sabato 6 giugno 2015

Music video of the day. M.I.L.K: If We Want To

Ad of the day. The Tiny & The Tasty - French Toast Crunch

"McCann, Picture Mill and Beacon Street collaborated on the campaign." via adfreak

Storytelling of the day. The Cup Half Full - Keurig

Client: Keurig Green Mountain
Agency: Havas Worldwide, New York
Group Executive Creative Directors, Managing Directors: Israel Garber, Jason Musante
Executive Creative Directors: Dustin Duke, Jon Wagner
Creative Director: Donnell Johnson
Associate Creative Director: Rhea Hanges
Head of Content, North America: Rich Rosenthal
Co-Head of Production, North America: Sylvain Tron
Executive Producer: Arlene Steinwald
Junior Producer: Wendy Luong
Digital Producer: Thao Le
Group Account Director: Laura Dartnall
Account Director: Laure Ayel
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Stanislau
Assistant Account Executive: Alex Zubak
Production Company: Tool
Director: Erich Joiner
Managing Director: Oliver Fuselier
Executive Producer: Lori Sonebraker
Producer: Joby Ochsner

Automotive ad of the day. 2016 Subaru Forester: Making Memories

A father cleans out the family’s old Subaru Forester as he prepares to pass it on to his 16-year-old daughter. Each artifact he finds in the car triggers a memory of a moment he's shared with his daughter— which then magically appears on the lawn. As the daughter drives off in the old Subaru, we're reminded that you can fit a lot of memories into a Subaru, but there's always room for more. 

Learn more about the Subaru Forester

Music Track: "Time Will Tell" performed by Gregory Alan Isakov. 

Written by Gregory Alan Isakov.

Client: Subaru of America
Spot: "Making Memories"
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Damman
Exec Creative Director: Randy Hughes
Writer / Group Creative Director: Dean Buckhorn
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Brad Harrison
Head of Production: Joe Grundhoefer
Senior Executive Content Producer: Brynn Hausmann
Business Manager: Vicki Oachs
Account Management: Brad Williams, Adam Craw, Kate Moret, Greta Hughes, Robert Ar
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Noam Murro
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Colleen O'Donnell
Line. Producer: Jay Veal
Director of Photography: Simon Duggan
Edit House: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Stewart Reeves
Assistant Editor: Luke McIntosh and Arielle Zakowski
Executive Producer: Angela Dorian
Producer: Ashley Bartell
VFX House The Mill
Exec Producer: Sue Troyan
Sr. VFX Producer: Dan Roberts
Production Coordinator: Mary Hayden
Shoot Supervisor: Chris Knight, Robert Sethi
Creative Director/2D Lead Artists: Chris Knight
2D Artists: Steve Cokonis, Daniel Lang
Design: Eugene Gauran
Telecine: Company 3 / Stefan Sonnenfeld
Audio Mix: BWN Music / Carl White
Sound Design: BWN Music / Carl White
Post Production Audio Producer: BWN Music / Annie Sparrows
On-Line Editor: Volt Studios / Steve Medin
Music: "Time Will Tell"
Performed by: Gregory Alan Isakov
Written by Gregory Alan Isakov
Music Supervisor: Venn Arts / Jonathan Hecht
On-camera talent: PJ King (Dad)
Fay Masterson (Mom)
Madison Beaty (Teen)
Cordelia Zawaraski (Tween)
Margaret Clark (Grade-schooler)
Quinn Porter (Toddler)
Voice Over Talent: PJ King
Justin Beere (Announcer)

giovedì 4 giugno 2015

Toy of the day. NIVEA DOLL

Everybody knows that kids hate applying sun block. That’s why we created NIVEA DOLL, a toy that sunburns when exposed to UV rays. Kids learn the importance of skin care as they apply sun block on the doll to protect it.
FCB Brasil for NIVEA. ANIMATION DIRECTOR: Daniel Soro, Alexandre Chalabi and Paula Brandão CREATIVE AGENCY ART BUYER: Tina Castro and Daniel Gonçalves TECHNOLOGY: Gerson Lupatini and Marcio Bueno ART DIRECTOR: Ricardo Silveira, Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues, Victor Bustani COPYWRITER: André Bittar, Giampetro Zanon, Marcelo Jun Sato CREATIVE: (VP) Joanna Monteiro and Max Geraldo CREATIVE AGENCY: FCB Brasil CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Adriano Alarcon and Carlos Schleder DIGITAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Pedro Gravena ILLUSTRATOR: Estúdio Ícone MEDIA PLANNER: Alexandre Ugadin, Sergio Broto, Rachid Antun PLANNER: Raphael Barreto, Frederico Steinhoff PLANNERS: Alice Alcantara and Stephanie Day MUSIC AND SOUND MUSIC PRODUCTION: Satélite Áudio OFFLINE EDITOR: Luiz Eduardo Doria, Rodrigo Resende and Abner Palma POST PRODUCTION / VFX PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Nayla Kols POST PRODUCTION HOUSE: Piloto MOTION GRAPHICS: Diego Bischoff, Manoel Roque, Paulo Rogério de Oliveira COMPOSITOR: Alessandro Gerace PRODUCTION COMPANY PRODUCTION MANAGER: Mariana Guerra and Fernanda Ragazzi

Proud ad of the day. NYC Pride (The Official NYC LGBT Pride Organizer) - Shout for those who couldn't.

