venerdì 14 giugno 2013

Outdoor of the day. Luna Corona.


Agency Cramer-Krasselt 

Digital stuff of the day. Huggies - Can Dads Get Pregnant?


Ogilvy & Mather Argentina

giovedì 13 giugno 2013

Digital stuff of the day. Burberry Kisses.


Kickstarter project of the day. Very Semi-Serious.

An offbeat documentary about humor, art and the genius of the New Yorker cartoon
Isn't it about time a documentary made you laugh? 
Very Semi-Serious goes behind the scenes of the New Yorker and introduces the past, present and future generations of cartoonists who create the iconic cartoons that have inspired, baffled—and occasionally pissed off—all of us for decades.  

Funny ad of the day. Represent.Us - Senator caught in strip club with his pants down.

More info about the campaign here

When money wins, we all lose. Join the fight to stop bribery & corruption at We're a movement unlike any you've seen. We're conservatives, progressives and independents — and we're going to force our leaders to end money in politics corruption. Millions of us. Together.

Expensive ad of the day. Playstation - Greatness Awaits.

Who are you to deny greatness? If you would deny it to yourself, you would deny it to the entire world. And we will not be denied.

Agency: BBH New York
Chief Creative Officer: John Patroulis
Executive Creative Director: Ari Weiss
Creative Director: Nate Able
Copywriter: Rick Herrera
Head of Integrated Production: Justin Booth-Clibborn
Senior Producer: Jennifer Moore Bell
Production Assistant: AJ Gutierrez
Head of Account Management: Armando Turco
Account Director: Melissa Hill
Account Manager: Georgie Gooley
Account Coordinator: Marshal Kerns
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rupert Sanders
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
President: David Zander
Executive Producer: Kate Leahy
Producer: Laurie Boccaccio
Production Supervisor: Adriana Cebada Mora
Production Designer: Dominic Watkins
Costume Designer: Mayes Rubeo
Local Production Company: Kinema Films de Mexico
Local Production Co. Producer: Jose Ludlow
Editorial: Work Post NY
Executive Producer: Erica Thompson
Editor: Neil Smith
Assistant Editor: Healy Snow
VFX & Finishing: The Mill NY
Exec Producer: Jo Arghiris
Senior VFX Producer: Charlotte Arnold
VFX Supervisor: Iwan Zwarts
VFX Supervisor: Rob Petrie
Assistant Producer: Juan Handal
Colour Producer: Heath Raymond
Colourist: Fergus McCall
2D Lead Compositor: Iwan Zwarts
2D Compositing Artists: Kyle Cody, Dan DiFelice,
Additional: Danny Morris, John Mangia, Ilia Mokhtareizadeh, Greg Spencer, Dan Giraldo
2D Conforms and Cut-downs: Jade Kim
3D Lead Artists: Rob Petrie and Joji Tsuruga
3D Lead Lighter: Olivier Mitonneau
3D Animators: Jeff Lopez, Alex Allain, Tyler Hurd
3D Artists: Olivier Varteressian, Per Bergsten, Ivan Luque Cueller, Billy Dangyoon Jang, Boris Ustaev, Hassan Taimur, Ruben Vandebroek, Tim Kim
3D MASSIVE: Wyattt Savarese, Ed Hicks, Hassan Tuimir
3D FX: Nick Couret, Ian Baxter, Phil Mayer, Cedrick Grousse
Matte Painting: Can Y. Sanalan
Title Design: Mario Stipinovich, Tetsuro Mise, Eugene Kolb
LIDAR services provided by Scanable: Travis Reinke
Rotoscoping provided by: Trace VFX
Sound Designer: Brian Emrich at Trinitite
Music: Woodwork Music
Music Producer: Andrew Oswarek
Composer: Phil Kay
Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Tom Jucarone

Art video of the day. Walk Through Rain Without Getting Wet | Rain Room at MoMA.

rAndom International's Rain Room exhibition at MoMA as part of MoMA PS1's EXPO 1: New York allows visitors to navigate through rain without ever getting wet. Each individual's movement within the installation affects rain patterns, carving a cocoon of dryness and allowing visitors to stay dry amidst downpour.

