martedì 27 agosto 2013

Digital stuff of the day. El este y la esta

Tribal DDB, Santiago
El este y la esta WEB from piezascreativas on Vimeo.
"Chileans get book recommendations based on their Twitter vocabulary.
The Chilean Chamber of Books has taken to Twitter to encourage people to read more by highlighting their poor vocabulary. 

The non-profit trade association of publishers, book distributors and bookstores launched a campaign that analyses people's tweets. The organisation partnered withDiego Portales University and the Santiago Council to spread the message that if people don't read their vocabulary suffers. 

The campaign was called El Este y La Esta (This and That), a common expression in Chile when people don't know the proper word to use. People could log into the web app with their Twitter account to see how many of the 95,000 words in the Spanish dictionary they regularly used. " Read more at

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