McGann Zhang

Funny ad of the day. P&G - Dish Therapy: Boss - Magistral

Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires

mercoledì 3 giugno 2015

Campaign of the day. Shot on iPhone 6


Video of the day. Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier for Sinfini Music

Bach: The Well Tempered Clavier for Sinfini Music from Alan Warburton on Vimeo.

In 1722, Johann Sebastian Bach began one of his most ambitious works: a 24-part comprehensive guide to the keyboard, demonstrating the musical qualities of every major and minor key. The first part, C Major, saw Bach create two masterful compositions that explore musical structure in very different ways.

My film draws inspiration from minimalist sculpture and graphical notation, an alternative to traditional sheet music notation that evolved in the 1950s and often involves abstract symbols and experimental visual codes.

Commissioned by Sinfini:
Created by Alan Warburton:

Programming by Matthew Bain:
Sound Design by Mustafa Bal:
Musical Consultation by Jonathan James:

The Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by: Pierre-Laurent Aimard.

Read more about the project here:

Music video of the day. 安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)

*** 画面をタッチしたまま視聴してください。フルスクリーン推奨 ***
*** Please keep touching the screen while you watch. Best viewed on full screen mode ***

New Album「_genic」収録曲「Golden Touch」のミュージックビデオを公開。カンヌ国際広告祭をはじめ数々の受賞歴を持­­つ、クリエイ ティブディレクター川村真司氏率いるクリエイティブ・ラボPARTY NYと、NYとLAを拠点とする映像プロダクションLOGANのKenji Yamashitaによる共同監督作品。楽曲タイト­ ル「Golden Touch」の“Touch(タッチ)”をコンセプトに、実際にビデオをタッチしなが­­ ら観ることで色々なタッチを疑似体験することができる疑似インタラクティヴ・なミュー­­ジックビデ オ。

The new music video for "Golden Touch" off the new album "_genic" was released. This music video is made by PARTY NY which is run by creative director Masashi Kawamura who has received various awards including Cannes Lions, and co-directed by Masashi Kawamura and Kenji Yamashita from LOGAN, an award-winning creative production studio based in NY and LA. Based on the song title “Golden Touch”, the concept of the video is “Touch.” It is a simulated interactive music video that let’s you touch the video and experience a different type of touch. 

また、アルバム発売を記念して、画面に触れている間だけ「Golden Touch」ミュージックビデオが流れるスマホおよびタブレット用スペシャル・アプリ­も発売予定!

New Album「_genic」Special Website

全曲未発表の新曲を収録した約2年ぶりのNew Album「_genic」が6月10日に発売決定!
さらに、Special Trackには、世界のダンス・ミュージック・シーンを牽引するDJ/プロデューサー­“David Guetta”とのコラボレーション楽曲「What I Did For Love」の追加収録も決定!また、UKアンダーグラウンド・シーンから現れ、Pic­hfork、DAZED & CONFUSED、SPIN、Noiseyなど主要音楽メディアからの“大絶賛”を得­ている注目アーティスト“SOPHIE”をプロデューサーに起用した「B Who I Want 2 B feat. U hum sneak it」の他、DVD・Blu-rayには、新曲で撮り下ろした全5曲のミュージックビ­デオを収録!

- 商品概要 -
Namie Amuro
New Album「_genic」
2015.6.10 On Sale

AVCN-99024/B ¥3,800+tax

AVCN-99025/B ¥4,200+tax

AVCN-99026 ¥3,000+tax


Time Has Come
Golden Touch
B Who I Want 2 B feat. U hum sneak it
Every Woman
Space Invader
Special Track
What I Did For Love (David Guetta feat. Namie Amuro)

Golden Touch (Music Video)
Birthday (Music Video)
Fashionista (Music Video)
Stranger (Music Video)
Anything (Music Video)

・New Album 「_genic」特設サイト
・Dimension Pointレーベルサイト

-Golden Touch Music Video Staff Credit-
DIRECTOR: Masashi Kawamura
DESIGNER: Jamie Carreiro, Qanta Shimizu, Tom Galle, Eiji Muroichi
TALENT: Lolli (disco dog)

DIRECTOR: Kenji Yamashita
PRODUCER: Catherine Yi
AD+ EDITOR: Matt Anderson
LEAD 2D ANIMATOR: Adam Stockett, Lu Liu, Mike Costabile
2D ANIMATOR: Rick Kuan, Nate Mullkien, Jingky Gilbert, David Lee
LEAD COMPOSITOR: Eric Concepcion, Lu Liu
JR COMPOSITOR: Felicia Guest
3D ARTIST: Livio Huang, Warren Heimall
COLORIST: Adrian Seery
COORDINATOR: Peter Rynsky, Kaori Watanabe
PA: Brian Criss, Erica Dillman
DP: Dylan Steinberg
AC: Alexa Carrol