Learn more:

See it in person:


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The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:


Check out our full video catalog:


Nostalgic ad of the day. This is Myspace.


Welcome to the neighborhood.

Song: "Mallrats (La La La)" by The Orwells - Listen:

martedì 11 giugno 2013

Campaign of the day. Apple, Our Signature - Intention.

—Spot: "Our Signature"
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
CCO: Duncan Milner
ECD: Eric Grunbaum
GCD: Chris Ribeiro, Drew Stalker
ACD/AD: Zamir Antonio, Melinda Keough, Niraj Zaveri
ACD/CW: Kevin Butler, Brooks Jackson
AD: Joe Fotheringham
CW: Rob Goldenberg
Executive Producer: Mike Refuerzo
Agency Producers: Hank Zakroff, Mallory Gordon, Tessa Kocourek, Woody Smith
Production Co: Radical Films
Director: Derek Cianfrance
DP: Matthew Libatique
Editorial Company: Nomad Editing Company, Inc.
Editor: Jared Coller, Billy Sacdalan , Tom Muldoon
Post Co: Company 3
Lead Smoke Artist: Brian Robinson
Lead Flame Artist: Glenn Bennett
Colorist: Tom Poole
—Spot: "Intention"
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
CCO: Duncan Milner
ECD: Eric Grunbaum
GCD: Chris Ribeiro, Drew Stalker
ACD/CW: Brooks Jackson
AD: Danny Duran
CW: Zane Miller, Rob Goldenberg
Executive Producer: Mike Refuerzo
Agency Producers: Mallory Gordon, Ben Bragg, Stephanie Gocke, Tessa Kocourek
Production/Animation Co: Buck
Director: Buck

Sport ad of the day. Nike TW '14: The Sport of Golf.


"I treat golf as a sport. I let other people treat it like a hobby." 
—Tiger Woods

The new TW '14. For the athlete in every golfer.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors: Don Shelford + Rob Thompson
Copywriter: Tom Sebanc
Art Director: Derrick Ho
Producer: Felicia Glover
Account Team: Scott Sullivan + Karrelle Dixon
Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples / Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Bob Industries
Director: Brad Parker
Executive Producer: TK Knowles
Line Producer: Melissa Murphy
Director of Photography: Morgan Susser
Editorial Company: Joint Editorial
Editor: Kyle Valenta
Post Producer: Lauren Pullano
Post Executive Producer: Patty Brebner
VFX Company: The Mission
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
VFX Supervisor: Mark Kolpack
VFX Producer: Ryan Meredith
CG Lead: Pitor Karwas
VFX: Rob Trent
Music Composer: Philip Glass
Sound Designer: Jeff Payne
Song (if applicable): "67 Cities"
Mix Company: Eleven Sound
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Producer: Caroline O'Sullivan

Idea of the day. Studio Brussel, Song For Life.

Studio Brussel, Song For Life from Bram Ceuppens on Vimeo.

Cute ad of the day. Oreo - Bedtime.

