venerdì 10 giugno 2011

Social ad of the week. Greenpeace - Ken leaves Barbie.

lunedì 6 giugno 2011

Clip of the week. The Grand Rapids LipDub (NEW WORLD RECORD)

Via Contagious

Music viral shows Grand Rapids isn't a dead city
An epic music video from the townsfolk of Grand Rapids, Michigan has gone viral in just a few days, with millions of people watching the nine-minute lip-synching exercise.

Created as a response to a Newsweek article which claimed Grand Rapids was 'a dying city', the residents got together to demonstrate that the town was alive and kicking.

5,000 people were involved in performing a complex mime to Don McLean's classic song American Pie, which saw downtown Grand Rapids closed down as people paraded, played guitars, set bridges on fire, marched their bands and even got married in a one-shot take through the city streets.

The production, which cost $40,000, was funded entirely by local businesses and sponsors.

The YouTube video racked up 1.8m views in just one week and scored Grand Rapids a whole lot of positive PR - including film critic Roger Ebert calling it 'the greatest music video ever made' in a tweet to his 460,000 followers.

Newsweek also responded via a Facebook note to the town, saying, 'We LOVE your YouTube LipDub. We're big fans, and are inspired by your love of the city you call home'