sabato 4 novembre 2017

Automotive ad of the day. #StartYourImpossible | Mobility for All | Toyota

'We want to make movement better for everyone, whether you're 1 or 100 years old. As the Worldwide Mobility Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we believe that when we are free to move, anything is possible. #StartYourImpossible Learn about all of our mobility ideas at

TOYOTA CITY, Japan (Nov. 1, 2017) – Toyota continues its evolution as a mobility company with its first-ever global marketing campaign. “Start Your Impossible” launches today in 24 countries in celebration of Toyota’s eight-year global sponsorship of The Olympic and Paralympic Games as the first-ever Mobility Partner in the history of The Olympic Partner (TOP) Programme to sponsor the mobility category.
“Start Your Impossible” debuts with a film entitled “Mobility For All” which features 100 real-life mobility stories of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and other individuals (ages 1 to 100) in every stage of life. An additional 15 markets will start running in the months leading up to The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2018.

The fully integrated campaign highlights Toyota’s mission to create a barrier-free society and reinforces the company’s values of humility, hard work, overcoming challenges, and never giving up.
While “Mobility For All” is the first creative asset to debut globally, Toyota will roll out nine additional spots globally that feature inspirational stories and Toyota's range of mobility products - a mix of conceptual inventions used for research and development purposes and products that Toyota has committed to deliver to the market.
The “Start Your Impossible” campaign TV commercials close with an original mnemonic featuring Toyota’s mobility products and athletes who embody the best in human performance.  Print, digital and out-of-home “Start Your Impossible” creative aims to start conversations about breaking barriers to achieve dreams.
Toyota has recently launched a website – In consultation with the National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) in the United States, the website (which will be rolled out in phases) is built to be accessible for users with various impairments and to allow all users to experience the site’s content. Whether set to default, visually impaired, hearing impaired, mobility impaired or cognitively impaired, all coding and design features work to make the experience equally enjoyable for all users.
A partial list of the digital and social amplifications of “Start Your Impossible” that will be available at launch include:

  • Relay Your Challenge: With the belief that achieving the impossible begins by setting goals and declaring them aloud, Toyota encourages consumers and its team members to share their ‘impossible statement’ and relay it forward so that people worldwide can participate and challenge themselves. Visit
  • Impossible Stories: These are inspiring in-depth long form videos of 10 impossible challengers in 10 countries, three of which are available at launch. The documentaries convey a deeper understanding of Toyota’s vision for the future through the challengers’ stories of starting their own “impossible.”
A group of 16 distinguished athletes taking part in the first “Mobility for All” spot of the campaign includes: Tatyana McFadden, the world’s leading wheelchair racer who has won 17 Paralympic medals across five Games for the USA; Brad Snyder, American Paralympic swimmer, former captain of the U.S. Naval Academy swim team and three-time gold medalist at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016; and Rami Anis, a swimmer from Syria, part of the Refugee Olympic Team at the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

To view and learn more about Toyota and the “Start Your Impossible” campaign visit
“At Toyota, we embrace the potential of new technology to help us create products and services that enable people to overcome barriers and to reach their potential,” said Susumu Matsuda, Marketing Division General Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation. “The Olympic and Paralympic Games align with Toyota’s values and are platforms to showcase our global commitment to the concept of mobility for all.”
“Mobility means something different to every person around the world.  At Toyota, we have always defined mobility as providing people with the opportunity to move freely, and we believe the time has come to share our mobility vision and solutions with everyone.  I can think of no better stage to announce our evolution as The Human Movement Company than the pinnacle of human movement, the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” said Jack Hollis, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Motor North America. “At Toyota, we believe that movement is a human right. With the ‘Start Your Impossible’ campaign, we aim to inspire people and as a company, aspire to solve challenges and create solutions to mobility barriers that limit human potential.”
“The campaign, was born out of an unprecedented move by Toyota and our long-standing agency partners at Saatchi & Saatchi (Los Angeles and Dallas) and Dentsu (Tokyo) that broke down agency walls to collaborate as one integrated team,” Hollis said.”

