giovedì 1 settembre 2011

Keep On Walking.

1 Miller's Crossing 
2 Boogie Nights
3 Inception
4 Shaun of the Dead
5 Magnolia
6 Serenity
7 Shutter Island
8 Ghostbusters
9 Insidious
10 Zombieland
11 Bringing Out the Dead (À Tombeau Ouvert)
12 A History of Violence
13 Seven
14 V for Vendetta
15 Die Hard
16 127 hours
17 The Shining
18 Gerry
19 Fight Club
20 Reservoir Dogs
21 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
22 Boogie Nights
23 A Clockwork Orange (Orange Mécanique)
24 Empire of the Sun
25 A History of Violence
26 Carrie
27 The Adjustment Bureau (L'Agence)
28 The Wrestler
29 The Usual Suspects
30 Elephant
31 Poltergeist
32 Barton Fink
33 Gangs of New York
34 Valkyrie
35 The Good, The Bad and The Weird (Le Bon, la Brute et le Cinglé)
36 Braveheart
37 Mission Impossible 3
38 The Hudsucker Proxy (Le Grand Saut)
39 Evil Dead 2
40 Raising Arizona
41 Jurassic Park
42 Pulp Fiction
43 Goodfellas (Les Affranchis)
44 Citizen Kane 45 Sunshine
46 Munich
47 Boogie Nights
48 Leon, The Professional
49 Snake Eyes
50 Matrix
51 Raising Arizona
52 Bonfire of the Vanities
53 Magnolia
54 Dracula
55 2001: A Space Odyssey
56 The Dark Knight
57 Miller's Crossing
58 Raiders of the Lost Ark
59 Casino
60 The Big Lebowski
61 The Royal Tenenbaums
62 E.T.
63 Jurassic Park
64 There Will Be Blood
65 Raising Arizona
66 The Shining
67 Heat
68 Pulp Fiction
69 Constantine
70 The Hudsucker Proxy (Le Grand Saut)
71 Unbreakable (Incassable)
72 Brick
73 Swingers
74 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Arnaques, Crimes et Botanique)
75 Kill Bill
76 I Saw The Devil (J'ai Rencontré Le Diable)
77 Do The Right Thing
78 Men In Black 2
79 Star Trek
80 Gladiator
81 Bringing Out the Dead (À Tombeau Ouvert)
82 Eyes Wide Shut
83 Reservoir Dogs
84 There Will Be Blood
85 Kill Bill
86 Way of the Gun
87 Magnolia
88 Scream
89 O Brother, Where Art Thou?
90 The Good, The Bad and The Weird (Le Bon, la Brute et le Cinglé)
91 The New World
92 The Lives of Others (La Vie des Autres)
93 The Happening (Phénomènes)
94 Inception
95 Taps
96 L.A. Confidential
97 Shutter Island
98 Das Boot
99 Reservoir Dogs
100 Mission Impossible 3
101 The Thing
102 Carlito's Way (L'impasse)
103 Valkyrie
104 Constantine
105 Leon, The Professional
106 Memento
107 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
108 True Grit
109 The Searchers (La Prisonnière du Désert)

lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Ads of the week. Misereor Pinacoteca Art Museum of São Paulo IKEA Arrive Alive ESPN VW People for Good Orange

Misereor Commercial - Courage to Act

Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Lorenz Ritter, Christian Doering
Art Directors: Julia Siniaeva, Andreas Meier
Copywriter: Sabine Kuckuck
Consultant: Jan Kowalsky
Producer: Emanuel Mugrauer
Production: Sehsucht
Director: Mate Steinforth
Animation: Mate Steinforth, Helge Kiehl, Christian Zschunke, Hannes Weikert, Philipp Brömme, Alex Glawion, Ronny Schmidt
Compositing: Helge Kiehl
Producer: Julia Rudloff
Music / Sound Design: Vandertone Music and Sound Manufactory

Pinacoteca Art Museum of São Paulo: Le Curiosism

Advertising Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Eduardo Lima, Fabio Fernandes
Art Director: Bruno Oppido
Copywriters: Eduardo Lima, Romero Cavalcanti, Mariana Borga
Head of Art: João Linneu
Director: Jones + Tino
Production Company: Delicatessen Films
Agency Producer: Adriano Costa
Agency Producer: Marcio Leitão
Editor: Jones + Tino
Music: Satelite
Advertiser's Supervisors: Marcelo Araujo, Camila Sampaio

