lunedì 25 agosto 2014

Music video of the day. Duologue: Memex

Duologue: Memex

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The Outer Limits of 3D Body Scanning with Marshmallow Laser Feast and Analog
“This project is the beginning of a deeper study into filmmaking for the virtual-reality environment,” says Marshmallow Laser Feast’s Barney Steel of the collective’s film made with London-based electronic band, Duologue. “We wanted to go beyond the limits of our eyeballs.” The film created with FBFX Digital and Analog was made by rigging 94 cameras to create a high-resolution body-scan of veteran actress Beryl Nesbitt, also capturing a sunset through a window and used it as a spherical panoramic HDR photo. It is the first step in a collaborative series between Duologue and MLF (the latter are also made up of Adam Doherty and Robin McNicholas), who together will explore human form and emotion through virtual reality, launching this video via Oculus Rift technology later in the year. “A friend of ours had passed away and there was a huge outpouring of emotion online, people sending photographs and sharing stuff,” says Duologue’s Tim Digby-Bell of the emotional roots of the track, taken from the band's forthcoming album Never Get Lost. “It felt like the online world had replaced our memories, our most sacred and intimate space, and replaced them with data. I found it harder and harder to remember her outside of the photos and the comments, so I tried to put it into the music.”

Never Get Lost is out September 8. Duologue play a headline show at Oslo, London, on September 17.

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