venerdì 12 luglio 2013

Déjà vu of the week. FIAT Body Paint Shoot vs. MAC South Australia vs. Human Motorcycles.

"A behind-the-scenes look at pulling together one of the most complex, ambitious and beautiful body paint photos you've ever seen."

"In a campaign that sets out to change drivers' attitudes to low-level speeding by exposing the community problem that sits at the heart of it, we constructed a crash made up of people. The final image was made possible with the help of Adelaide body paint artist Emma Hack. The shoot took a total of 18 hours, using 17 men and women -- each with up to five layers of paint applied to their bodies."
More info here

Slow motion ad of the day. Persil Small & Mighty - For Whatever Life Throws.

Persil has just released its biggest campaign to date, celebrating the resiliency of UK kids. The Unilever brand continues to champion dirt, whilst battling Mums' cynicism that one product alone can defeat grime. The precursor to this was our award winning 'DIRT IS GOOD' campaign that encouraged kids to explore the great outdoors. The new TV spot signifies the re-launch of their 'Small & Mighty' product. The visual spectacle aims to show that Mum has done her best to prepare her children for a world of uncertainty.

Funny ad of the day. BGH TVs - Viagra.


Frightening vintage ad of the day. Remco - Baby Laugh'a'Lot Original Commercial.


Digital stuff of the day. Castle Lite Extra Cold Mind Reader.


Could you ever imagine your thoughts delivering you an extra cold beer by only thinking of it? Castle Lite have made it possible by introducing the world's first digital Mind Reader, allowing users to showcase our mental prowess, whilst receiving an Extra Cold Castle Lite draught at the end as a reward. Watch the video to see this extraordinary invention in action!

Boring resurrection of the day. Johnnie Walker - Bruce Lee.



giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Funny ad of the day. T-Mobile | JUMP! "Charge".


Dead batteries are annoying, but having to live with one for the length of your two-year contract is even worse. With JUMP! from T-Mobile, you can cut the chord to that old clunker, and upgrade when you want, not when you're told.

Learn More At:

Campaign of the day. MindFull.

th1ng: Mindfull - Will Barras from th1ng on Vimeo.

"M&C Saatchi has created a striking campaign for new mental health charity MindFull, with an animated commercial from th1ng.

The new charity was launched by The BeatBullying Group on July 5 and gives 11 to 17-year-olds immediate access to online professional counselling and advice."

"For the print ads, M&C Saatchi commissioned more than 40 artists and illustrators"

Reads more at

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Copywriter/Art Director: Orlando Warner and Joe Miller
Production company: th1ng
Directors: Will Barras and Shay Hamias
Design Direction: Will Barras, Shay Hamais & Yui Hamagashira
Producer: Milana Karaica

Graduation project of the day. FROM PAPER TO SCREEN.

FROM PAPER TO SCREEN from Thibault de Fournas on Vimeo.
Animation which shows typography evolution from paper to screen.
The animation is divided in two parts.
The first deals with the basic rules of typesetting.
The second, is about the evolution of typography in cinema.
Used mainly for Opening and Closing title.
Music :
Clair de Lune - Debussy
Shoot the Piano Player: Poursuite - Hugh Wolff & London Sinfonietta - Georges Delerue

MILF ad of the day. Mum, New IRN-BRU.

The Leith Agency

Brief of the day. “Improve advertising’s image and attract a new generation of talent into the advertising business.”

"In writing, Leo Burnett’s winning entry for the 4A’s TruthBrief Competition almost sounds like a Sporcle quiz: advertisements stripped of logos were turned into artwork.Visually, the Leo Burnett submission – titled “4 Le Communique Art Show” – was meant to show that advertising and art don’t have to be mutually exclusive." Read more at

Funny ad of the day. Little Caesars - Cast.


mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Digital funny stuff of the day. Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs Vol. 1.


You love it. We love song'ed it. If you want your comment sung in Vol. 2, try our new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and then tweet and post your love, using #PretzelLoveSongs.
Digital agency VML

Idea of the day. Dewar's Highlander Honey Presents: The 3-B Printing Project.

The sweetness of honey. The bite of 80,000 bees. Watch the making of the video where Dewar's Highlander Honey bees build real sculptures out of natural honeycomb.

The sweetness of honey. The bite of 80,000 bees. Watch as the extraordinary Dewar's Highlander Honey bees build real sculptures out of natural honeycomb. Click here to see the bees build their next masterpiece live:
Agency Sid Lee
more info about the campaign at

Campaign of the day. Skype - Stay together.


Watch more at Skype's Youtube Channel

The Impossible Family Portrait

Denis lives in Pennsylvania. His family lives in Uganda. See how we got them to stand shoulder to shoulder for a once-in-a-lifetime portrait over Skype.

Share how your family and friends stay together with Skype for your chance to win a trip. Rules:

The Animal Family Portrait -- A unique family brought together by Skype

To Lindsay, koalas, kangaroos and wombats aren't just animals — they're part of the family. See how we wrangled them all together for a unique family portrait.

