcroftArt Director Art Director Rowan Foxcroft Ashleigh HamiltonAgency Producer Agency Producer Ashleigh Hamilton

martedì 9 giugno 2015

Idea of the day. ELAN - Taste the translation

ELAN Taste the translation from JWT Amsterdam on Vimeo.
ELAN languages has a great online translation tool. But not many people know the quality of ELAN because they use the obvious: Google Translate. To prove that ELAN offers a better translation we put both tools to a test. A tasting test. We translated a Japanese recipe, one with ELAN, and one with Google translate. Then a chef cooked the two translated recipes. And we served the two dishes to passers-by. The outcome was clear; ELAN translated a far tastier dish than Google translate.
JWT Amsterdam

lunedì 8 giugno 2015

Shockvertising of the day. #LEYabortoTERAPÉUTICO - MILES CHILE - Tutorial Abortion - Shoes / Traffic Lights / Stairs

MILES Chile, seeks to show the problem faced by thousands of women in Chile on abortion, in a provocative way, through 3 fictitious tutorials that show the only way to have an abortion legally in Chile. All this, in the process of the adoption of a law on therapeutic abortion. Support the cause by entering your name and email at and join the discussion online with the hashtag #LEYabortoTERAPÉUTICO more info at:

Client: Miles
Agency: Grey Chile
Creatives: Alberto Osorio, Robert Canales, Pancho Rojas
Digital Creative: Felix Padilla, Mauricio Anaya, Roberto Aravena
Executive Creative Director: Carles Puig
Producer: Mauricio Medina
Account Managers: Javier Herrera, Oscar Lizarralde
Production Company: Funky Films
Executive Producer: Sole Sahie, Marco Jara
Director: Diaz+Garry

Hot ad of the day. Escape with a Harlequin Romance Cowboy Hero

Client: Harlequin
Agency BBDO Toronto
Executive Creative Directors: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
Associate Creative Director: Linda Carte
Copywriter: Shiran Teitelbaum
Art Directors: Linda Carte, Alice Blastorah
Account Directors: Martina Ivsak, Paul Forrest
Account Coordinator: Zach Kula
Agency Producer: Aimee DeParolis
Production Company: Someplace Nice
Director: Pete Henderson
Executive Producer: Chilo Fletcher, Estelle Weir
Director of Photography: Jonny Cliff
Editing: Matt Dell, Ricochet
Music/Sound House: Ricochet
Colour: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego
Casting: Shasta Lutz, Jigsaw Casting

Funny ad of the day. Johnsonville "Bratfast in Bed"

Group marketing director: Jim Mueller
Senior grilling brand manager: Ron Schroder
Agency: Droga5
Creative chairman: David Droga
Chief creative officer: Ted Royer
Group creative director: Scott Bell
Senior copywriter: Ryan Raab
Senior art director: Dan Kenneally
Chief creation officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Head of broadcast production: Ben Davies
Executive broadcast producer: Jesse Brihn
Senior broadcast producer: Verity Bullard
Broadcast producer: Rebecca Wilmer
Global chief strategy officer: Jonny Bauer
Group strategy director: Aaron Wiggan
Senior strategists: Candice Chen, Nick Maschmeyer
Communications strategy director: Brian Nguyen
Group account director: Dan Gonda
Account director: Chris Einhauser
Account manager: Kate Tyler Monroe
Senior project manager: Amy Blitzer
Interactive production company: Sneakers Agency
Creative director: Christopher White
Production Company: m ss ng p eces
Founder, executive producer: Ari Kuschnir
Partners, executive producers: Brian Latt, Kate Oppenheim
Director: Ray Tintori
DOP: Rob Leitzell
Head of production: Dave Salzman
Producer: Drew Houpt
Editorial: m ss ng p eces
Editor: Sam Zimman
Assistant editor: Will Kanellos
Producer: Orlaith Finucane
Color: The Mill
Colorist: Aline Sinquin
Sound: One Thousand Birds
Mixer: Calvin Hunting Pia

Digital stuff of the day. björk: stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality)

Music video of the day. Cais Sodré Funk Connection - Offbeat

Cais Sodré Funk Connection - Offbeat (Official Music Video) from Richard F. Coelho on Vimeo.

Interactive stuff of the day. Nike Air Max Day Hong Kong: 'Step Back in Time'

Nike Air Max Day Hong Kong: 'Step Back in Time' interactive installations from John Koay on Vimeo.
"On 3.26.15 Air Max Day, we created interactive installations that showed how this iconic sneaker has been a part of Hong Kong’s popular culture since 1987. We invited five local born artists to illustrate and reflect how each Air Max model has a Hong Kong story for each year. To take people back in time, we used the 5 human senses of 'sight, sound, smell, taste and touch’ to allow the person to experience and re-live the history between the city and this iconic sneaker."

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Creative Directors: John Koay, Paul Suters
Art Directors: John Koay, Anita Ng
Head of Creative Technology: Craig Mason
Group Account Director: Penny Chow
Account Manager: Ava Lee
Account Executive: Fay Kwong
Ilustrators: Simon Koay, Little Thunder, Parent's Parents, Ah To, Kristopher Ho


Agency: Leo Burnett

How can a feature that has now become extremely familiar like a parking assist system, be staged in an entirely novel way using innovative technology? And how can the extremely bothersome parking process be turned into an enjoyable experience?
Introducing the interactive parking billboard. We developed our own software, linked to ultrasonic sensors. This monitored the parking space and controlled our special human parking assistants. The individual video sequences were played back according to our script, so that the distance between the hands precisely matched the distance to the car behind.

Promo of the day. #AresLive - Ares 3: Farewell by Ridley Scott

"The first viral teaser video for Ridley Scott’s upcoming movie The Martianhas hit the web." read more at

Astronaut Mark Watney introduces the Ares 3 crew before their mission launch.

domenica 7 giugno 2015

Campaign of the day. 'Man vs Transit' - Ford Transit / Testing - The Drop - Messy Eaters - Digger

Ford Transit | The Drop from Eclectic Music on Vimeo.

Ford Transit | Testing from Eclectic Music on Vimeo.

Ford Transit | Messy Eaters from Eclectic Music on Vimeo.

Ford Transit | Digger from Eclectic Music on Vimeo.

Client: Ford
Brand: Ford Transit
CREATIVE: Peter Hvid
PRODUCER: Romila Sanassy
SOUND MIX: Dan Weinberg @ Greek Street Studios
MUSIC SYNC: Eclectic / Syncbubble
PRODUCER: Jordan Andreopoulos
PRODUCER: Fred Robinson
DIRECTOR: Kit Lynch-Robinson