venerdì 17 ottobre 2014

PSA of the day. Superheroes: Eyewitness Reports

A group of journalists investigate multiple sightings of ‘flying superhero figures’.
See the touching stories from real children who have been saved by these mysterious heroes...

From Save the Children and BAFTA award-winning creative agency Don’t Panic 

Find out how to be a Superhero:

On October 17th, in a global campaign, thousands of children in over 50 countries will take to the streets in running races, to help amplify the voices of millions children living in the world’s most unforgiving environments.


"The film supports Save the Children's Race for Survival campaign, and its release is timed to coincide with today's UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. (This marks the third stirring Save the Children effort for Don't Panic and Unit 9, which previously teamed up for "Reverse" and "Most Shocking Second a Day," both of which dealt with the conflict in Syria. The pair also collaborated on "Everything Is Not Awesome," a film for Greenpeace calling on Lego to end its relationship with Shell.)" Read more at adfreak

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