Share how your family and friends stay together with Skype for your chance to win a trip. Rules:

The Growing Up Family Portrait

Julia and her cousins in Brazil stay together with Skype, even as they grow up over 4,000 miles apart. See how we brought them together for a special family portrait.

Share how your family and friends stay together with Skype for your chance to win a trip. Rules:

Agency Pereira O’Dell 

Game of the year. Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming September 17, 2013. Pre-order now and visit for more details. ESRB Rating Pending: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.

Automotive monologues of the day. Kia - Woman / Man of now.


Agency Innocean Worldwide Australia

Music video of the day. Bloc Party - Ratchet (Official Video).

Bloc Party - Ratchet (Official Video) from PIASGermany on Vimeo.

Surfing ad of the day. Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 #WhoAmIJustGuess. Starring Stephanie Gilmore.


The Roxy pro is coming soon ! #ROXYPro 
Stay tuned for more...#WhoAmIJustGuess 

Every year for the last eight years, the Roxy Pro has brought together the world's best women surfers to Biarritz for an original blend of elite surfing & top class music.
From July 10th to 14th, the Roxy Pro will be playing host to the only french stage of the 2013 ASP women's world tour and firing up Europe's surfing capital.
This year, the Roxy Pro will also celebrate sport in general, presenting the Roxy Outdoor Fitness collection for the first time in Europe. You can already discover the sports online by entering the Roxy Pro official game: Vote for your favourite sport and share your pic for a chance to win a Running, Climbing, SUP or Yoga product pack!

As every year, the lucky ones who will join us in Biarritz will enjoy a mix of surf, music & sun during the event! And even if you can't make it, you can join in all the fun online with the live broadcast on plus join the conversation using #ROXYPRO on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram!

To all the daring girls out there, let's have a blast!


SONG: Sleepless

We challenged our global community to guess who was featured in our recent teaser video. This week, we're thrilled to reveal 5x world champ, Stephanie Gilmore, has joined the Roxy team.

As a leader in the world of surfing, we are excited to see Stephanie reach new heights as a brand & lifestyle ambassador. Watch her take center stage at the #ROXYPro Biarritz this week.

Welcome Stephanie!

martedì 9 luglio 2013

Animal Spot of the day. O2: Be more dog.

Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

Play here:

Client: O2. Agency: VCCP

Funny ad of the day. David Hasselhoff - Thirsty for Love.


Music video by David Hasselhoff performing Thirsty For Love feat. Iced Farmhouse Blend, Any Size and Cumberland Farms (¢) 2013.

Long ad of the day. IKEA One Room Paradise Music Video.


This month sees the launch of our new TV advert, "One Room Paradise", a film showing how one doll and her son make the most of their small space thanks to solutions from IKEA. The soundtrack is a re-record of an old Aretha Franklin track, by up and coming soul singer Elayna Boynton, who recently found fame singing on the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.

Enjoyed the track?. Download it from iTunes here:

Creative Agency: Mother
Art Director: Mother
Copywriter: Mother
Planner: Mother
Agency Producer: Mother
Photographer: Leandro Farina
Director: Megaforce
Production Co: Riff Raff Films
Producer: Cathy Hood / Matt Fone
Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut
Post Production: Finish
Sound Design: Sam Ashwell @ 750mph
DoP: Ben Smithard

Digital stuff of the day. Fracture IO (Process) from MPC Digital.

Fracture IO (Process) from MPC Digital on Vimeo.
Music: Stick To My Side by Pantha Du Prince
Fracture IO is an installation by MPC that re-invents the photo booth to create generative, 3D animated artwork based on the form of the human body. The piece made its debut in May at the One Show Awards celebration at the Bowery Hotel in New York. MPC was approached by JWT to create an innovative piece for the One Show, and we leapt at the opportunity to update a process that’s remained relatively unchanged for the last hundred years.

lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Animal Spot of the day. Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful®.


Join the Facebook Group of Animal Spot, the first International Advertising Festival on and with Animals.

Beneful takes play to new places with this inventive Dog Goldberg machine powered by dogs and their favorite toys. 

Play. It's good for you.

Stay connected with Beneful® by visiting:

Client: Purina Beneful
Agency: Deep Focus
CEO: Ian Schafer
ECD: Ken Kraemer
CD: Matt Steinwald
AD: Scott Jones
Copywriter: Mickey Treutlein
Producer: Sean Fleming
Account: Jamie Julian
Production Company:
Quiet Man
Director: Johnie Semerad

Social ad of the day. NSPCC's Underwear Rule.

Read more about the campaign at

The Underwear Rule: the NSPCC is encouraging parents to teach their child the Underwear Rule. Simple conversations can help keep children safe from abuse. Find out more:

Funny videos of the day. FaceMashups.

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Inquries? Message

Cool video of the day. Cambridge Parkour POV.

Take a view from the rooftops in our POV Parkour video of Cambridge, UK. Captured by Ampisound team member, James Kingston, we wanted to produce a video that showed some clean movement at a few of the choice spots in the city. New video every week so subscribe for more!

Tourist - Placid Acid
If you liked it, you should buy it here!

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