mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

Italian ad of the day. Saving Aslan | Fixodent, Kukident, Blend-a-dent

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Aslan is a white lion that lost two of his vital canine a year ago, and being a lion has been a challenge ever since. This is the story of how we helped him get his bite back and return to his life as king of the savannah. Through Kevin Richardson, a.k.a. ‘The Lion Whisperer’, Fixodent came to understand that when lions lose their teeth, their journey mirrors that of humans who experience tooth loss.

Aslan’s story raises awareness around the often difficult emotional transition following tooth loss.
By fixing his problem and filming the journey, Fixodent hope to show how there is a solution to even the most complex problems, and that, in the face of change when sometimes we feel like we are losing our identity, Fixodent can help people begin a new chapter and ‘Never Stop Biting Life’


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Never stop biting life.

Warning: this video contains graphic footage of a surgical procedure

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi - Italy Regional Creative Director: John Pallant Executive Creative Director: Agostino Toscana Creative Director: Manuel Musilli, Salvatore Tarallo Art Director: Alessio Bianconi, Manuel Musilli Copywriter: Alice Scornajenghi TV Producer: Lavinia Confortini Account Director: Simona Boracchia Planning Director: Stephen Rothman Digital Director: Saint Lewis Digital Strategist: Philip Mattei Account Manager: Elena Kalogeropoulos Head of Digital Production: Silvio Coco Digital Art Director: Alessio Bianconi Digital Copywriter: Alice Scornajenghi Project Manager: Sebastiano Quaranta Web Developer: Dario Cataldi Production Company: Golden Planes Executive producer: Herman Le Roux Director: Sven Harding DOP: Wayne De Lange Music: Pressure Cooker Studios, Dustin O'Halloran Post Production Company: Golden Planes, Silver Bullet Productions Media Agency: Starcom UK PR Agency: MSL UK

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