IKEA: Playfight

Advertising Agency: Mother, London, UK
Director: Martin Krejci
Production: Company Stink
Producer: Ben Croker
Editor: Filip Malasek
Post Production: Tom Sparks / One of Us / The Mill
Audio Post Production: Factory
Sound Design: Jan Muchow
DoP: Stepan Kucera

Arrive Alive: Wake Up

A public service announcement for Arrive Alive. Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa.
Writer-Director: William Nicholson
Producer: Cait Pansegrouw
DP: Pierre De Villiers
Sound: Sarah Faye De Myunk
Camera Assistants: Jason Aldridge & Handsome Mhalnga
Actress: Lauren Steyn
Actor: Tivan Bumstead
Special thanks to Zootee Productions, James Matthes & Jade Adami
For more of William Nicholson's work see

ESPN: Decent Proposal

Wieden + Kennedy New York
Creative Director:
Brandon Henderson
Creative Director:
Stuart Jennings
Eric Steele
Art Director:
Eric Cosper
Nik Traxler
Executive Creative Director:
Scott Vitrone
Executive Creative Director:
Ian Reichenthal
Head of Content Production:
Gary Krieg
Production Company:
O Positive
Jim Jenkins
Executive Producer:
Marc Grill
Line Producer:
Marc Grill
Director of Photography:
Robert Yeoman
Editorial Company:
Corky Devault
Assistant Editor:
Nate Katz
Post Producer:
Melanie Klein
Post Executive Producer:
Corina Dennison
VFX Company:
VFX Supervisor:
Kieran Walsh
Flame Artist:
Matt Riley
Flame Artist:
Joe Scaglione
VFX Producer:
Cara McKenney
VFX Executive Producer:
Frank Devlin
Music & Sound Company:
Karma Groove
Richard Wagner
Auria Abraham
"Bridal March"
Auria Abraham
Mix Company:
Sound Lounge
Phil Loeb
Gloria Pitagorsky

Volkswagen Cabriolet: Roof
Advertising Agency: DDB, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Copywriter: Mike Crowe
Art Director: Rob Messeter
Director: Benito Montorio
Production Company: Blink Productions
Agency TV Producers: Maggie Blundell, Rachel Amess
Producer: Josh Barwick
Media agency: Mediacom
Media planner: Adrian Brook
Business Directors: Jonathan Hill, Paul Billingsley
Account Managers: Jon Barnes, Harriet Bates
Account Planner: Tom Lloyd

People for Good: Parking Lot

Zulu Alpha Kilo
People For Good
Media Experts
Digital Creative Director:
Sean Ganann
Creative Director:
Zak Mroueh
Creative Director:
Joseph Bonnici
Art Director:
Mark Bovey
Art Director:
Mark Francolini
Art Director:
Mooren Bofill
Mooren Bofill
Media Team:
Mark Sherman
Media Team:
Richard Ivey
Media Team:
Giosi Nizzola
Media Team:
Mike Rumble
Writer (English):
George Ault
Writer (French):
Martin Belanger
Social Media:
Cory Pelletier
Mobile App Developer:
Studio Artist:
Mo Elabi
Studio Artist:
Whitney Taylor
Studio Artist:
Jose Silva
Studio Artist:
Dayle Sheward
Interactive Programmer:
Adam Brandejs
Agency Producer:
Bette Minott
Agency Print Producer:
Kate Spencer
Agency Print Producer:
Eileen Smith
Digital Programmer:
Adam Brandejs
Production House:
Radke Films
Geordie Stephens
Dwight Phipps
Music & Sound Design:
Pirate Radio
Editing Company:
Panic & Bob
John Evans
Casting House:
Fade to Black
Shereen Mroueh
Executive Producer:
Edie Weiss
Executive Producer:
Scott Mackenzie
Strategic Planner:
Ritchie Emslie
Music Director:
Terry O'Reilly
Music Director:
Steve Gardner

Orange: Popcorn

Executive Creative Director:
Santiago Lucero
Creative Director:
Gui Borchert
Art Director:
Mariano Cassisi
Laura Visco
Group Account Director:
Katrien DeBauw
Account Director:
Emily Kortlang
Account Manager:
Sam Bloch
Agency Planners:
Gareth Goodall & Holly Clancey
Agency Producer:
Tracy Stokes
Production Company:
Chris Palmer
Alicia Bernard
Director of Photography:
Alicia Bernard
Scot Crane @ The Quarry
Tom Sparks
Media Agency:
Media Planner:
Sarah Matthews