venerdì 26 agosto 2016

Future of the day. DuoSkin: Functional, stylish on-skin user interfaces

DuoSkin:Functional, stylish on-skin user interfaces from MIT Media Lab on Vimeo.
DuoSkin is a fabrication process that enables anyone to create customized
functional devices that can be attached directly on their skin. Using gold metal leaf, a
material that is cheap, skin-friendly, and robust for everyday
wear, we demonstrate three types of on-skin interfaces: sensing touch
input, displaying output, and wireless communication. DuoSkin draws from
the aesthetics found in metallic jewelry-like temporary tattoos to create
on-skin devices which resemble jewelry. DuoSkin devices enable users to
control their mobile devices, display information, and store information on
their skin while serving as a statement of personal style. We believe that in the
future, on-skin electronics will no longer be black-boxed and mystified; instead,
they will converge towards the user friendliness, extensibility, and
aesthetics of body decorations, forming a DuoSkin integrated to the extent that
it has seemingly disappeared.

Idea of the day. Samsonite - I Wish I Had A Samsonite


How Samsonite transformed travellers into a new original and targeted media.
People are constantly on the move and Samsonite wanted them to spread the message that they can now opt for the next generation of suitcases… 

As one of the world's leading, iconic travel brands, Samsonite make some of the strongest, lightest and most secure luggage in order to accompany voyagers on their travels. 

But instead of using traditional media channels, they found a more interesting way to inspire brand desire.

When people lack trust in their baggage they often use a plastic wrapping service before checking in their bags at the airport. 
So, we created a free wrapping service offered to every traveller who didn’t own a Samsonite. 

But, on one condition… we re-designed the wrapping with a clear message… ‘I wish I had a Samsonite’.

The travellers were happy to get a free wrapping and Samsonite was able to spread their product message everywhere. 
With over 1200 suitcases wrapped, the Samsonite message travelled to over 120 destinations around the world, showing travellers everywhere that the time has come to upgrade their luggage to a brand new Samsonite

The event takes part as a tactical complement to the Hyper-mobility campaign deployed across Europe. To be continued in other airports around the world…

Automotive stuff of the day. nuTonomy | Tomorrow's car, today

giovedì 25 agosto 2016

Social stuff of the day. Whirlpool - Care Counts™ Program


Every day thousands of kids miss school just because they don’t have clean clothes to wear. That’s why we created Care Counts™, a program that works to improve attendance rates with the simple act of laundry. Join us in making sure that clean clothes never stand in the way of a child’s education. #EveryDayCare #CareCounts

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Cool idea of the day. Tiger Trading Co. - New York

Agency Marcel in Sydney

Discover how we made the Tiger Trading Co in NY, Chinatown’s most exclusive discount store. Check us out at

XXX ad of the day. Ooohlympics : A Pornhub Health Initiative


Agency: Officer and Gentleman
Introducing OOOHLYMPICS: A Pornhub health initiative designed to help keep people who are visiting Rio for the 2016 games safe from the Zika Virus. The authorities are recommending abstinence in order to combat Zika. That’s not so easy in the world’s sexiest city. So, in order to help you avoid temptation, we are offering free Pornhub Premium memberships to anyone who is in Rio during the games. That way, even though you’ll have to dedicate yourself to only individual sports these Olympics, you’ll still feel like a champion.

Challenge of the day. Dove | Dear media: An athlete’s beauty is her say #MyBeautyMySay


When the media focuses on an athlete’s looks, we don’t see her at all. Change the way the media talks about female athletes at

Digital stuff of the day. GLICODE(グリコード) おいしいプログラミング


Smart ad of the day. CUCAIBA: Donor cars

Agency J. Walter Thompson Buenos Aires

Idea of the day. DogSelfie by Pedigree® DentaStix™. Get better photos of your dog.


Our best mates are easily distracted, and as a result, they can be difficult to take a good photo of. To help, we’ve created DogSelfie by Pedigree® DentaStix™, an app that takes perfect photos of you and your dog. The App uses your iPhone’s camera flash and attention grabbing sounds, like squeaky toys and birds chirping, to get your dog looking directly at the camera. Every snap is saved to your phone’s photo feed, and you can share your pic on social media directly from the app. Find out more here:
Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

Funny ad of the day. Canal+ - ‘Commentator’

Canal+ - 'Commentator' from Scoundrel on Vimeo.
Agency: BETC Paris Client: Canal+ Creative Director: Jean-Christophe Royer Creative Director: Eric Astorgue Creative: Steven Poindron Creative: Victor Chevalier Agency Producer: Isabelle Menard Production Company: Insurrection Director: Tim Bullock Executive Producer: Charlotte Lepot Director of Photography: Marc Gomez del Moral Post Production: Home DP Sound: Schmooze