sabato 7 dicembre 2013

Sport ad of the day. Nike Hyperwarm - Winning in a Winter Wonderland


Getting better doesn't stop because it's getting colder. The best athletes don't just overcome the elements, they embrace them with Nike Hyperwarm. Gear up for winter:

"I take a swing, when it’s freezing.
Through snow or rain and we’re not quitting.
I launch into flight at the speed of light
Smashing in a winter wonderland.
In this weather we build a winning program.
It’s the only way to make it in this town.
When asked if he is cold, he says, “No ma’am.
That’s why it’s so hard to slow me down.”
Burning bright is my fire. We just keep pushing higher.
So get out and play. I got you. No way.
Winning, winning in a Winter Wonderland. "

giovedì 5 dicembre 2013

Digital stuff of the day. Burger King 'Pre-roll' via Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish via StopPress.


Viral ad of the day. Kobe vs. Messi: The Selfie Shootout.


Basketball star Kobe Bryant and football icon Lionel Messi are back in this epic face-off for selfie supremacy. Armed with cameras and Turkish Airlines - the carrier that flies to more countries than any other - these superstars show up and show off across the globe.

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, London

Film of the day. National Ballet of Canada - Lost In Motion II.

Lost In Motion II from Krystal Levy Pictures on Vimeo.
Director Ben Shirinian and Choreographer/Dancer Guillaume Côté expose the emotion of performance in an entrancing sequel, produced in association with Bravo!FACT and The National Ballet of Canada.
After the success of his 2012 short film Lost in Motion, Director Ben Shirinian has reunited with Choreographer/Dancer Guillaume Côté for a powerful new follow-up film exploring the state of mind of an artist.
While the original examined the feelings of isolation experienced by an artist before going on stage, Lost in Motion II develops the narrative by delving deeper into the spectrum of emotions felt by a performer. Produced by Krystal Levy Pictures, the film combines original choreography, stylized art direction and seamless VFX to visually interpret the experience of an artist baring their soul on stage.
Director: Ben Shirinian
Choreographer: Guillaume Côté
Dancer: Heather Ogden
Original Story: Ben Shirinian, Guillaume Côté
Producers: Nick Sorbara, Leslie Aimée Gottlieb
Director of Photography: Jeremy Benning, csc
Production Company: Krystal Levy Pictures, AnyMotion
Editor: Jon Devries, School Editing
VFX: Crush
Colour: REDLAB
Music: “Avalanche” Performed by Leonard Cohen Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

Testimonial ad of the day. VISA. Todos são bem-vindos. Starring Paolo Rossi / Zinedine Zidane.

Uma Copa do Mundo da FIFA™ no Brasil é como Visa. Todos são bem-vindos.

Sport ad of the day. Nike "Let the run tell you why".


Background song: Dion & The Belmonts - I Wonder Why
Don't know why I love you like I do
Don't know why I do
Don't know why I love you
Don't know why I care
I just want your love to share
I wonder why
I love you like I do
Is it because I think you love me too
I wonder why
I love you like I do
Like I do

Agency: W&K Shanghai CDs: Azsa West, Terence Long CW: Jessica Price AD: Shaun Sundholm Agency Producers: Angie Wong, Fang Yuan Director: Siri Bunford Prod Co: Knucklehead / Playful Films Producers: Matthew Brown & Peter Maynard DOP: Ben Smithard - See more at:

Christmas ad of the day. CANAL+ "The Wise Man"


Christmas time at the French premium pay TV channel CANAL+ means lots of irresistible programming for the holidays. 

Believers in the power of entertainment, BETC Paris and CANAL+ present "The Wise Man", the 2013 Christmas film, to remind us of what our favourite holiday is really about. 

In this scenic Christmas tale, directed by Gary Freedman through The Glue Society/Wanda (who also directed "March of the Emperor" in 2006), we meet a wise man on his journey through the desert, guided only by a shining star. 
Struggling on his not so helpful camel, he is eager to arrive in Bethlehem on time.

The film was shot in the south of Morocco, in the deserts near Merzouga and in Ouarzazate.

