venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Hilarious christmas ad of the day. Even Santa Poops -

What happens when all those milk and cookies catch up with Santa on his big night? He gets busted like never before… Should've used Poo~Pourri, Kringle! Get the perfect gift at 

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray is a blend of natural essential oils that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins—so you can leave the porcelain sleigh smelling better than you found it!

Poo~Pourri Toilet Deodorizers

Some say the secret to a happy relationship is separate bathrooms, but those people have never tried Poo~Pourri, the classy, sassy, ultra effective way to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it. Our award winning before-you-go toilet sprays come in several different sizes and scents. Go ahead...join thousands of happy customers who've tried Poo~Pourri for fun and keep using it because it really works!

How it Works

When you spray Poo~Pourri into the bowl before-you-go, our proprietary formula creates a protective barrier on the water's surface. This barrier is designed to trap unpleasant bathroom odors beneath the surface and keep them out of the air. All you'll smell is a refreshing bouquet of essential oils!

Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Really Works!

With a bottle of Poo~Pourri in your handbag, what you do in the bathroom is nobody's business but yours! Poo~Pourri's aromatherapy magic replaces embarrassment with confidence in any bathroom situation. There'll be no aerosol cover-up for you! You (and everyone around you) can breathe easy with Poo~Pourri.

Poo~Pourri does more than just improve air quality -- it's environmentally friendly. Our secret, patent-pending blends rely on essential oils to eliminate bathroom odors, making it safe for the planet and your septic systems.

Poo~Pourri's Money Back Stink-Free Guarantee

Sound too good to be true? Try Poo-Pourri and see how thousands of people are making their bathroom experiences better. We're so sure you'll love it, we even offer an unconditional Money Back Stink-Free Guarantee.

With Poo~Pourri, husbands, wives, coworkers, roommates -- even kids -- can do their business while smelling like a rose... or lemongrass or jasmine or... well, we have over 20 scents. So take your pick! Click SHOP at the top of the page to see all the wonderful products Poo-Pourri has to offer.

Production Company: World War Seven
Executive Producer: Josh Ferrazzano
Producer: Mike Begovich
Directors: Pete Marquis & Jamie T. McCelland (Pete & Jamie)
Concept: Joel Ackerman and Hector Batiz
Writers: Pete Marquis & Jamie T. McCelland (Pete & Jamie)
Copywriter: Joel Ackerman
Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips
Production Designer: Russell Jaeger
Wardrobe Stylst: Karla Cavalli & Harmoni Everett
Hair & Make-up Artist: Colleen Hogan
Editor: Karen Kourtessis (Beast)
Sound Design: Chirs Stangroom (Hobo Audio) 
Colorist: Robert Crosby (Neptune Post)
Santa: Mike Faella
Sister #1: Isabella Blake Thomas
Sister #2: Ava Devoe
Sister #3: Haylie Di Fronzo
Lady on Santa’s Lap: Bethany Woodruff

giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Funny campaign of the day. The World’s Most Modern Bird: ASUS T100 - #onthefly

Flap your wings and clean your beaks! Meet Edward and his T100, most probably… the world’s most modern bird. He knows the secret to an easier life.
Find out more about the ASUS Transformer Book T100:

Sneak peekers: ASUS T100 ‐ #onthefly

Are you a sneak peeker? You don’t have to be. The ASUS T100 has up to 11 hours of battery life.
Find out more about the ASUS Transformer Book T100:

Lovebirds: ASUS T100 - #onthefly

Hey Lovebirds! The ASUS T100 has a handy keyboard that makes writing a quick love note easy, so stop slapping around those sausage thumbs and start wooing!
Find out more about the ASUS Transformer Book T100:

