venerdì 4 luglio 2008

Something about italian advertising.

More Ads of the week. Axe - US Cellular - BC Dairy Foundation.

Axe: Guywash

Agency: BBH, New York - Copywriter: Adam Reeves - Art Directors: Craig Smith, John Foster - Group Creative Directors: Matt Ian, Amee Shah - Executive Creative Director: Kevin Roddy - Senior Agency Producer: Jessica Dierauer - Production Company: Smuggler, New York - Director: Stylewar - DP: Jallo Faber - Executive Producers: Patrick Milling-Smith, Brian Carmody - Line Producer: Jeff Miller - Editor: Maury Loeb @ PS 260 - Music: Jimi Tenor "Take Me Baby"

US Cellular: Wind Kiss
Watch also Drum Roll and Spread The Love

Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco - Chief Creative Officer: Roger Camp - Director of Integrated Production: David Verhoef - Art Director: Rich North - Copywriter: Adam Koppel - Agency Producer: Deb Chin - VFX/Production Company: Anonymous Content, Los Angeles - Director: Garth Davis - Executive Producer: Andy Traines - Head Of Production: Susan Murphy - Producer: Karen Sproul - Director of Photography: Ulf Brandt - Editor: Hank Corwin, Paul Martinez - Post Production: The Mill/ - Elephant/VFX - VFX Producer: Helen Hughes - Music Company: Musikvernuegen - Composer: Walter Werzowa - Mix: Ravenswork, Eleven - Mixer: Robert Feist, Jeff Fuller

BC Dairy Foundation: Power Team
Watch the ad here

Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver - Chief Creative Officer: Alan Russell - Creative Director: Dean Lee - Copywriter: Kevin Rathgeber - Art Director: Dan Strasser - Graphic Designer: Brandon Thomas - Agency Producer: Sue Bell - Production Company: Curious Pictures, New York - Director: Abe Spear - Line Producer: Viet Luu - Post-Production Company: Curious Pictures - Editor: Sam Goetz - Audio House: Pirate Radio - Audio House Producer: Tom Emundson - Colour: Company 3

lunedì 30 giugno 2008

Ads of the week. Old Spice - Mr Sub - Burger King - HP - Diamond Empowerment Fund - Campbell - GM - Drinkwise Australia - Nestle Alpino- Home Office.

Old Spice: Two In One

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland - Executive Creative Directors: Steve Luker, Jelly Helm - Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Monica Taylor - Copywriter: Michael Illick - Art Director: Chris Larson - Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz Agency Producer: Andy Murillo - Production Company: Epoch Films, Los Angeles - Director: Phil Morrison - Executive Producer: Jerry Solomon - Producer: Adam Gross - Editor: Michael Heldman - Post-Production: Spotwelders - Audio Post-Production: Digital One - Sound Design: Beacon Street Studios - Executive Producer: Andrew Feltenstein - Sound Designer: Brian Chapman - Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli

Mr Sub: Airport - Digging - Running

Agency: zig, Toronto - Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais - Associate Creative Director/Copywriter: Michael Clowater - Art Director: Niall Kelly - Agency Producer: Anna Tricinci - Production House: Partners Film, Toronto - Director: Joachim Back

Burger King: Discovery
Watch also Mavericks and Rescue

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami - Creative Director: James Dawson-Hollis - Copy Writer: Nathan Dills - Associate Creative Directors: Ryan Kutscher, Dave Clemans - Senior Integrated Producer: Chad Hopenwasser - Production Company: Smuggler, New York/LA - Director: Happy / Guy Shelmerdine - Editorial Company: Lost Planet, LA - Executive Producer: Betsy Beale - Producer: Ali Maldonado - Editor: Paul Martinez (Discovery), Patrick Griffin (Mavericks, Rescue) Assistant Editor: Tony Orcena - Colorist: Siggy Ferstl, Riot Colors - Online/VFX: Mark Dennison, Riot Pictures - Mix: Sam Casas, Lime