BRAND: CANAL+ BRAND MANAGEMENT Alice Holzman / Élodie Bassinet / Anne-Gaëlle Petri / Guillaume Sionis AGENCY BETC Paris AGENCY MANAGEMENT Bertille Toledano / Guillaume Espinet / Elsa Magadoux / Marius Chiumino CREATIVE DIRECTORS Stéphane Xiberras / Olivier Apers  ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Francis De-Ligt COPYWRITER Nathalie Dupont TRAFIC Coralie Chasset TV PRODUCER David Green PRODUCTION COMPANY WANDA SOUND PRODUCTION GUM DIRECTOR Gary Freedman (THE GLUE SOCIETY) - See more at:

Animation of the day. "Nightmare: Malaria" - Game Teaser.

via download the game here
"Nightmare: Malaria" - Game Teaser from Psyop on Vimeo.
Featuring the voice of Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon
The first iOS and Android game created by Emmy award-winning studio Psyop
COMING SOON WINTER 2013 (iOS and Android)
Each year, over 1 million people die from malaria. About 70% of them are children under the age of five. A tragedy in itself, malaria also has terrible effects on the educational and economic health of entire regions.
The most effective means of preventing malaria is sleeping under a mosquito net, specifically a long-lasting insecticide treated net (LLIN). Each net costs about $3, lasts for 3 to 4 years, and protects, on average, two people.
The "Nightmare: Malaria" game and PSA is part of a multi-platform effort to bring awareness to this simple fact: nets work. And giving money to the Against Malaria Foundation, the most efficient distributor of LLINs in the world, is an incredibly effective way to save lives.
In support of raising awareness and funds to battle malaria, Emmy award-winning production company Psyop has created a first iOS & Android game in the hopes that it will rake in millions. Millions of long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets, that is. Through a partnership with the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), ranked the #1 most effective charity by Give Well, The Life You Can Save and Giving What We Can, Psyop designed and developed "Nightmare: Malaria".
The game was inspired by a PSA created by Psyop's non-profit initiative, Establishment for the Greater Good (EGG), the game drops players into the bloodstream of a young girl infected by malaria. Players make their way through 18 levels of fever-dream visuals, avoiding killer mosquitoes and collecting hard-to-reach teddy bear tokens along the way.
For more information about malaria and AMF
For more information about Psyop's Establishment for the Greater Good
"Nightmare: Malaria" iOS/Android Game

Directed by PSYOP
Game Development and Design | Brian Kehrer, Jordan Harvey
Art Direction | Naomi Chen
Narration | Susan Sarandon

Executive Producer | Lucia Grillo
Executive Producer | Justin Cone
Producer | Ave Carrillo
Music, Sound Design | Q Department

Writer | Kelly Girth
Sound Recording | Color NY
Concept Art | Pedro Lavin
3D Animation | Stephanie Russell, Eric Chou
Design | Alexander Dietrich
2D Animation | Sean Martin
User Interface | Will Adams
Editing | Cass Vanini
VFX | Fabio Piparo
Modeling | Bryan Eck, Alexander Dietrich
Rigging | Zed Bennett, Sean Kealey

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

Great automotive ad of the past. Volkswagen Beetle "Funeral" - 1969.

TV commercial film for Volkswagen "Funeral"
art director:Roy Grace(DDB)
copywriter:John Noble(DDB)
director:Haward Zieff
producer:Don Traver(DDB)

the interview with Roy Grace as the art director


Christmas ad of the day. Dance Pony Dance - The Pony at Christmas #DancePonyDance .

via MAA

The dancing pony is back just in time for Christmas. Get creative with #danceponydance and spread some cheer with The Christmas PonyGifter
Wieden+Kennedy London

Sport ad of the day. Wayne Rooney v Rory McIlroy (Football versus Golf) Nike Ad.

via MAA

Wieden+Kennedy’s Sao Paulo

Speedrun video of the day. Terminator 2 Judgement Day in 60 seconds.

"Please, do not subscribe to our channel:
Please, do not like our facebook:"

Christmas gift of the day. Lady Gaga - "GAGADOLL"


(English description to follow Japanese) 『GAGADOLL』は、LADY GAGAのNew Album『ARTPOP』発売を記念して、日本の最先端技術の粋を集めて生み出され­¬た、世界初・LADY GAGAそっくりの等身大人間型試聴機です。
特殊なシリコン成形によって、LADY GAGAのリアルな表情やきめ細やかな肌を再現。GAGADOLLの胸に顔を当てて抱­きしめると、内蔵された骨伝導スピーカーによって¬『ARTPOP』の楽曲と本人から­のメッセージを試聴することができます。

Japan's latest and finest technologies were put into the creation of the "GAGADOLL". It's the world's first life-size human-shaped listening station that closely resembles Lady Gaga. The bone conduction system enables one to listen to her songs and message.
The "GAGADOLL" was inspired by the concept of "ARTPOP" and this masterpiece made by Japan's master craftsmen has been highly-praised by Lady Gaga herself.

Scarevertising of the day. AutowayTire【閲覧注意】雪道コワイ




※Not for the faint of heart video.

Social ad of the day. Pro Infirmis «Because who is perfect?»

"In a moving exploration of perfection akin to recent Dove Beauty work, German agency Jung Von Matt/Limmat, working with fashion stores WE Fashion, modissa, PKZ, Schild and Bernies in Zurich, crafted a campaign that urged people to think about the definition of perfect."