LEAD PROP STYLIST: Maggie Ruder, Cat Navarro
PROP STYLIST: Courtney Dawley
ASSISTANT PROP STYLIST: Jason Jaring, Miles Debas, Phillip Kadowaki, Ellen Burke, Elizabeth Flogd, Brian Goodwin
FRAME MODELS NY TALENT: Daniel Jones, Jake Dean Taylor, AJ Clarke
TALENT: Jacqueline Reyes, Phillip Kadowaki
SPECIAL THANKS: Alan Bibby, Madison Brigode, Ariella Amrami, Shuyi Wu, Rachel Rardin


martedì 2 giugno 2015

Digital stuff of the day. The Tweeting Pothole

The Tweeting Pothole from P4 Ogilvy on Vimeo.
Advertising Agency: P4 Ogilvy & Mather, Panama City, Panama
Chief Creative Officer: Edwin Mon
Associate Creative Director: Alejandro Blanc
Creative Director: Osvaldo Restrepo
Digital Creative Director: Alberto Lam
Copywriter: Edmar Quiros
Senior Art Director: Roberto Perez
Art Director: Edmar Quiros
Designer: Franklin Lu
General Account Executive: Monica Urrutia
Digital Account Manager: Luis Gonzales
Production Company: VFX Panama, SAKE Argentina
Producers: Benjamin LiaoBelisario AlvarezMonica CrespoJosefina Herz
Director: Sol Abadi
Director of Photography: Mariano Monti
Editing: Sake Argentina
Music: Salmon Osado
Sound Design: Salmon Osado
Post Production: Marcos Ruiz, SAKE Argentina
Animation: Sake Argentina
Digital Media Director: Francisco Hernandez / MEDCOM
Published: April 2015

domenica 31 maggio 2015

Low cost ad of the day. iStock - Epic footage at non-epic price.


Animal Spot of the day. PEDIGREE® | The Walk

Dogs bring out the good in us. PEDIGREE® brings out the good in them. 
Share this video and help #FeedTheGood.

Can dogs teach us to be better people? Pedigree believes they can. This new commercial presents two different people - a curmudgeonly older man and a contemporary teen - walking in a neighborhood, making assumptions about one another, which are eventually softened by the presence of their dogs, who see no color, age or differences, only the good in each individual.

Watch more videos, and discover how dogs help #FeedTheGood

More #FeedTheGood films:


®/™ Trademarks © Mars, Incorporated 2015.

Client: Mars/Pedigree
Title: "The Walk"
Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Executive Creative Director: Greg Ketchum
Executive Creative Director: Tom Godici
Creative Director: Greg Gerstner
Associate Creative Director: Banks Noel
Creative Director: Andy Blood
Art Director: Scott Kelly
Copywriter: Ben Polkinghorne
Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Senior Content Producer: Sofia Doktori
Head of Music Production: Rani Vaz
Group Planning Director: Crystal Rix
Managing Director: Kirsten Flanik
Senior Account Director: Mark Mulhern
Account Director: Sally Nathans
Account Manager: Brandon Jansa
Account Executive: Rachel Greenlee
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Lance Acord
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive Producer: Dinah Rodriguez
Head of Production: Anne Bobroff
EP / Producer: Caroline Kousidonis
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Russell Icke
Assistant Editor: James Donahue                  
Executive Producer: Lauren Hertzberg
Producer: Alejandra Alarcon
Post Production: CarbonVFX
Colorist: Ben Gibbs
Lead flame: Matt Reilly
Flame Assistant: Joe Scaglione
Executive Producer: Frank Devlin
Producer: Bree Bracket
Music: Barking Owl
Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer & Sound Designer: Tom Jurcarone

Tech ad of the day. Dislife: More than a sign.

Agency:Y&R Moscow Client:Dislife Founder:Yuri Kovalev Chief Creative Officer:Luis Tauffer Chief Creative Officer:Marco Cremona Associate Creative Director:Federico Fanti Chief Creative Officer/Central & Eastern Europe:Jaime Mandelbaum Art Director:Artem Goncharov Copywriter:Nikita Bocharov Head of Design:Oleg Sazhin Designer:Polina Zabrodskaya Head of TV Production:Alex Al-Nashi Effects:Simpatika Studio Production Company:Ad Service Art Director:Alexander Perminov Film Editor:Ilya Malov Producer:Yana Seredenko Sound Engineer:Valentin Borisevich Computer Graphics Specialist:Michael Ovsiannikov Computer Graphics Specialist:Egor Kasatsky Computer Graphics Specialist:Oleg Maximov Art Director:Vit Sheitnev Producer:Andrey Morozov Operator:Anton Sidorov