mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

Social campaign of the week. The Norwegian association of the Blind.


Office Love

Dark Office

Art Director:
Karin Lund
Norwegian Association of the Blind
Oystein Halvorsen
Production Company:
Arild Frolich
Beate Tangre
Director of Photography:
Askild Viik
Post Production:
Hocus Focus
Editor/Editing House:
Hocus Focus
Hocus Focus

martedì 12 aprile 2011

Demi & Ashton Foundation. Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.

Join the Real Men Don't Buy Girls Campaign to take a stand against child sex slavery. Spread the word & create your own video on our Facebook page: The official Youtube Page.

REAL MEN KNOW HOW TO USE AN IRON (featuring Edward Norton)

REAL MEN KNOW HOW TO MAKE A MEAL (featuring Conan O'Brien)

REAL MEN DO THEIR OWN LAUNDRY (featuring Arianna Huffington)

REAL MEN HAVE A SENSE OF DIRECTION (featuring Pete Cashmore)

REAL MEN KNOW HOW TO USE THE REMOTE (featuring Donald Trump)


REAL MEN PREFER A CLOSE SHAVE (featuring Yehuda Berg)

Ads of the week. Dodge Strongbow KFC Hovis Robinsons Bic SpareBank Carlsberg Cadbury RaboDirect Lexus Washington'sLottery MatalanMentos

Dodge: Fast Five Period Piece

Agency Wieden+Kennedy
Agency Producer Endy Hedman
Creative Director Aaron Allen
Creative Director Joe Staples
Copywriter Ian Fairbrother
Art Director Max Stinson
Production Biscuit Filmworks
Director Steve Rogers
Director of Photography Mandy Walker
Producer Suzanne Hargrove
Post Production A52
Editing Company Rock Paper Scissors
Editor Adam Pertofsky

Strongbow "Tall Order"

Agency St Luke's
Creative Director Julian Vizard
Creative Director Al Young
Copywriter Tim Collins
Copywriter Al Young
Art Director Julian Vizard
Production Outsider
Director James Rouse
Post Production MPC (The Moving Picture Company)
Editing Company Work
Music Guy Farley
Editor Bill Smedley Enjoy Yourself

Creative directors: Sam Walker
Joe De Souza
director: Sam Walker
prod co: Kream.

KFC - Band Uk Master Emergency Chairs

Agency: BBH London
Creatives: Harry Orton, Robin Warman
Director: Benito Montorio
Prod co: Blink

Hovis Farmer's Race

Agency: Dare London
Director: Dougal Wilson
Creatives: Gavin Torrance, Danny Hunt
Prod co: Blink

Robinsons: Squash for All

Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)
Agency Producer Glenn Paton
Creative Director Nick Gill
Creative Ian Heartfield
Creative Matt Doman
Production Warp Films
Director Shane Meadows
Director of Photography Zac Nicholson
Producer Mark Herbert
Post Production One of Us
Editing Company Final Cut
Music Joe @ 750mph
Photographer Dean Rogers
Editor Dave Webb

Bic: Flexperience Human Curling

Agency Buzzman
Designer Benjamin Bamps
Production Caviar Paris
Director Keith Schofield
Director of Photography Damien Acevedo
Producer Eric Brown
Producer Vanessa Barbel
Executive Producer Mourad Belkeddar
Executive Producer Emannuel Reye

SpareBank: Lady in Black

Agency Kitchen Leo Burnett
Agency Producer Caroline Werring Otnes
Copywriter Christian Hygen
Art Director Per Eric Jarl
Production Bacon
Director Martin De Thurah
Director of Photography Kasper Tuxen
Producer Magne Lyngner
Post Production Bacon
Music You Are My Love, Liverpool Express
Editor Nikolaj Monberg

Carlsberg: Everest

Agency Fold7
Agency Producer Sandy Reay
Production Rattling Stick
Director Daniel Kleinman
Producer Johnnie Frankel
Post Production Framestore

Cadbury Lunch Bar: Voice-over

Agency Ogilvy Johannesburg
Agency Producer Debbie Dannheisser
Executive Creative Director Fran Luckin
Creative Director Marianna O'Kelly
Copywriter Dan Parmenter
Art Director Chantelle dos Santos
Production Velocity Films
Director Greg Gray
Director of Photography Paul Gilpin
Producer Helena Woodfine
Executive Producer Peter Carr
Executive Producer Nicola Valentine
Post Production Blade
Editing Company Deliverance Post Production
Editor Ricky Boyd

RaboDirect: Stealing Your Dreams

Agency Whybin\TBWA Sydney
Executive Creative Director Matty Burton
Executive Creative Director Dave Bowman
Copywriter James Ross-Edwards
Copywriter John McKelvey
Art Director Derek Anderson
Art Director Julia Elton-Bott
Art Director Peter Galmes
Production The Sweet Shop Auckland
Director Steve Ayson
Director of Photography Adam Arkapaw
Producer Larissa Tiffin
Post Production Fin Design & Effects
Music Simon Lister, Nylon Studios

Lexus: A Beautiful Contradiction

Agency Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney
Agency Producer Llew Griffiths
Creative Director Steve Jackson
Copywriter John McElvey
Art Director Simon Cox
Art Director Peter Galmes
Production GoodOil Films
Director Matt Murphy
Director of Photography Susan Stitt
Producer Ben Scandrett-Smith
Post Production Fuel VFX
Editing Company The Editors
Editor Bernard Garry

Washington's Lottery: Joust

Agency Cole & Weber United
Agency Producer Matt Ralston
Executive Creative Director John Maxham
Creative Director Scott Fero
Creative Director Jeff Siegel
Production Oh Hello
Director Dan Brown
Executive Producer Pete Anderson

Matalan: Forever Spring

Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH)
Creative Director Nick Gill
Creative Andy Clough
Creative Neil Ritchie
Creative Gary Arnold
Creative Richard McGrann
Production Outsider
Director Scott Lyon
Director of Photography John de Borman
Producer Angela Zabala
Producer Zeno Campbell-Salmon
Post Production The Mill London
Editing Company Work
Sound Daniel Peppé
Sound Owen Griffiths
Editor Bill Smedley
Editor Art Jones

Mentos: Traffic

Agency The Martin Agency
Chief Creative Officer John Norman
Creative Director Keith Cartwright
Copywriter Mike Lear
Art Director Dustin Artz
Production New York
Director Rosey
Director of Photography Tim Pike
Producer Barbara Benson
Executive Producer Jim Bouvet
Post Production ART Jail
Editing Company Running With Scissors
Editor Cory Livingston

Shorts of the week. Nokia E7 Smartphone campaign.

HK Honey

Matthew Wilson AKA Max 'The Axe' Damage - The wrestlers' champion

R/GA London