martedì 22 ottobre 2013

Ad of the day. Sony - Water Rock.

The riverhead area in Kumamoto, Kyushu is renowned for its high quality of pure natural water. We created a music video kind of a TV Commercial by syncing the footage of the dancing water with the original sound of water, filmed and recorded around the area. The music is a widely known piece called Pachelbel's Canon. The message at the last slide reads as follows.

"Sony's image sensors are refined by pure natural water, which makes it possible to capture the highest standard of visual images. We have been working with local farmers and an environmental NGO, on "ground water recharge", replenishing the amount of water used during the fabrication process slowly back into the groundwater through farming."


Client: Sony
Creative Agency: Mori + Drill
Production Company: Engine Plus + Drawing and Manual + Invisible Design Lab
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano (Mori)
Art Director: Jun Nishida (Drill)
Copywriters: Morihiro Harano, Ankur Rander (Mori)
Music: Shinya Kiyokawa, Kenjiro Matsuo (Invisible Designs Lab)
Director: Seiichi Hishikawa (Drawing and Manual)
Cinematographers: Eitaro Yamamoto (Shadow-Dan), Seiichi Hishikawa, Yutaka Obara (Drawing and Manual)
Recordist: Toshiro Matsumoto
Offline Editors: Seiichi Hishikawa, Yutaka Obara (Drawing and Manual), Ryosei Suzuki
Online Editor: Hitoshi Kimura (Book)
Mixer: Kazue Akiyama (Book)
Production Designer: Ken Yamada (Beard)
Project Manager: Motoko Shimizu (Mori)
Production Manager: Shinji Urano (Engine Plus)
Producers: Toshifumi Oiso (Engine Plus), Takashi Ueno (Drawing and Manual)

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