Wonder if a girl gave an Oreo to her Dad - would he let her stay up past bedtime? See how sharing an Oreo can let wonder loose in our latest Wonderfilled commercial, featuring a new twist on our favorite song.
Client: Mondelez International/Oreo
Global Marketing Communication: Jill Baskin
Brand Marketing Director: Janda Lukin
Brand Manager: Kristin Hajinlian
Senior Assoc. Brand Manager: Susan Burris
Spot: "Bedtime"
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Alexander
Group Creative Director: Jorge Calleja
Creative Director: David Muhlenfeld
Creative Director: Magnus Hierta
Senior Art Director: Brig White
VP/Planning Director: John Gibson
SVP/Executive Producer: Steve Humble
Senior Broadcast Producer: Kathy Lippincott
Broadcast Producer: Heather Tanton
Broadcast Junior Producer: Caroline Helms
Group Account Director: Rich Weinstein
Account Supervisor: Laurel Busony
Account Executive: Molly Holmes
Project Manager: Chloe Bos
Senior Business Manager: Amy Trenz
Group Talent & Music Director: Juanita McInteer
Production: Smuggler
Executive Producer/Partner: Patrick Milling Smith
Production/Animation: Psyop
Creative Directors: Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick
Flame Lead: Kim Stevenson
Exec Producer: Luisa Murray
Producer: Shannon Alexander
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
2D Animators: Kendra Ryan, Dylan Spears
Colorist: Kim Stevenson
Audio Post Company: Elias Arts
Original Music and Lyrics: David Muhlenfeld (English Major, LLC)
Composer: Fritz Doddy
Executive Producer: Kala Sherman

Funny campaign of the day. Tango - #ARGH.

Tango's back on telly, and sharing the pure orange intensity inside every can. Just a taste of Tango turns its drinker into a giant ARGHing bodybuilder. 


Find Tango on:

Facebook -
Twitter -

Credits via
BBH creative team
Gary McCreadie
Wesley Hawes
BBH creative directors
Justin Moore
Hamish Pinnell
BBH deputy executive creative director
David Kolbusz
BBH producer
Glenn Paton
BBH assistant producer
Jemima Bowers
BBH team director
Alex Monger
BBH team manager
Maggie Grigorian
BBH strategic business lead
Becky Russell
BBH director of engagement planning
Kevin Brown
BBH strategist
Tom Callard
Production company
Biscuit Filmworks
Tim Godsall
Executive producer
Orlando Wood
Rick Jarjoura
Steven Keith Roach
The Mill
Tim Hardy

Ad of the day. Southern Comfort | Shampoo | Whatever's Comfortable.

Another masterpiece after "the beach"

"Shampoo," a commercial featuring the song "The Beat" by Lou Johnson.
Southern Comfort. Whatever's Comfortable.

Wieden + Kennedy New York
Southern Comfort
Executive Creative Director:
Scott Vitrone
Executive Creative Director:
Ian Reichenthal
Creative Director:
Jimm Lasser
Nick Kaplan
Jeff Dryer
Orlee Tatarka
Head of Content Production:
Lora Schulson
Tim Godsall
Executive Producer:
Mackenzie Cutler
Assistant Editor:
Ryan Steele
Post Executive Producer:
Sasha Hirschfeld
VFX Company:
The Mill
Head of Production:
Sean Costelloe
Senior Producer:
Charlotte Arnold
Orlaith Finucane
CD/Lead Flame Artist:
Jade Kim
Nuke Compositor:
John Mangia
Nuke Compositor:
Sabrina Tenore
CG Artist:
Emily Meger
CG Artist:
Laurent Giaume
CG Artist:
Ari Hwang
VFX Supervisor:
Peter Smith
VFX Supervisor:
Peter McAuley
The Beat
Lou Johnson
Music Supervisor:
Andrew Charles Kahn
Music Supervision Company:
Good Ear Music Supervision
Mix Company:
Sonic Union
Steve Rosen

Cool ad of the past. Celebrating 10 years of Honda Cog.


Advertising Agency:  Wieden+Kennedy, London
Creative Director:  Tony Davidson, Kim Papworth
Copywriter:  Ben Walker
Art Director: Matt Gooden
Production Company:  Partizan, London
Director:  Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Year: 2003

Read more about the campaign here

Interactive video of the day. Skittles Figurines.

