martedì 24 maggio 2016

Case video of the day. Burger King / Snap King

Burger King / Snap King (case) from DanDan on Vimeo.
"To create awareness over one our most differentiating brand assets: Our Flamed Grill tradition, we decided to do it found a very visual and bold way. The first thing we did was to meet our target audience in that place where they spends most of their time: Snapchat. We invited other restaurants’ fans to take a picture of their favorite a non-grilled hamburger, draw grilled lines with Snapchat pencil tool, and send it to our account. In exchange we would send them a voucher valid to taste one of our real Flame-grilled hamburger, for free.
This mechanic not only managed to drive our main competitors consumers to our restaurants but also helped us highlight our main differential asset in a very ludic and interactive way."
Agency David Buenos Ares