Disabled mannequins will be eliciting astonished looks from passers-by on Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse today. Between the perfect mannequins, there will be figures with scoliosis or brittle bone disease modelling the latest fashions. One will have shortened limbs; the other a malformed spine. The campaign has been devised for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by Pro Infirmis, an organisation for the disabled. Entitled "Because who is perfect? Get closer.", it is designed to provoke reflection on the acceptance of people with disabilities. Director Alain Gsponer has captured the campaign as a short film.

See our former TV-Spots under:


Gianni Blumer:

Music: Lost At Sea by Dave Thomas Junior

martedì 3 dicembre 2013

Christmas ad of the day#2. KFC Christmas Advert 2013 - The Taste That Unites.


Hope you enjoy our latest TV ad. If you need to unite with someone this Xmas go to and tweet who you want to make peace with and why. You could star in the next ad during the X Factor final.

You can download our song from iTunes here:

"Ohhh Ohhh ... Yeahhh
I almost tore your hair out for the last doll in the store
But the things that once divided us don’t matter any more 
We showed up at your house again, singing all our stupid songs 
Normally I’d hose you down, but now it just seems wrong 
Let’s come together at Christmas time put all our differences aside 
One thing on which we all agree, the delicious taste of KFC 
Typically I hate your guts and I tried to kill you but 
One of everybody’s vices is 11 herbs and spices 
Ohhh whooo hooo ... seasoned meat 
I scream and cry and then I leave a wet spot on your knee 
But this year your behavior doesn’t bother me 
Our over-zealous snowball fight will cost you hundreds in repairs 
And though we’d usually sue your parents, now we just don’t care 
Let’s come together at Christmas time putting all our differences aside 
Because one of everybody’s vices is 11 herbs and spices 
Eleven months a year you drive me mad, this year you don’t seem so bad 
One thing on which we all agree, the delicious taste of KFC 
Let’s come together at Christmas time putting all our differences aside 
Because one of everybody’s vices is 11 herbs and spices 
Eleven months a year you drive me mad, this year you don’t seem so bad 
One thing on which we all agree, the delicious taste of KFC"
Lyrics via

Client: KFC
Jennelle Tilling, Vice President Marketing
Meghan Farren, Marketing Director
Agency: BBH London
Deputy Executive Creative Director: David Kolbusz
Copywriter: David Kolbusz & Matt Moreland
Art Director: David Kolbusz & Chris Clarke
Creative Director: Marc Hatfield
Producer: Rachel Hough
Assistant Producer: Vaia Ikonomou
Strategic Business Lead: Sian Cook
Team Director: Phil Baker
Team Manager: Leo Sloley
Strategy Director: Ross Berthinussen
Strategist: John Jones
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Orlando Wood
Producer: Amy Appleton
Production Manager: Nicola Dempsey
DoP: David Procter
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective
VFX Supervisor: Giles Cheetham
Telecine: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Post Producer: Matt Williams
Editing House: Final Cut
Editor: Rick Russell
Music Supervision: The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music
Artist: The Hot Sauce Posse
Sound: String and Tins
Sound Designer: Will Cohen

Sport ad of the day. Nike Football: Dare to be Brasilian.


Agency: Wieden + Kennedy São Paulo
ECDs: Icaro Doria, Guillermo Vega
Creative directors: Blake Kidder, Patrick Almaguer
Creatives: Vitor Amos, Pedro Izique
Production company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman

Christmas ad of the day. Netflix - Holiday Tree Topper.


Netflix. It just might bring everyone together this holiday season.
Agency Deutsch LA

Funny ad of the day. TyC Sports: Letter.


Young & Rubicam Argentina
Executive Creative Director
Martín Mercado
Executive Creative Director
Darío Rial
Executive Creative Director
Diego Tuya
Executive Creative Director
Martín Goldberg
Creative Director
ignacio galardi
Creative Director
Gonzalo Fernández

3D animation of the day. Banque Populaire - THE ROAD

THE ROAD by Lord of Barbes from Lord of Barbès on Vimeo.

The new TV commercial for la Banque Populaire co-directed by Lord Costa & Lady Roux. Production companies : Lord of Barbes Paris & Roof, Animation studio : Lord of Barbes Paris, Producer : Herve Lopez

Babel Paris
Lord of Barbes & Roof
Vinicius Costa
Lord of Barbes
Executive Creative Director
Paul Wauters
Art Director
Jing yang
Jean Desportes
Production company
Lord of Barbes
Agency Producer
Annie Moysan
Other credits
Co-director : Caroline Roux
Music : Diner au Motel
Sound design : Press Play on Tape

lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

Sport ad of the day. Nike представляет: Just Do It - PLAY RUSSIAN.

Кто-то считает это ненормальным. Мы считаем - это по-русски. Пришло время показать миру, что значит #playrussian