mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Google Slam. Something incredibly great.

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Epic Docs Animation

From Motiongrapher

“The Epic Doc” is a short advert directed by Varathit Uthaisri (aka “Tu”), a filmaker currently working with Google Creative Lab in NYC. A few months ago, Tu and the team at Google Creative Lab helped the launch of the Google “DemoSlam” website ( where people can submit videos, demonstrating the use of Google’s products in creative ways. “The Epic Doc” is one of these explorations.

In essence, “The Epic Doc” is simply 450 pages of Google doc pages, captured as a slide show. It’s also a bootleg style animation through the land of institutional pie charts and bar graphs disguised as simple and cool illustrations. (Check out this awesome google doc animation the team created early in the process).

Reaching over a half million hits in less than a weak, “The Epic Doc” is a reminder that with a good idea and a load of imagination, anything’s possible.

Keep an eye out for more of the DemoSlam campaign. Also check out our interview with Tu, here.

martedì 21 dicembre 2010

Music clip of the week. '030' by The Good The Bad.

A Girl Called 030 from 030 on Vimeo.

'030' by The Good The Bad (UNCUT) from 030 on Vimeo.

Directed by Jeppe Kolstrup. (

DoP - Rasmus Heise
Editor - Alexander Hørup
Make Up - Ayoe Nissen
Producer - Line Sander
Executive Producer - Jonas Koop
Colour Grading - Lasse Marcussen at Cameo Film

FREE MP3 Download of '030' available at


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