giovedì 11 settembre 2014

Social ad of the day. The Breath Holder

Agency: Havas Worldwide, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Marko Vuorensola
Planner: Johanna Vuorensola
Art Director: Jon Gustavson
Copywriter: Marko Vuorinen
Account director: Nina Myllyharju
Project planner: Muusa Salminen
Communications Consultant: Laura Lyyvuo
Web Developer: Mika Niemi
Production Company: Studio Arkadena
Executive producer: Hana Kovic
Director: Mikko / Sauna International
Director's Producer: Kojo Abban
DoP: Jure Verovsek
Editor: Simon Sedmak
1st AD: Sara Isa Djukanovic
Colorist: NuFrame/TeoRiznar
Line producer: Urska Vardijan
Set designer / Art director: Spela Kropusek
Stylist: Katja Hrobat
Make Up: Natasa Sevcnikar
Sound design: Silencio Helsinki
Music: Accu “Rock”
Digital production: Havas Worldwide Helsinki

Children have limited opportunities to influence the choices their parents make. 

Whereas parents have every opportunity to make the right choice for their children's wellbeing.

When a parent smokes in the presence of their children it’s important to remember that every cigarette the parent smokes, the child also smokes. Cigarette smoke at home is a completely unstoppable opponent. Tobacco smoke particles find their way from room to room and increase the child's risk of disease significantly. 

This film illustrates the child’s point of view of passive smoking. We tell the heartfelt story of a boy who fights against passive smoking with the only means within his reach.

If children could decide, they wouldn’t smoke.

More on the dangers of passive smoking and hel on quitting:


#AshBabies #TheBreathHolder

Ash Babies campaign and The Breath Holder film has been planned and produced by Havas Worldwide Helsinki. Film production was done by Studio Arkadena & Sauna International.

Sound design:

Accu "Rock"

The Cancer Society of Finland brings together top-level scientists, cancer care experts and cancer patients under one organizational structure in a unique way.

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