venerdì 3 novembre 2017

Automotive ad of the day. Uber | Boxes | Let's Unlock Cities

Watch what happens when boxes overflow a city to the point of hilarity. Imagine if they were cars... Learn more at #ridetogether Get a glimpse behind the scenes:

Agency Forsman & Bodenfors
Credits - 
Account Director - Alison Arnold
Account Manager - Helen Johansson
Account Supervisor: Sanna Fagring
Art Director - John Bergdahl
Copywriter - Jacob Nelson, Rikke Jacobsen
PR-strategist - Bjarne Darwall
Designer - Emelie Lindquist, Johan Fredriksson
Planner - Tobias Nordström, Leo Bovaller
Agency Producer, film - Alexander Blidner
Music Supervisor - Jenny Ring
Director - Adam Berg
Executive Producer - Johan Lindström
Producer - Ben Croker
Production Manager - Kate Wynborne
Director of Photography - Mattias Rudh
First Assistant Director - Tony Fernandez
Grade - Mark Gethin | MPC Los Angeles
Editor - Paul Hardcastle | TRIM
VFX - Swiss
Post Production Supervisor - Leo Wilk
Sound Design - Redpipe | Joakim Kristensen
Production Company - INDIO
Activation Strategy & Orchestration - Mano Copenhagen
Distribution Partner - Oath
Advertisers Supervisor: Eshan Ponnadurai, Marketing Director APAC
Advertisers Supervisor: Kunal Gupta, Lead, Rider Marketing APAC

giovedì 2 novembre 2017

Nice ad of the day. P&G Thank You, Mom | The Winter Olympics 2018 | #LoveOverBias

When the world sees differences, a mom sees boundless potential. For the Winter Olympics 2018, we’re honoring a mom’s role in helping her kids overcome the world’s bias. Just imagine what the world could be if we all saw each other through a mom’s loving eyes. Thank you, Mom. To learn more about the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 and our campaign, visit: At P&G we aspire to a world where everyone is equally free to pursue their dreams, no matter who you are, where you come from, who you love, or how you worship. We’re using our voice as an Olympic Games sponsor to celebrate a mom’s role in helping her kids overcome bias and seeing their potential no matter what others see. Just imagine what the world could be if we all saw each other through a mom’s eyes.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

Automotive ad of the day. Tower of Success - 2018 Honda Accord


Better is a never-ending quest.  That’s why after decades of success, we’ve reached beyond our best to create the most impressive Honda ever, the all-new Accord. For more Honda Accord content, follow us on social at: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Google+ – Pinterest – Tumblr – Snapchat – LinkedIn –

domenica 29 ottobre 2017

Automotive ad of the day. #HONDANEXTDOOR

more info here

En 2017, Honda innove et propose à ses fans, le temps d’une opération spéciale, de transformer leur maison en centre d’essai Honda.
Agency: Sid Lee, Paris
President: Sylvain Thirache
CEO: Johan Delpuech
Managing Director: Bruno Lee
Account Director: Fabien Buferne
Consultant: Camille Lefrère
Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter : Güllit Baku
Art Director: Ludovic Gontrand
Production Director : Thomas Laget
Producer: Aldric Menanteau
Production Studio: MILES
President: Eliott Brunet
Director: Geordy Montfils
Director of Production: César Décharme
Honda Motor Europe Vice President: Christophe Decultot
Department Manager – Car Division: Pierre Guignot
Marketing Manager: Steve Amsellem

Animal Spot of the day. Whiskas K.I.T.


Stunt of the day. Strange Mode: Lyft x Stranger Things

This October, the Upside Down is coming to a Lyft ride near you. To celebrate Halloween and the premiere of Netflix’s Emmy Award–winning hit, “Stranger Things,” we’ve teamed up with the streaming service for a first-of-its kind partnership.

If you're in LA or Philly on Oct. 27 or 28, tap to request in Strange Mode for a free ride to the Upside Down. Some lucky passengers got a sneak peek, and it sure looks like they could have used some help from Eleven.