giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

Music video of the week#2. Battle Box, by Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja.

Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja Instigates a Dark Fusion of Music, Art and Discourse in His Newest Project
Frozen roses collide with a dancing rooster in today’s kaleidoscopic premiere of “Battle Box 001” by Robert Del Naja, known to Massive Attack fans as the band's co-founder, 3D. Featuring haunting vocals from Elbow frontman Guy Garvey, the track ventures into the militant dub territory of the Bristol band’s 90s reign. “We used about 50 different types of roses,” says co-director Dusan Reljin, who created the video's shattering visuals with his wife Hilde. “After dipping each one into liquid nitrogen we blew them up with dynamite and makeup powder. Some of them exploded really nicely and some of them were a complete disaster.” Using a phantom camera to slow the footage down, the result is an otherworldly fantasia reminiscent of animated Rorschach ink blot tests. The untraditional collaboration grew organically out of shared interests between Del Naja and the Norway native Reljin duo. “[Robert] was starting to work on Battle Box, and at the same time we were experimenting with these images, trying to morph things," says Dusan. “We started talking to him about the project and he responded well. We wanted a slightly gritty, home-made feeling to it. That’s the way 3D works with his music, too.” 
The Vinyl Factory releases “Battle Box 001” today.

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