HP: Maestro

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco - Co-Chairman / Creative Director: Rich Silverstein - Creative Directors: Rick Condos, Hunter Hindeman - Art Director: Andre Massis - Copywriter: Jordan Kramer - Executive Producer: Cindy Fluitt
Producer: Todd Porter - Production Company: Psyop, Los Angeles - Directors: Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick, Psyop - Director of Photography: Crille Forsbaerg - Executive Producers: Angela Bowen, Neysa Horsburgh - Producers: Sara Mills, Blythe Dalton, Luisa Murray - Associate Producer: Tarun Charaipotra - Lead Flame Artists: Jamie Scott, Aska Otake - Flame Artists: Tim Farrell, Peter Amante, Joe Wenkoff - Technical Directors: Jeffrey Dates, Dave Barosin, Ted Kotsadtis, Todd Akita - Animation: Jason Vega, Gerald Ding, Jeff Lopez, Kittly Lin, Andy Hara - R&D: Andreas Gebhardt - Lighting: Andy Hara
Tracking: Joerg Liebold, Jeen Lee, Chris Hill, Steven Hill - Roto: Leslie Chung, David Marte, Alejandro Monzon - Design: Zoe Wishart, Lutz Vogel, Jon Saunders, Chris Saunders Jake Sargent, Ron Kurwin - Storyboards: Josh Wiesenfeld - Editors: Cass Vanini, Brett Goldberg, Brett Nicholetti - Line Producer: Michael Schlenker - Final Music: Sejong Soloists - Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Summer - Sound Design Company: 740 Sound Design - Sound Designer: Eddie Kim - Executive Producer: Scott Ganary - Audio Post: Sound Lounge - Mixer: Philip Loeb

Diamond Empowerment Fund: Diamonds for Futures

Agency: JWT, New York - Co-President/Chief Creative Officer: Ty Montague - Executive Creative Directors: Walt Connelly, Kash Sree - Creative Director: Rob Omodiagbe - Copywriter: Bee Reynolds - Producers: Scott Chinn, Jennifer Mastrorilli - Production Company: Blacklist, New York - Executive Producer: Adina Sales - Producer: O'Hara Tudor & Rich Rama - Production Coordinator: Alexander Unick - Animation Company: Waytion - Director: Martin Burström - Producer: Erik Gullstrand - Gaffer: Fredrik Wenzel - Production Assistant: Turtle Rydelius - Stylist: Sara Nordlöf - Make-Up: Maria
Music: Sound Lounge

Campbell´s Tantrum

Agency: BBDO Mexico - Creatives: Hector Fernandez (Executive Creative Director) Hector Benitez/Miguel Murillo (Creative Director) Pablo Puga/Vero Casas (Art Director) Paco Uribe/Mariana Morales (Copywriter) Pepe Meré (Agency Producer) - Director(s): Kiko Begné - Production Company: Vietnam Films

GM / Vauxhall: Adjustable world

Product: Vauxhall Zafira - Agency: Lowe London - Creatives: Patrick McClelland (Creative Director) Dave Christensen (Creative Director) Clive Pickering (Copywriter) emmanuel saint m'leux (Art Director) Simon Pearse (Copywriter) Andre Moreira (Art Director) Abby Jenkins (Agency Producer) akery (Producer) - Director(s): bruce st clair - Production Company: MPC

Drinkwise Australia: Drink Cycle

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne - Creatives: James McGrath (Executive Creative Director) Ant Keogh (Creative Director) TOM MARTIN (Art Director) Sevda Cemo (Agency Producer) - Director(s): Mark Molloy - Production Company: EXIT FILMS

Nestle Alpino: Surprise

Agency: JWT São Paulo Creatives: JR Junior (DoP) Mario D\'Andrea (Executive Creative Director) Mario D'Andrea / Roberto Fernandez / Andrea Siqueira (Creative Director) Claudia Fugita (Art Director) Leandro Pinheiro (Copywriter) Anna Bohm (Agency Producer)
Director(s): Flavia Moraes / Picky Talarico - Production Company: Film Planet

Home Office: Binge Boy

Client: Home Office - Title: Binge Boy - Agency: VCCP, London Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises, London - Director: Vince Squibb - Creative Director: Mark Orbine - Creatives: Matt Gilbert & Dave Tokely - Agency Producer: Bradley Woodus - Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises, London - Director: Vince Squibb - Producer: Spencer Dodd - DP: Alex Barber - Editor: Paul Watts @ The Quarry - Post production: The Mill

Nike: Turning Spanish. Dedicated to Spain. (sigh, sob...)

To the best soccer team of Euro2008, and its scorer Torres.

Agency: 72andSunny, Los Angeles/Amsterdam - Creative Director: Glenn Cole, Bryan Rowles - Copywriter: Jon Matthews - Producer: Juliet Pearson, Benji Howell - Production Company: Outsider UK - Director: James Rouse - Director of Photography: David Luther - Executive Producer: Robert Campbell - Editorial Company: Marshall Street Editors - Editor: Jinx - Post-Production: Glassworks - Audio Post: Factory Studios - Music Company: One More Music Company