giovedì 31 luglio 2014

Prankvertising of the day. Lejebolig - The Haunted Apartment - Not Exactly the Dream Home!


Finding a new place in a tight housing market can be challenging, and desperate house hunters are known to forget their common sense when looking for an attractive and cheap rental property. To raise awareness about this, wants to remind people that using their common sense is crucial when entering the market for rental properties in Denmark.

This is why has put common sense to the test by showing potential renters a flat where all is not quite as it seems. In a newly released prank film, featuring an actor that plays a landlord, tenants are introduced to what they think could be the place of their dreams.
However, when the landlord leaves his guests alone for a few minutes, the flat soon turns into a “ghost house” where furniture moves and creepy sounds can be heard. The result is an entertaining film that raises awareness about remembering one's common sense when looking for a new home at a desperate housing market.

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