giovedì 27 marzo 2014

Nice ad of the day. MOO Printfinity

MOO Printfinity from KK Outlet on Vimeo.
Say Hello With Moo”
Moo, the innovative online printing company worked with KesselsKramer to devise and launch a new, playfully epic campaign for US market.
This edit closes with and alternative ending which showcases MOO’s Printfinity option where the MOO customer can print a different image on every card in the pack. It can be used to show off their portfolio or range of super skills.
The campaign, that will run across TV, radio, digital and OOH, builds on Moo’s dedication to quality and the irreverent outlook of both brand and agency.
The main TV advert and digital spot features a re-imagined business card production process of fantastical proportions. KesselsKramer commissioned the build of a low-fi but functional printing machine, complete with a paper feed treadmill, dedicated screen printer and confetti bellow.
Creatives: Dave Bell & Freddy Taylor
Directors: Karim Zarrifa & Bob Partington
Production: Field Trip

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