Use my special Rainbow-Active Technology to see what Tommy discovers at his grandma's house! Smash the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.
Agency: DDB, Chicago
Ewan Paterson: Chief Creative Officer
Mark Gross: ECD
Alex Zamiar: ACD/Art Director
Jonathan Richman: ACD/Copywriter
Will St. Clair: Exec. Producer
Jon Ellis: Exec. Digital Producer
Matt Green: Producer
Scott Terry: Production Manager
Director: Harold Einstein, Station Film
Editorial: Beast Editorial

Online campaign of the day. Musée de la grande guerre - Facebook 1914.

Facebook 1914 - Case Study from CampaignsOnline on Vimeo.
DDB Paris
Museum of the Great War
Executive Creative Director:
Alexandre Herve
Jean-Francois Bouchet
Art Director:
Emmanuel Courteau
Art Director Assistant:
Alice Labau
Community Manager:
Marion Meyer
Community Manager:
Jean-Christophe Graebling

lunedì 10 giugno 2013

Creatives of the day. Platige Image.

visit their site
ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE Trailer from Platige Image on Vimeo.
We present the trailer of "Another Day Of Life".
The film is based on the book of the same title written by Ryszard Kapuściński, an account of the writer’s experiences during the Angolan Civil War in 1975. The movie id directed by Damian Nenow and Raul de la Fuente.
The trailer presents the features that will make our movie unique, including an innovative combination of two filming techniques (computer animation and film stock) and original visuals.
PLATIGE FILMS, a subsidiary company of Platige Image SA established to produce feature films, is the movie’s main producer. Spanish, German, and Belgian companies serve as co-producers
The project was presented at multiple trade events and film festivals, including the Berlin International Film Festival, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and Cartoon Movie in Lyon.
Producer: Ole Wendorff-Ostergaard, Jarosław Sawko
Director: Raul de La Fuente & Damian Nenow
CG Supervisor: Olga Szablewicz-Pisuk
Production Manager: Katarzyna Jarzyna, Alicja Kseń
Public finance applications: Agnieszka Piechnik, Wojciech Stuchlik
Production Coordinator: Paulina Machalica, Monika Paćkowska
Concept Artist: Rafał Wojtunik, Katarzyna Niemczyk, Jakub Jabłoński
Lead Composition Artist: Marcin Stępień
Additional Composition Artist: Jakub Knapik, Tadeusz Chmiel
Character Animator: Olga Szablewicz-Pisuk, Oleh Raziel
Layout: Damian Nenow, Michał Kaleniecki
Mattepainter: Damian Nenow, Rafał Wojtunik, Michał Niewiara, Marek Madej
Modeler: Konrad Kiełczykowski, Radosław Nowakowski, Marcin Klicki, Łukasz Rzeszot, Jakub Bogacki, Piotr Tatar, Bartłomiej Walendziak
Texture Artist: Tomasz Zaborek
Character TD: Bartosz Opatowiecki, Mateusz Popławski
Simulation TD: Łukasz Sobisz, Marek Sulęcki, Bartosz Grzybowski, Piotr Suchodolski
Lighting Artist: Marcin Stępień, Michał Gryn, Michał Firek
Storyboard artist: Krzysztof Brojek, Michał Lisowski
Colorist: Piotr Dutkiewicz
Additional art: Migacz Michał, Szymon Kuczmierczyk, Adam Kałuski
Motion Capture Performers: Magdalena Zalewska, Bartek Nowicki , Maciej Kwiatkowski , Tomasz Lewandowski
Motion Capture Session: Sointeractive Studio Piotr Gamracy
Sound:Genetix Jarosław Wójcik
Sound Editor: Marcin Kardach, Paweł Piechura, Jarosław Smak
Voice Cast: Piotr Strzelecki, Michael Ditrich
Sound Producer: Agnieszka Dobrołowicz

Paths of Hate - is the short movie from Damian Nenow, polish director.
Official page:

Here is the song:

Ненависть разрушает человека изнутри, превращая его в свой инструмент, пораждая саму себя. И в конце не останется ничего.

