giovedì 11 giugno 2015

Idea of the day. Thalys Trains: Sounds of the City

To encourage people to use the train to go and explore nearby cities, Thalys created three interactive billboards. Each billboard represented a city, and each was host to more than 1000 unique sounds from that city. Pedestrians were invited to plug in with their personal headphones and start exploring. Headphones are often used to block out a city. With Thalys Sounds of the City, they were an opportunity to rediscover one.
Advertising Agency: Rosapark, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Mark ForganJamie Standen
Art Director: Olivier Lafaysse
Copywriter: Lucile Briotet
Co-Founders: Jean François Sacco, Jean Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg
Managing Director: Delphine Drutel
Account Manager: Camille Hemet
Sound Producer: Matthieu Sibony / Schmooze
Sound Mixing: Sylvain Rety / Schmooze
Case Director: Vincent Rodella
Production Company: Birth
Producer: Hugo Birth

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