Client: Asus
Client Contacts: Chinwen Weng, Clio Kuo, David Chen

Agency: SuperHeroes
Executive Creative Director: Rogier Vijverberg
Copywriters: Elliot Stewart Franzen, Dimitri Hekimian
Art Director: Quentin Deronzier
Designers: Nando Pawirodikromo, Krister Lima
Client Services Director: Django Weisz Blanchetta
Producers: Evelien Schenkkan, Severien Jansen
Strategic, Planning Director: Felipe Camara
Interactive Designer: Krister Lima
Developer: Chris Noble-Partridge

Production, Postproduction: Minivegas
Directors: Andrew Watson, Maarten Boon
Scriptwriter: Andrew Watson
Executive Producer: Brian Bourke
Producer: Sanne Rosinga
Postproduction Producer: Marloes de Rijke
Editor: Sander van der Aa
Lead Compositor: Sven de Jong
Sound Design: Kaiser Sound

mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

Music video of the day. Chulius & The Filarmónicos / Don´t

Chulius & The Filarmónicos / Don´t from nomeno on Vimeo.
N E W music video for Grammy winner Los Amigos Invisibles' Julio Briceño -aka Chulius & The Filarmónicos- latest single release from Shorts and Sandals.
«In a succession of shots of almost statuesque stillness, the erotomaniac beauty of English actress Kimberley Tell -an echo of the cold and sharp beauty of Cybill Shepherd- lives dangerously with a haunting death drive that is only a game, but that just happens to be the game that turns this piece into something unique and seductively captivating.»
Raül De Tena, Fantastic Plastic Magazine Editor



Hoonigan, Ford and Need For Speed proudly present Ken Block’s Gymkhana SEVEN; Wild in the Streets: Los Angeles.

martedì 18 novembre 2014

PSA of the day. THINK! Don’t Drink Drive 50th Anniversary Advert

More info here

Our new THINK! advert marks the 50th anniversary of anti-drink drive campaigning. Although road deaths caused by drink drivers have fallen significantly from 1,640 in 1967 to 230 deaths in 2012, this film reminds viewers that one death on our roads is still one too many.

Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. You risk a fine of up to £5,000, a minimum 12-month driving ban and a criminal record.

To find out more please visit:
Think! Website:
Think! YouTube:
Think! Twitter:
Department for Transport Website:


lunedì 17 novembre 2014

Sport ad of the day. Nike - CHOOSE YOUR WINTER

Every winter, the weather provides easy excuses. With Nike Hyperwarm, all athletes can keep working hard, winning in any conditions.
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

domenica 16 novembre 2014

Funny ad of the day. Turkish Airlines - Drogba vs. Messi: #EpicFood

Superstars Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba race to find the most delicious food on the planet. No time for sightseeing! They fly in search of epic food experiences, with Turkish Airlines, who fly to more flavours than any other airline...

İki yıldız Lionel Messi ve Didier Drogba dünyanın en lezzetli yemeklerini tatmak için yarışıyor. Kalıp gezmeye vakitleri yok! Dünyanın en çok lezzetine uçan havayolu şirketi Türk Hava Yolları ile harika yemekleri keşfetmeye uçuyorlar...

Via agencyspy
Project name: Drogba vs Messi Epic Food

Client: Turkish Airlines

Client: Serdar Ekrem Şirin: Advertising Manager

Creative agency: CP+B London

Executive Creative Directors: Matt Gooden and Ben Walker

Creative Directors: Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag

Copywriter: Emma Penz

Art Director: Philip Sinclair

Account Team: Charles Faircloth, Genevieve Sexton, Ilkay Dibekoglu, Avital Fineman

Agency Producer TV: Rob Steiner

Planner: Nimi Raja

Production Company: HSI

Director: Joseph Kahn

Prod Co Producer: Nicola Kenney

Print Post Production: The Mill

Editor: Ben Harrex

Music Artist – Lank & Tank

Music Title – Jakil

Music Publisher: Bucks Music Publishing

Music Executive Producer: Pitch & Sync

Agency Producer Print: Ali Power and James McNichol

Print Production Company: U La La

Photographer: Eva Edsjö (Agent: Sylvie)

Prod Co Producer: James Stewart @ U La La

Post Production: Finalize