Cool stuff of the day. Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank. #creativedays


One Photoshop magician, one bus stop and lots of hidden cameras. For more creativity in action visit to see the event live online at Adobe Creative Day on June 11, 2013, at 9.00 (Finland 10.00). 

Speakers include Malik Bendjelloul, director of Searching for Sugarman, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, creative technologist Ellen Sundh, fashion designer Henrik Vibskov, and Adobe evangelists Paul Trani & Jason Levine.

The whole day of inspiring sessions can also be seen On Demand from June 12. Want to be there live on the 11th? Register here:

Follow the event on Twitter: #CreativeDay

Adobe Creative Day - a part of Create Now World Tour

Agency: Abby Norm
Starring: Erik Johansson - Photographer & Retouch Artist
Music by: Hannes Lidén & Bessem Bedziri
Production company: We Are Digital Sthlm
Film production: Autoboys

domenica 9 giugno 2013

Idea of the day. Unicef - #NoNameMatch.

#NoNameMatch from TBWA\ONIRIA on Vimeo.

The Situation
Paraguay has a high number of children under 1 year old without birth certificate. 24% are not enrolled in civil registration, and this number grows to 35% at indian children.
In essence, this means they have no official identity. With the upcoming presidential election, our job was to work with UNICEF, to make our candidates commit to this.
The Goal
In Paraguay, social awareness is not as respected as the law. So, Unicef needs the commitment of presidential candidates to work in children registration if they were elected.
The Strategy
Soccer is the favorite sport in Paraguay. The Paraguayan soccer selection matches has high rating in tv and radios. The strategy was send a message throws a soccer match.
In association with 2 tv channels and 4 radios which conveyed the party Uruguay vs Paraguay for Brazil 2014 world cup qualifying, Unicef send a big message to presidential candidates.
Unicef generated “No name match”: during the opening minutes of Uruguay vs Paraguay soccer match (Paraguayan last chance to keep alive the chances to go to Brazil 2014 World Cup), 2 tv channels and 4 highest rated radios broadcasted live the game without saying the player´s names.
After that, our message was reveal:
Like these players, we all need a name and nationality.
In Paraguay, before the year, 1 of 4 children is not enrolled in the civil registration
What does your candidate think about that? Ask him
Once the message was sent, we activate celebrities on social media to reply the same message using #nonamematch
- It was viewed by 4.000.000 from 7.000.000 Paraguayans
- With an investment of U$S 5.000, we got a U$S 800.000 worth of earned media
- Free Publicity worth U$S 200.000
- UNICEF got to an agreement with the presidential candidates, where each one of them committed to generate specific actions for children and teenagers if they were to be elected.
Country: Paraguay
Client: UNICEF Paraguay
Chief Executive Officer: Camilo Guanes
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Achával
Creative Director: Jorge Tercarioli, Arturo Valiente
Creative: Jorge Tercarioli, Daniel Achával, Camilo Guanes, Arturo Valiente, René López, Jorge Collar, Sergio Sevega
Planner: Rodrigo Weiberlen
Producer: Poli Achával
Other Credits: Metropolis Films, El Bagre Productora, Elemental, LFZ, Inthependiente

Sexist campaign of the day. Andes Beer - Hurricane.

Watch also Martha

Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Director:
Maxi Itzkoff
Executive Creative Director:
Mariano Serkin
Creative Director:
Ariel Serkin
Creative Director:
Juan Pablo Lufrano
Daniel Minaker
Sebastian Tarazaga
Lucas Bongioanni
Javier Agena Goya
Agency Producer:
Adrian Aspani
Agency Producer:
Camilo Rojas
Agency Producer:
Lucas Delenikas
Agency Producer:
Felipe Calvino
Production Company:
Armando Bo
Andres Salmoyraghi
Executive Producer:
Patricio Alvarez Casado
Executive Producer:
Ezequiel Ortiz