martedì 15 luglio 2014

Social ad of the day. Share the Road - Transport for London


Living in London can be stimulating and fun but as with any major city it has its challenges - one of those is travelling around on our busy roads.

We all compete for space on London's roads and as our population grows, the roads get busier and there's less space to be had.

All road users - motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists - are affected by the issues we face today: over-crowding, the pace of traffic and the pace of life. 

Share the Road is the name of our campaign asking all road users to think about their attitudes on the road.

By changing our attitudes, we can make things better.

Ad agency: M&C Saatchi
Creatives: Dan McCormack, Luke Boggins. 
Director: Yann Demange at Stink

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