martedì 10 settembre 2013

Interactive music video of the day. Remix Carolyn Teaser.

Bad love meets rock & roll in this headphone-blowing audio experience created by Philips & You Need To Hear This for Swiss Lips and their new track Carolyn. It's an interactive music video that's also a video game. Playing the game remixes the song, so every decision you make during gameplay counts. Some things make the track sound amazing and some things don't, so be selective when you're playing. Oh, and of course the entire experience sounds much better with Philips headphones.


"As a part of its ongoing You Need To Hear This positioning, Dutch brand Philips has launched the latest campaign to promote its range of urban headphones. 

In the latest iteration of e campaign, Ogilvy & Mather, London has teamed up with UK dance-electro-pop band Swiss Lips to create an addictive interactive music video game for the band's latest single, 'Carolyn'."
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