lunedì 8 giugno 2015

Interactive stuff of the day. Nike Air Max Day Hong Kong: 'Step Back in Time'

Nike Air Max Day Hong Kong: 'Step Back in Time' interactive installations from John Koay on Vimeo.
"On 3.26.15 Air Max Day, we created interactive installations that showed how this iconic sneaker has been a part of Hong Kong’s popular culture since 1987. We invited five local born artists to illustrate and reflect how each Air Max model has a Hong Kong story for each year. To take people back in time, we used the 5 human senses of 'sight, sound, smell, taste and touch’ to allow the person to experience and re-live the history between the city and this iconic sneaker."

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Creative Directors: John Koay, Paul Suters
Art Directors: John Koay, Anita Ng
Head of Creative Technology: Craig Mason
Group Account Director: Penny Chow
Account Manager: Ava Lee
Account Executive: Fay Kwong
Ilustrators: Simon Koay, Little Thunder, Parent's Parents, Ah To, Kristopher Ho

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